21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

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From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 5 meseci
We worked out that this one video has taken us a total of 14 days to produce, so do give it a watch, would mean a lot! ❤️Next episode: slus.info/name/video/knKYrHa5iGyViro.html Also if you want to check out Huel their link is here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
Oofletrex Pred 5 dnevi
I say that rickrol
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer Pred 6 dnevi
You're the rickroll master, man!
Cheeseblades Pred 6 dnevi
Imagine him rickrolling us
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson Pred mesecem
@maldar yes. the tommy cooker is to boil the water.
maldar Pred mesecem
@Douglas Parkinson As long as you have something to boil the water it should work just fine.
Jennie Rose Mendoza
Jennie Rose Mendoza Pred 55 minutami
I just got rick roll,d AGAIN😂😂😂
Cowcraft Pred uro
Harper Taplin
Harper Taplin Pred uro
I was getting sad coz I saw it was the tenth one but then I remembered it kept going (:
Real Grassy
Real Grassy Pred 4 urami
Man if Quibi become a hit The world population will at least be 3 percent smarter #bringbackQuibi
Caleb W
Caleb W Pred 4 urami
15:08 don't look at the video title
Darcy Tiedeman
Darcy Tiedeman Pred 4 urami
Dang I feel sorry for you editor
Jared_chap2444 Pred 6 urami
That a mre
𝑊𝑇𝐹𝑃𝐴𝑅𝐼𝑆✯ Pred 8 urami
I have 3 rings
Shekinah Imaji
Shekinah Imaji Pred 8 urami
That tay girl made me laugh
Syar Bannister
Syar Bannister Pred 11 urami
We’re talking people like BARACKKA BOMMA bill gates and JEFF BEEEEEEZOSSSS
FireArt109 Pred 12 urami
Sorry, i dont like coconuts, tell huel im sorry too 😞
Mr. One
Mr. One Pred 13 urami
The whiter population?
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
TrES-2b Pred 13 urami
Dinesh Badgujar
Dinesh Badgujar Pred 13 urami
First time your video has played with a Commercial
TrES-2b Pred 13 urami
Tay and amazon ring (the old lady incident) just proves how society today is messed up
Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh Pred 13 urami
It was awkward but turned out that they had been using the same truck for testing the glass and it had gone through a lot of abuse and didn't shatter after being hit all-day. They used the same truck for the reveal and it turned out it had become weak enough to break at the wrong time.
Ryan DARWICHE Pred 15 urami
You you disobey Tesla but do you really hate the cyber truck because I don’t care about the glass I like the design how fast it is how strong it is and you just care about the glass did you actually had the car just for the glass
Vapa Pred 15 urami
My hoverboard works fine its been like many years with me.
Fragbeat Pred 15 urami
why the fuck did u include stadia? it actually works great.
lovemdrfkr Pred 16 urami
tesla truck did elon musk dirty
Ludde the gamer
Ludde the gamer Pred 16 urami
What is this 3 ads in the start of the video so bad!!! Edit: ps I hate ads and when its unskippable
Doc Robotnik
Doc Robotnik Pred 16 urami
Stadias doing better now, give it a bash, I play on high speed connect with 20ping and it's not like that clip you showed, was when it first came out, but it's the best cloud gaming platform now
Omer Shah
Omer Shah Pred 17 urami
moment of slince for the editor PRE-OREDERED 2 CYPBER TRUCKS
KingJacob_101 Pred 19 urami
15:01 W H A T
First Name
First Name Pred 21 uro
Lol i still havent accepted the whatsapp update...
NK 007
NK 007 Pred dnevom
That theranos is really female version of thanos she just tried to wipe out half of population on earth 😂
King Louis
King Louis Pred dnevom
I would love to know about of how pride month (even though it’s ended) affected sales
MrSta500 Pred dnevom
The whiter population started abusing it? Do you have actual data or facts of this? Or is this conjecture?
Jackpot Syndrome
Jackpot Syndrome Pred 18 urami
He said wider.
Mathy Don
Mathy Don Pred dnevom
Wii U … I also thought it was an add on for the Wii. I thought it was a tablet controller for Wii. If they just named it Wii 2…
Isaac Mason
Isaac Mason Pred dnevom
Did u rick roll me
Hannah Parker
Hannah Parker Pred dnevom
23:11 istg he read my mind-
Kelvin Torres
Kelvin Torres Pred dnevom
Do microsoft fails
Kelvin Torres
Kelvin Torres Pred dnevom
Ngl but ive seen these video but diffrent person saying it ngl
Jenith An
Jenith An Pred dnevom
Remember sinasahuran ka ng youtube
Eric Moors
Eric Moors Pred dnevom
I love my tablet controller for my Wii.
zachary greiper
zachary greiper Pred dnevom
I personally give the cybertruck a .5 fail rating. New glass does resist metal balls. Also regular cars windows can’t even do that. I also think that everything else about the cyber trucks evens out the fail
Heeba Rehman
Heeba Rehman Pred dnevom
His voise isso nice
deyka64-YT Pred dnevom
i can agree that youtube is sh1t
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
Go back to tiktok fool
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
One. Why are you here Two. Mrwhosetheboss likes youtube Three. He was talking about rewind, not youtube itself.
