OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW
DON'T buy this Smartphone.
Bilal Ansari
Bilal Ansari Pred 14 urami
follow jugaur.ruler on instagram
Harel on the map
Harel on the map Pred 14 urami
Can we all just talk about that aharon sounds like mickeymouse
Helium Prime
Helium Prime Pred 14 urami
Great video
Rohit Patil
Rohit Patil Pred 14 urami
Stereo speakers???
Arjun Patil
Arjun Patil Pred 14 urami
They killed almost everyone
Josef Ariel
Josef Ariel Pred 14 urami
Should we call you 'mr flex' from now on?
Rachit gamer
Rachit gamer Pred 14 urami
Lol 1:01
Susie Mckinney
Susie Mckinney Pred 14 urami
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VickyV Pred 14 urami
9:06 .. AND ghosts
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Mariel Pascual
Mariel Pascual Pred 14 urami
dont even blame it to my sister...
Nawal Elfaria
Nawal Elfaria Pred 14 urami
Hi I'm aya I'm 13 years old and i m from Morocco, i watched lot of your videos, i don't hava a phone. So please can you send me an iPhone 12 :one of your phones will not make a difference And keep going mrwhosetheboss ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mariel Pascual
Mariel Pascual Pred 14 urami
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Om Gor
Om Gor Pred 14 urami
I'd rather buy the poco f3 or the mi 10t pro for £50 more
manoidmanoid Pred 14 urami
This is so fun to watch
Marinko Pred 14 urami
S21 Ultra better in my opinion
Toin Kroos
Toin Kroos Pred 14 urami
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ADNAN AHMAD Pred 14 urami
Your contents are improving but we want your old talking style e.g from 2019 videos .
Mohammad Arriff
Mohammad Arriff Pred 14 urami
Wow this might be more expensive then me Remember your body is worth billions in the black market
Susie Mckinney
Susie Mckinney Pred 14 urami
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Mariel Pascual
Mariel Pascual Pred 14 urami
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Sohail verma
Sohail verma Pred 14 urami
No blackberry
Danny Farrington
Danny Farrington Pred 14 urami
I hate Google.
True Knowledge
True Knowledge Pred 14 urami
When SLus thinks to recommend this video in 2021 😂😂
mastar mind's
mastar mind's Pred 14 urami
can someone plz tell me the song at 16:58
Aaron Nah
Aaron Nah Pred 14 urami
where did you get that tee?
Sabahan Tsr
Sabahan Tsr Pred 14 urami
i want one😭
Bodo Gallery
Bodo Gallery Pred 14 urami
Amazing unboxing 👍
Elementoons Pred 14 urami
Fantastic video very informative
Android TV
Android TV Pred 14 urami
Your CD wakes my siri. Dumb siri
I suck at Gaming
I suck at Gaming Pred 14 urami
The pilot had fun terrorizing Arun, that's for sure.. And that.. That's priceless, thank you, sir.
Mark Greenfield
Mark Greenfield Pred 14 urami
I certainly had fun with Arun shooting the video! #ultimatehighgoodwood
Alan Simo
Alan Simo Pred 14 urami
Hey Arun. Pls check the comment i Posted on the previous video
Zuber mohammad Miah hamza
Zuber mohammad Miah hamza Pred 15 urami
Waste of packaging for these phones.
jake😑 Pred 15 urami
The next rick roll with the QR code?!?
Proboy Anik
Proboy Anik Pred 15 urami
Herculian 😂😂😂😂😂
aljay_0420 Pred 15 urami
The ppppprrrriiiiiicccceeee....!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson Pred 15 urami
I love your channel and your videos… but just one question, how is Huel relevant to tech and the channel? You mention about relevance saying you won’t promote energy drinks etc but then you are being sponsored by Huel and doing just that
Slynt Pred 15 urami
This dudee is really highhh...
videonaj Pred 15 urami
The more I learn about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) The less I want to deal with China. Which means Xiaomi is affected too. Any money goes to China some of that ends up in CCP hands and they use that money to build a military that wants to rule south east asia and the world. So Bye Bye Xiaomi until CCP is gone.
ghester trinos
ghester trinos Pred 15 urami
I think poco x3 pro beat poco f3 in value
ghester trinos
ghester trinos Pred 15 urami
Hi milo. Anyway bro i subscribed coz i like your honesty here on your reviews. But how about poco x3 pro?
