Dear Apple.
Pred 22 dnevi
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW
SuperGames Maker
SuperGames Maker Pred 9 urami
When I say asus Me: wait the the a is SUS
mohamad ikram
mohamad ikram Pred 9 urami
My realme 5 not pro not i can out them lol
Stephenson Zargo
Stephenson Zargo Pred 9 urami
Y are all the companies phone looking like iPhone 11 Pro mas
ElmoPlays Pred 9 urami
Our tv from 2016 had a 3D option and so did all our tv's after that. To be fair we never even used 3D hahaha
Ramez Medhat
Ramez Medhat Pred 9 urami
What a waste of money
MylesThePro Gaming
MylesThePro Gaming Pred 9 urami
Rick astley: Never gonna give you up mrwhosetheboss: Time to give you up
SUPER WALI Pred 9 urami
can u plz tell how to grow hairs because I liked ur hairstle
Adrian Eyre
Adrian Eyre Pred 9 urami
I actually liked BlackBerry . It had its own internet server of some kind and it was free . I thought the was pretty cool.
ShailyCR Pred 9 urami
Came for the review, stayed for the anatomy and physics lesson
Vishnu MG
Vishnu MG Pred 9 urami
You just killed all other reviews on these phones.. Felt better all these together.. And I wonder how much phones you have unboxed.. Its soo cool... ❤️
SCgames online
SCgames online Pred 9 urami
Misael Muñiz
Misael Muñiz Pred 9 urami
His channel is so relaxing.
The Comedian
The Comedian Pred 9 urami
Yh, hopefully it's not like Graphene OS. 🙄🙄
Syar Bannister
Syar Bannister Pred 9 urami
We’re talking people like BARACKKA BOMMA bill gates and JEFF BEEEEEEZOSSSS
⁺◟Mikan stan . . . ꜜ
⁺◟Mikan stan . . . ꜜ Pred 9 urami
Pls let Samsung dream
Rock Sp7020
Rock Sp7020 Pred 9 urami
Smartest rickroll ever
Ethan Bridglal
Ethan Bridglal Pred 9 urami
You can do something boring perfectly, and do something creatively bad.
gamer beast
gamer beast Pred 9 urami
fun fakt i am literly using bets by dray hedfons lol
Ratul Saha
Ratul Saha Pred 9 urami
Since you are basically faking identity and evading everything Google uses to identify your account, I would think it is very much against their ToS. Since it ain't related to android anymore but their proprietary services. Also I wanna see how many people will pay for every single Google service if they make it so. Because they need to make money to keep their FREE services running. But since all their major services are free they use advantage of targetted advertising. So if they gotta stay profitable from those services and not advertise either, I'm sure they need to make things paid all the way. 😀
master _zmb
master _zmb Pred 9 urami
Ey arun rickroll people 4 or 2 times in your vids i love it
Iphone Xs
Iphone Xs Pred 9 urami
12:16 look closely what he threw in the bin 😂
darksquirrel409 Pred 9 urami
Ah the real freedom phone lol
Snowdrop Lizy
Snowdrop Lizy Pred 9 urami
Can buy a PS4 of of doorno
Ollie_202 Pred 9 urami
I’m 6 years late lol
Vedant Talekar
Vedant Talekar Pred 9 urami
filipo obrad
filipo obrad Pred 9 urami
Do a update on the cemera software on both to see the diffrence noww
Juniper Tree
Juniper Tree Pred 9 urami
On the end of the Facebook scandal, a Facebook ad played and I feel like it was intentional
Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson Pred 9 urami
The words on his t-shirt is the best quote in the world 😄
Number 9
Number 9 Pred 9 urami
Imagine the iSmell farting on you when an windows error occurred
ronin_user Pred 9 urami
Samsung is a nonstarter in California. The kids in elementary schools. The adults. Apple is all there is. The state gives you an Android phone for free if you are homeless in California. I know that sounds silly. Perhaps you have never been to Palo Alto.
Diego Lerma
Diego Lerma Pred 9 urami
I don’t get why people are complaining about Apple for being expensive as if Samsung wasn’t expensive as well. The s20 is a 1000$ phone when it came out
Shebz Pred 9 urami
So many Rick rolls
Vedansh Shukla
Vedansh Shukla Pred 9 urami
Indian's after seeing this-Ok you guys are experiencing this first time😂😂
tom evenwel
tom evenwel Pred 9 urami
That number 13 is kind of bullshit... its still been sold and specially in the "pro" scene its populaire...