Jackson Rendleman
Jackson Rendleman Pred dnevom
The Wii U is still a really good console that just didn’t sell well
Adam Pred dnevom
21:24 Love the Title of the Internet tab. Good Easter Egg! :)
Mr Gold
Mr Gold Pred dnevom
Mitica 3333
Mitica 3333 Pred dnevom
15:10 did u just get rickrolled
alpona sengupta
alpona sengupta Pred dnevom
Even the glass of the Cyber truck's glass was a fail but still it is the best pick-up truck. (Would be better if they fix the glass.)
Mr. Lama
Mr. Lama Pred dnevom
I own a Wii
fernando trejo
fernando trejo Pred 2 dnevi
It got to my in louisiana to
David Greenwood
David Greenwood Pred 2 dnevi
I love ousain boolt
-lili._.editss- Pred 2 dnevi
And I was just going to buy a hoverboard-
weewo games
weewo games Pred 2 dnevi
4:03 top left
1988 Samurai
1988 Samurai Pred 2 dnevi
I played Cyberpunk on Stadia and loved both of them, I only had one bigger bug in the game which was a elevator wouldn’t open so I just restarted the game, But I really did enjoy playing cyberpunk on stadia.
Kevin peter
Kevin peter Pred 2 dnevi
The most massive fail... Ads How about we all quit internet for 1 week? And let them suffer.
weewo games
weewo games Pred 2 dnevi
4:03 top left
NoDuh Pred 2 dnevi
lol My edit accidentally pre order 2
the wierd hurchin
the wierd hurchin Pred 2 dnevi
On your table, there's a weird toy on the right that reminds me of a skewb. What is it?
DanDoesGacha Pred 2 dnevi
We can all agree that the Wii U is just A switch prototype
The Potato
The Potato Pred 2 dnevi
I should not have watched this video at 1 am. Especially on the June oven and Amazon Ring part
john blaine
john blaine Pred 2 dnevi
why is there a mirror blocks rubik's cube and an axis rubik's cube in your video
Godzilla fan 513
Godzilla fan 513 Pred 2 dnevi
Tbh I love the Wii u
Mojata X KO
Mojata X KO Pred 2 dnevi
Wow 😲
Ninja Pred 2 dnevi
MindlessShark78 Pred 2 dnevi
Huel is the worst taste in the World
GhostStaff Pred 2 dnevi
15:10 he rickrolled us
Blue laser
Blue laser Pred 2 dnevi
i had the ouya being a 7 yr old I LOVED IT
oak onion
oak onion Pred 2 dnevi
I have never had a Wii only a Wii u
Aurun 50
Aurun 50 Pred 2 dnevi
My name is Aurun too
ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ
ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ Pred 2 dnevi
He's Arun
Worlds Connected
Worlds Connected Pred 2 dnevi
Google Play Music is dead? I have SLus premium and it gives me free Music, and Google Play Music is my go to. I can literally find every song. Huh.. didn't even know, had no idea. Works great for me
-Lightning Will-
-Lightning Will- Pred 2 dnevi
I don't think the cyber truck was a failure, they'd been throwing shit at it for MONTHS
nathan ingram
nathan ingram Pred 2 dnevi
He forgot the whole 6 plus bending In half in under like no pressure
李素丽 Pred 2 dnevi
we just got rickrolled and more than half of us didnt notice
Davide Ranieri
Davide Ranieri Pred 2 dnevi
I wouldn't call Stadia a fail considering the fact it's still rocking, it has a growing community, and it actually does what it promised superbly
the coconut
the coconut Pred 2 dnevi
Mr Beast's YT rewind is the best rewind
the coconut
the coconut Pred 2 dnevi
Mark Zuckerberg is a lizzard confirmed
BS 19
BS 19 Pred 2 dnevi
At least they are trying to do something new. Unlike you making fun of it for youtube revenues
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
No.. theranos was a scam.... He is not making fun of it, he is explaining the story.
Raymond Rynehart
Raymond Rynehart Pred 2 dnevi
no doubt i am not the only one to say that number 9, the inverter of Segway Dean Kamen is not dead and we can also thank him for inventing the medical drug infusion pump.