T_O_X_I_C_A Studio
T_O_X_I_C_A Studio Pred 15 urami
who just came here to comment about Sam?
dsghfve dshgfe
dsghfve dshgfe Pred 15 urami
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Ninsane gamer
Ninsane gamer Pred 15 urami
I always loved LG phones especially the G series and never understood why they are so underrated. I and my wife have had some long discussions about whether or not my LG was better than her Sony. Side note: I've been using Dashlane for over a year and now I can't do without it
Susie Mckinney
Susie Mckinney Pred 15 urami
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SANJAY MJ Pred 15 urami
Is there any chance of making your spectacular outro pls tell me😁
Tomgoa Pred 15 urami
My grandma uses huawei
hussoons Pred 15 urami
arun: talking normally pilot: *turns* arun:*frequency increases rapidly*
Dawid Ciecko
Dawid Ciecko Pred 15 urami
1:37 me: CAP!!!!!
Boogie Boo
Boogie Boo Pred 15 urami
What's the phone you use to measure a temperature 🌡️🤒??
dsghfve dshgfe
dsghfve dshgfe Pred 15 urami
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YOUR- kpop bts- ARMY
YOUR- kpop bts- ARMY Pred 15 urami
i laughed to much at this XD
Saksham dixit
Saksham dixit Pred 15 urami
2:09 KSI
hy02 Pred 15 urami
'No. 5 is the prrrriiiiice' 😂
jabulani mashiya
jabulani mashiya Pred 15 urami
Talk about changing the unboxing game 🔥🔥
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Dehşet Üçlü Pred 15 urami
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Ranjuwara Begum
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I Love the spirit ❤️
Hamza'Nın Kanalı
Hamza'Nın Kanalı Pred 15 urami
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Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali Pred 15 urami
His pitch when the plane flips hahaha
Galactic Quasar
Galactic Quasar Pred 15 urami
Good phones for dwarves
Kevin Chege
Kevin Chege Pred 15 urami
Didn't think you could pull a rick roll on a crypto video... Respect😂
B100d Pred 15 urami
Sam Tech Tips 12
Sam Tech Tips 12 Pred 15 urami
1:07 the text "Matte Finish" is waiting for it's turn to come up 😂😂😂
Ichirobest Gaming
Ichirobest Gaming Pred 15 urami
I have an ipad air 2 and i play call of duty Im the technoblade of cod mobile cuz 8 can slauther everyone in the server
Doug BM
Doug BM Pred 15 urami
Cool. No doubt you've seen some of the crazy technologies and their pitfalls on the TV series Black Mirror.
Paul Whittaker
Paul Whittaker Pred 15 urami
It’s not a jet, had to.
WOLF BLADE Pred 15 urami
Apple is still ahead
ahad alvin
ahad alvin Pred 15 urami
You are the best
Jam Bread
Jam Bread Pred 15 urami
Surprisingly almost all 'most expensive' ones are from Chinese companies who would never buy their products for those shocking prices. Are they really sold for those prices at least 1000 units?
we love Yoona
we love Yoona Pred 15 urami
Thanks for the review. Unfortunately the most recommended ones are from china. Who knows what are installed on those phones.
스타 Pred 15 urami
Dont Stop
Dont Stop Pred 15 urami
Josh Pred 15 urami
1:22 Bruhhh👀🤣
Maci Pred 15 urami
I bought my sister a phone and she started crying that she wants her old one just like if i was gonna throw it in the trash shes such a spoiled brat