Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?

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Let's talk about Money, Earnings, and Paid Videos on SLus.
Why nobody buys LG phones:
MKBHD's video about trust:

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 3 meseci
I couldn't find a really in depth video about this topic, so I decided to make one myself - hope it helps clear up sponsored videos on SLus! 👊 For my last video about why nobody buys LG Smartphones:
Diacenco Stefan
Diacenco Stefan Pred 5 dnevi
- oh -
- oh - Pred 15 dnevi
DON Papak
DON Papak Pred mesecem
the rick roll thou
Dartharc Pred mesecem
Coincidentally I ordered from Huel for the first time today based on your reviews. I was reluctant at first because I don't like drinks with powdery textures, so I tend to steer clear of powdered drinks. But your reviews seem genuine and so I'm giving them a try. I hope they end up being good value for money because I really need to stop snacking throughout the day.
Filmak studio
Filmak studio Pred mesecem
Adhithya Raghupathy
Adhithya Raghupathy Pred 5 urami
We love you Arun, I trust u man :D
Animesh Basu
Animesh Basu Pred 6 urami
Most of the people trust you. Dont worry, you are doing great.
Aun Plays
Aun Plays Pred 8 urami
*Simple Answer:* yes.
Manzz_1 Pred 8 urami
Great video! Aaron you are a great role model! Keep up your great content :)
lalthahima darlong
lalthahima darlong Pred 11 urami
Today you spoke of the only reason i subscribed and watch your videos. I noticed the difference from the first video I watched. Best wishes...❤️❤️❤️
Alen Joseph
Alen Joseph Pred 14 urami
5:37 Is that Passionfruit🤣🤣
Cosmic E-Learning
Cosmic E-Learning Pred 8 urami
Lol yes
Susie Mckinney
Susie Mckinney Pred 16 urami
The hapless replace strikingly increase because deadline startlingly protect about a abundant act. parched, tasty vault
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson Pred 16 urami
I love your channel and your videos… but just one question, how is Huel relevant to tech and the channel? You mention about relevance saying you won’t promote energy drinks etc but then you are being sponsored by Huel and doing just that
Fearless Pred 17 urami
Hi mrwhoestheboss... I need a little help from you... I am preparing for UPSC exam.. and I am in a utter need of an ipad for this... I know this is not a way to ask favour ...but I am completely helpless and want to study, but I am unable to since it requires a lot of investment and I belong to a middle class family and they think such things are not necessary for studies but they don't understand how much it would help me... I promise you I will repay every penny once I become an IAS... you may not even see this comment but I just wanted to try it out anyways... iPad will make me take notes and store them very easily so that I can revise it whenever I can it will make my online learning experience pretty good... If you have any ipad that you don't use please giveit away to me... I will be forever greatful and will definitely return the money back.🙏
Brandon Jude Alphonso
Brandon Jude Alphonso Pred 18 urami
6:20 damn man now i really like u
Tharun Pred 18 urami
Talkin abt trust. Now I think why haven’t I won any of your iPhone giveaways 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️
Randall Springfield
Randall Springfield Pred 23 urami
This video was extremely informative, believable, and helpful! Thank you.
Geniuni G
Geniuni G Pred dnevom
Yes, we can!
Md Roshan
Md Roshan Pred dnevom
Ur work speaks for itself ❤️
Shubham Verma
Shubham Verma Pred dnevom
One thing is is confirmed, You are a great person from inside 😃👌
ELVAR ᨆ Pred dnevom
Prakash sahani
Prakash sahani Pred dnevom
Jovin Cheang
Jovin Cheang Pred dnevom
This is one of the few times I've volunteered to like and subscribe to a SLusr. Thanks, MrWhosetheboss
Bhavit Jain
Bhavit Jain Pred dnevom
this is the reason that i watch your videos even though they are kinda not relevant for me... it's the way of presentation and not getting "sold" to the sponsers
RishabDevYT Pred dnevom
Idk how but Arun is able to rickroll us everyway it's like a tradition now
Mr Tech
Mr Tech Pred dnevom
Can I know what's ur hobby And what u like to do most
Mr Tech
Mr Tech Pred dnevom
Also i want to know more about u so please can u make a vedio on this
VykThor Pred dnevom
man, why are u so awesome? this video made me realise that there still is quality content on youtube
Dust Animation
Dust Animation Pred 2 dnevi
As the video is from mrwhosetheboss himself
Seth Houle
Seth Houle Pred 2 dnevi
Something sus with 3:59 Might have to get an eye test
Drew Himelein
Drew Himelein Pred 2 dnevi
Do you sell the passion fruit phone
Mario Langlois
Mario Langlois Pred 2 dnevi
I listened to this video and believe it or not I had a tear in my eye. Thank you for your help and your sincerity.