Feruza Rakhimova
Feruza Rakhimova Pred 2 dnevi
Hoverboards aren’t dangerous if you know how to use them.
EthanCuber Pred 2 dnevi
like the Rubik’s cubes
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
Well, rubiks cube channels exist and they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and are still active, i myself have watched them and they make it seem like rubiks cubes are not dead but are like surfing, a thing some people do but not all.
Nimmo1492 Pred 2 dnevi
When I see "Theranos", I don't think of Thanos. I think of Simon Whistler.
Ciprian Gosu
Ciprian Gosu Pred 3 dnevi
Based on all this info - How would you scam the world?
Ciprian Gosu
Ciprian Gosu Pred 3 dnevi
Based on all this info - How would you scam the world?
Squaridot112 Pred 3 dnevi
The security cams were horrible 😬😬😬
Linkon Abe
Linkon Abe Pred 3 dnevi
Wait, how is Ring, Amazon's security service, they offered and provided...along with its Ring door bell..not their fault? It seems they completely had a very sad thought of what "security" is. As well as its door bell catching fire...they clearly didn't test it enough. The blame is 100% on Amazon. If you want to use someone's security, that they deem "very secure" and they provide a ½ arsed broken system that makes it incredibly easy to hack... it's lack of understanding on the consumer, sure.. but for the tech workers behind it who knows tech security is absolutely their fault.
The Drifter
The Drifter Pred 3 dnevi
in my opinion quibi just wasn't a good idea it was paid content that lasted 10 minutes it wasn't a good business model and it would've been made worse if they got the tiktok stars to try and draw attention to it because they're known for dancing to other peoples songs not acting
Linkon Abe
Linkon Abe Pred 3 dnevi
Whats up with the random bright colour flash @2:17 ? Checked multiple times, it's odd.
Rachel Colameco
Rachel Colameco Pred 3 dnevi
I can't even believe just how out of touch so many of these large companies are.
Philip Calvin
Philip Calvin Pred 3 dnevi
The ps5 IS a accessory to the ps4
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
Yeah, and the Xbox Series X is an accessory to th xbox one, and samsung S21 is the accessory to the S20, and minecraft 1.17 is the accessory to 1.16
Rachel Colameco
Rachel Colameco Pred 3 dnevi
How dare you. I loved my Wii U. Blasphemy I tell you. 😤
Landon Abel
Landon Abel Pred 3 dnevi
Hey I played on the Wii U for years
• ArtisticallyAnya •
• ArtisticallyAnya • Pred 3 dnevi
Everybody: failing at the hoverboard. Me: peacefully riding it around my house- I don’t get why people think it’s hard 👁 👄 👁
• ArtisticallyAnya •
• ArtisticallyAnya • Pred 8 urami
@Hannah Parker lol yes, when I first got my hover board I was just spinning 😵‍💫
Hannah Parker
Hannah Parker Pred dnevom
It’s easy I don’t have one but my friend does . The worse it can get is spinning lol
Myke Day
Myke Day Pred 3 dnevi
The input lag issue on stadia isn't strictly true. The controller connects directly to the WiFi network. This speeds up the connection as its not being sent to the computer first. It goes directly to the servers first. Now if you use a 3rd party controller and connect via Bluetooth then yes OK that's true. But this isn't the way stadia was designed to work.
Idk Pred 3 dnevi
I enjoyed the Wii U
The Doge【ツ】
The Doge【ツ】 Pred 3 dnevi
Honestly, the worst mistake in tech ever made was TIK TOK, it's awful
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
Lucas Stafford-Shaw
Lucas Stafford-Shaw Pred 3 dnevi
I didn’t get those problems with cyberpunk it only crashed twice and it looked fine on my PS4
Just Your Average Zoomer
Just Your Average Zoomer Pred 3 dnevi
You can't blame CD Projekt Red They were fucking threatened by people who wanted the game faster not better
flo Pred 3 dnevi
juicero was crazy man😂
MrDheer Pred 3 dnevi
its kinda sad what happened to Tay. people are so horrible that almost immediately she turned racist. and she only learns from human behavior so that's proves humans just suck
Rudolf Sikorsky
Rudolf Sikorsky Pred 3 dnevi
Well. There is a thing that always baffles me. I bought my digital Cyberpunk copy at day 1. And managed to do 2 playthroughs before first big patch. And yes, I certainly encountered minor glitch here and there but nothing game breaking. Bethesda games have more at launch. All of them that I have played. So... I have no idea. Must be console users.
Ry44an Robot
Ry44an Robot Pred 3 dnevi
the amazon ring is horrifing
TrES-2b Pred 12 urami
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