Mango’s Fun Life
Mango’s Fun Life Pred 9 urami
Name reveal if you don’t now it already.. 2:40 I didn’t know like if u did know his name to my comment
tom evenwel
tom evenwel Pred 9 urami
I buyed a new tv last year and founded it so fucked up that there wasnt a 4k 3D 75inch tv... I was so sad....
ttv_ferzi Pred 9 urami
Who else got a really dodgy tango add
Louis Miller
Louis Miller Pred 9 urami
Organizing for the protests on January 6th was done on Facebook, not Parler.
hueseph Pred 9 urami
Great channel man!
Kunal Kalwar
Kunal Kalwar Pred 10 urami
Shadrach Davis
Shadrach Davis Pred 10 urami
Can I get an iPhone?
Jesse Faden
Jesse Faden Pred 10 urami
The fact that people thought that lessening your phone addiction or screentime with another phone is honestly the stupidest idea I've ever heard.
potato =)
potato =) Pred 10 urami
Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson Pred 10 urami
The clickbait photo though. "It's real!". Except it isn't
Saad A
Saad A Pred 10 urami
Yay I just bought nothing right now
Sriram Pred 10 urami
Iam not a apple user.but I know one thing that,android phones give the best hardware features like refresh rate,fast charging etc..but apple have their best software.they can click brilliant pics with just 12 mp camera.this is the difference between iphone and Android. Apple:software Android:hardware.
Abdulrahmon Hamzat
Abdulrahmon Hamzat Pred 10 urami
Did he just say high end
click here
click here Pred 10 urami
he just rickroll us
Your milkman
Your milkman Pred 10 urami
Just get a garmin watch they do the exact same thing but also track your stress levels and gives you Your coordinates on a GPS plus you get a lot of little gadgets on the screen to like a compass plus they have a 2 week charging period if your using it constantly I haven't charged it in 5 weeks and it's still only at half percent when I'm not using it other then a watch
Tejz YT
Tejz YT Pred 10 urami
I'm actually pretty confused if this os is such a threat🚫 to google why would SLus allow you to let the world know about this 😅 #justasking
Shengud Pred 9 urami
They aren't allowed to censor things like this. There would be public outrage.
10C 38 Shaurya Kadav
10C 38 Shaurya Kadav Pred 10 urami
I still think one plus is better for it budget Cause it is the only phone with too good of cameras
trevor john
trevor john Pred 10 urami
tell them to go to huawei
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore Pred 10 urami
Dude it's a tattoo... 😂
Diluc McDonald’s
Diluc McDonald’s Pred 10 urami
I like how his voice is so calm in the funniest moments
lucaw65 Pred 10 urami
I love how you always go further than just explaining one thing. You always ask yourself questions and see things one step ahead I feel like. Like you you don't only see things for what they are but what they could be, what could be improved, how else could we use it, would it really work. I always love knowing your opinion on things you do a great job keep it up haha
Ese Etiebet
Ese Etiebet Pred 10 urami
And here I was thinking that Apple vs Samsung was the only tech war that existed
A k
A k Pred 10 urami
are prices for the exynos version the same as for the snapdragon version? if so this shouldn't be legal. why are they getting away with that shit?
Bowl Of Carrots
Bowl Of Carrots Pred 10 urami
4:00 In a perfect world LMAO that is stupid all it takes is one hacker and one bad developer
Mihail Mandajiev
Mihail Mandajiev Pred 10 urami
Fuck samsung
ugen lepcha
ugen lepcha Pred 10 urami
Is anyone facing charging issues with the pixel 4a? Can anyone help me?
Tomas Chomic
Tomas Chomic Pred 10 urami
if one is not up to no good who the fuck cares about the privacy data ? as long as they are discrete by collecting it it does not matter. Small price to pay for all the free cool aps one can use
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu Pred 10 urami
Henry Z
Henry Z Pred 10 urami
The real freedom phone 💀
Albermonte Pred 10 urami
There are a lot of similar ROMs like this, nothing special
FireArt109 Pred 10 urami
Sorry, i dont like coconuts, tell huel im sorry too 😞
Ixed Tea
Ixed Tea Pred 10 urami
Who else wants to see him do this but with the newer phones
A Beginner's POV
A Beginner's POV Pred 10 urami
12:16 Matt from #DIYPERKS: Amateurs!!
EjlerAnka Pred 10 urami
My Dad has a King Kong mini 2
Leo Saraci
Leo Saraci Pred 10 urami
The cameras are sus
The snatcher
The snatcher Pred 10 urami
WhiteGold Pred 10 urami
Thx! It helped a lot!
Nitesh Bhoi
Nitesh Bhoi Pred 10 urami
Watching os against google that too in YT making me sweat 😥😥
Nancy Hamilton
Nancy Hamilton Pred 10 urami
Imagine iSmell on VR
Márcio Filho
Márcio Filho Pred 10 urami
Fantastic video
Spanky Pred 10 urami
where can i down load it ?