Patrick Cardon
Patrick Cardon Pred 2 dnevi
Yes, but ... what we really want to know ... how much do you pay the cat for appearances in your videos?
Samkit Pred 2 dnevi
That thumbnail 😂🤪🤪😱
Mohammad Arriff
Mohammad Arriff Pred 2 dnevi
At least the vap
Himanshu Aggarwal
Himanshu Aggarwal Pred 2 dnevi
i just came back after months to just tell you the thumbnail is something worth rewatching
Muhammad Ali Selamat
Muhammad Ali Selamat Pred 2 dnevi
Great work! Thank you boss! Love it.
Poles Ragge
Poles Ragge Pred 3 dnevi
„Thats why i dont have an onlyfans account..“ Everyone can take this out if context
Inferno37 37
Inferno37 37 Pred 3 dnevi
That was so genuine.
༄RPM᭄mantis Ver࿐
༄RPM᭄mantis Ver࿐ Pred 3 dnevi
Arun ne moj kardi
chirag ganguly
chirag ganguly Pred 3 dnevi
Awesome guy... respect
MrDevil 8374
MrDevil 8374 Pred 3 dnevi
I removed and played the video 5 times and every single time there was an unskippable ad ಠ︵ಠ
Cloud Pred 3 dnevi
Very based, thank you for the videos i just watch some handful videos and i enjoy them. Pls be and always be based
PÄÑDÄ Pred 3 dnevi
He actually included diwali bro😁
Passion For everything
Passion For everything Pred 3 dnevi
my content should be free ms boss is the honest youtuber
ss0 Pred 3 dnevi
God I love this guy
shamala devi
shamala devi Pred 3 dnevi
Sadly in 15 months you will reach 10 mil
Beasty NG
Beasty NG Pred 3 dnevi
Very deep and Very True We trust you brotha
Thel Lay Poe
Thel Lay Poe Pred 3 dnevi
Trust kill?
MATANGUIHAN Israel Ezekiel
MATANGUIHAN Israel Ezekiel Pred 3 dnevi
New subscriber here. This guy got me good on his videos...Its so good...its entertaining and informative
JustANormalPerson Pred 4 dnevi
I think this guy makes big bucks but in a good way in his own way
dog fart
dog fart Pred 4 dnevi
Bro I'm from Jamaica 🙋🙋🙋🙋
The Real Harri H
The Real Harri H Pred 4 dnevi
'This is a tech channel so I'm not going to advertise credit cards or energy drinks' brings out the heul curry........ Hmmmmm that relates to tech ???
Jayasurya Parthiban
Jayasurya Parthiban Pred 4 dnevi
Great video on Universe! I Hope in future, even people from mars will take this as a motivation!
Michael Beasley
Michael Beasley Pred 4 dnevi
According to SLus's $7.65 per 1000 views scale, he got abt $12K for this video. NICE!
Michael Beasley
Michael Beasley Pred 4 dnevi
I bought the Galaxy S10 Note without consulting this channel and I love it, but I trust the phone, Samsung and the Android OS because of this channel.
Shiny Tech Things
Shiny Tech Things Pred 4 dnevi
Love the Rick Roll reference!
Adi Pear Studios
Adi Pear Studios Pred 4 dnevi
3:00 Then Mrwhosetheboss get sponsored by Huel a drink with a shaker which I think has nothing to do with tech
Martin Šenkýř
Martin Šenkýř Pred 4 dnevi
Nice video :-)
Tanmay Mahesh
Tanmay Mahesh Pred 4 dnevi
You can trust Mrwhosetheboss
WertoiBuilds Pred 4 dnevi
Your content is right to the point, you share your thoughts, it makes your reviews fun and worth listening too. Voice is loud, clear,,and you take breaths, allowing people to understand in bits. interesting angles and transitions. I've been unsubbed, but I've watched as your new uploads kept popping up in my inbox, finally subbed, hope you keep growing, and that you keep your cooler sponsors.
Hringkesh singh
Hringkesh singh Pred 4 dnevi
Rick Astley actually is ghost writer to his scripts as there is a rickroll in almost every video
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Pred 4 dnevi
Dude, you should compare your oldest video and how you set it up to your video makes set up now.
Malicools2 Pred 5 dnevi
I trust you bro ✊😭
John Wang
John Wang Pred 5 dnevi
I think those Raycons you promoted are awesome, I got a good pair of them
Breadedsquash32 Pred 5 dnevi
Mr who’s the boss, what does mean? (Don’t press on the link)
Valerio Amato
Valerio Amato Pred 5 dnevi
Dude, do i need to believe everything you say? no. Everybody is biased and got different point of views. Not against patreon, small channels really need that to survive and keep making contents. That said this video gained my sub!
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Dilshodbek Khudashukurov
Dilshodbek Khudashukurov Pred 5 dnevi
I've recently started watching your videos, and unlike others' videos, I always watch yours till the end, without even skipping 1 sec. Also, I truly trust your reviews, and your recommendations, cuz I've checked out some of them myself at first, and be sure that all of your contents are trustful. Good luck man!!!
Juan G
Juan G Pred 5 dnevi
In Arun we Trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown Pred 5 dnevi
what a fucking G
m2mdohkun Pred 5 dnevi
I'll mark all your words in this 15:32 videos, and I will try to cut you some slack, but I like your style. I usually subscribe interesting video so I can watch more of that later, but selectively picked which creator really earned that bell notification, and this, this one got it. Yeah, it's sound cherry, and strawberry, but, you is you and other creator is other creator. Each facing different battles. As how I willfully spend my precious time watching you, I do grateful for your precious time coming crafting uploading your videos.
JVG Lego Videos
JVG Lego Videos Pred 5 dnevi
I have yt preamum so no money for u
Shain Shameem
Shain Shameem Pred 5 dnevi
I am a Maldivian
Sboy's World
Sboy's World Pred 5 dnevi
which phone was arun referring to at 5:40? :o i'm curious now
Joe Stokvis
Joe Stokvis Pred 5 dnevi
ducklife windows 7
ducklife windows 7 Pred 5 dnevi
Dear rick asltey
Bivasundar Jena
Bivasundar Jena Pred 5 dnevi
You are the boss!
Thomas Wales
Thomas Wales Pred 6 dnevi
Lol only fans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kuttan Thampuran
Kuttan Thampuran Pred 6 dnevi
clean and clear🙂
SlowMiki Pred 6 dnevi
3:59 *come on!!!!! you ricked us again!!!!!!!*
Mohammad Mayouf
Mohammad Mayouf Pred 6 dnevi
I love your content and support you, bro.
Charbel Abi assi
Charbel Abi assi Pred 6 dnevi
You sir just got yourself a new subscriber
Soggy Salt
Soggy Salt Pred 6 dnevi
Energy drinks? Well well well....
Shur'tugal Vodr
Shur'tugal Vodr Pred 6 dnevi
Subtle rickroll
TheFormer1337Agent Pred 6 dnevi
Hey im from maldives lol
Mafaz Silawdeen
Mafaz Silawdeen Pred 6 dnevi
Sorry I do not trust u but I subscribed u because u explain everything regarding latest tech and your voice is funny. But I still don't like u because u upload less videos..
Igor Patricio
Igor Patricio Pred 6 dnevi
Just a small remeber that you both (boss and marques) was ones of the first to alert about these P. Escob@r phone scam while another unboxer SLusr was happily endorsing their marketing. So should we believe you? Well idk about the other viewers but for me you two are the ones I trust the most
Adnel 985
Adnel 985 Pred 6 dnevi
Also yes,phone companies DO sponsor chanels,prrof? Lex-Brawl stars: by 1+ Kairos time gaming:1+
Steven Pred 6 dnevi
People: How many ways to Rick Roll? Mrwhosetheboss: No Problem.
Roukou Koukou
Roukou Koukou Pred 6 dnevi
I like you man, I really like you!
GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth
GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth Pred 6 dnevi
whats that cool looking robot
Ashfak Leo
Ashfak Leo Pred 6 dnevi
Pakusss Oohmnpe
Pakusss Oohmnpe Pred 6 dnevi
i literally watched the whole video to watch the ad in the end and there's no ad sad
PrincessMansera Pred 6 dnevi
4:00 sus
sahan tharaka
sahan tharaka Pred 6 dnevi
Thats why we believe in MHB ❤️
Aadidev Varma R.K
Aadidev Varma R.K Pred 6 dnevi
This guy...oh're phenomenal...💙
OSAMA Pred 7 dnevi
9:40 have u seen Huwawi and the Mo Vlogs channel 🤣
NikoNoob Pred 7 dnevi
I literally got a Galaxy S21 Ultra ad on this video ;-;
Imperial Coc
Imperial Coc Pred 7 dnevi
Nice t-shirt
LABscience Pred 7 dnevi
7:08 The only SLusr whose goal is -10,000,000 subs. Weird. JK
Jasmin ava
Jasmin ava Pred 7 dnevi
The ahead throne inversely count because polish obviously connect concerning a heavenly heavy hellish ambulance. resonant, descriptive brother-in-law
Gwion higgins
Gwion higgins Pred 7 dnevi
love your vids
Rex Anderson
Rex Anderson Pred 7 dnevi
Nah, just doing the video like always you do. Forget the hater they not even your level.
O5-[REDACTED] Pred 7 dnevi
I quit my job to play with smartphones.
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