Dear Apple.

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Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 25 dnevi
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Niloy Chakma
Niloy Chakma Pred 20 urami
Sir, l am your follower.... You have 8.89 million followers now.. please sister gift me flagship phone???
Niels de Langen
Niels de Langen Pred 22 urami
Dear mrwhosetheboss, I really love your content and this video in particular bc I have the same love-hate relationship with Apple. I personally use the SwiftKey keyboard. I think it is clean, uses swipe functionality and best of all. Has a dedicated number row on IOS, I hope you get to see this and it can help you out.
Nick Siebers
Nick Siebers Pred dnevom
Lol Apple and Android basically the same apple just be 5 years behind in features
Mr Creator XY
Mr Creator XY Pred dnevom
Where can i find that super fancy live wallpaper from Mars ( 3:40 )
Raghav Madhusudhanan Haripriya
Raghav Madhusudhanan Haripriya Pred 2 dnevi
i wish you also do a video abt '' Dear Android ''
Salva Pred 45 minutami
Haha he is starting to regret... No worries man you can come back, people makes mistakes, you can get an oneplus again 😊
The Drifter
The Drifter Pred uro
in my opinion as someone who doesn't really have much grip (due to over hydrated hands due to being a kitchen wash person) rounded edges are much worse then flat edges just due to me having a decent amount more to grip on in my opinion if your gonna go with rounded edges back the edges rubberized rather then smooth it would stop regular people from dropping them and stop people like me with near to no grip from having to have a vice grip while thats good for handshakes its not fun also a few of these will probably never be done due to apple not really caring about the consumer just their products why do i say this? their war against the right to repair is why they're slowly making iphones and other apple products harder and harder to fix and actively lie to costumers to try and get them to buy new products and charge Ludacris repair prices and try and sue non authorized repair shops they've even banned a lady in their forums when a iphone user asked if they could get their photos back on a iphone with water damage she replied explaining yes and where she could take the phone to get the said repair needed apple proceeded to remove her reply and replace it with corporate jargon that in short was them lying and telling her no when in actuality it could be fixed so apple won't implement any of these if they can't use it to push their products more android phones can last for days whilst a iphone can only last for a day (you said it yourself) why would they want to increase the battery life if it guarantees someone will want to replace their phone within the 3 year lifespan
Jose Espitia
Jose Espitia Pred uro
Ios 15??
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 3 urami
I'm still surprised how Arun is not a dad yet with that kind of jokes
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Pred 5 urami
Makes My life easier. Lol so biased
vinnytucks87 Pred 7 urami
This video explains why the iPhone is not for me. I think it's awesome for people who want something extremely polished. But, for those who like a little more personalization, Android is the way to go.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 3 urami
A Samsung ad in a iPhone video lmao
Shingrut Ashish
Shingrut Ashish Pred 7 urami
Apple is for people who are not interested in any customisation at all. They are happy with minimal customisation at all.
Shingrut Ashish
Shingrut Ashish Pred 7 urami
Your videos are always great to watch. Explanation quality is like 101% accurate
Meekay. Pred 7 urami
On Samsung you dont need to swipe up it automatically unlocks it for you
Maxime Degraeve
Maxime Degraeve Pred 7 urami
please guys, 3:58 how did he do that or what application did he use?
Jon Keener
Jon Keener Pred 8 urami
Apple SUCKS!!!
Sil Vreeman
Sil Vreeman Pred 8 urami
Why is no one talking about that he has 53.000 e-mails
twitch _whiterNL
twitch _whiterNL Pred 9 urami
13:50 me using iPhone 6s without switching the battery
Omar Adil
Omar Adil Pred 9 urami
the quality in the video and effort is off the roof
Siyamthanda Ngcongo
Siyamthanda Ngcongo Pred 10 urami
Lets hope that apple is watching this 😆😆😆
Veronica Rachev
Veronica Rachev Pred 12 urami
About number 4 on the list: I think the reason apple isn’t going to do this is because most people have a case on their iPhone and to use a stealthy fingerprint scanner would require them to buy a new case that doesn’t cover the power button, or remove the case each time just to unlock their phone.
Lord Pred 12 urami
Am I the only one who saw over 63 thousand emails 😰😰😰
Lord Pred 12 urami
Time 14:07
Flanking Foxtrot
Flanking Foxtrot Pred 13 urami
Was he praising or shitting on apple
Manu Manea
Manu Manea Pred 13 urami
I like your context and definitely subscribed. But you sound like you want to move back to Android. Don’t bring Android in IOS people’s life… I’m using iPhone since first released … I like the way it is. Well let me stay that again …. We like the way it is.
Sai Kishan Repalle
Sai Kishan Repalle Pred 13 urami
A Samsung ad in a iPhone video lmao
Gautam Chandrika
Gautam Chandrika Pred 13 urami
Very valid points. Fully agree.
ItsJustBen Pred 14 urami
Make this video go viral so people will stop buying iphones
ZDragonMC Pred 14 urami
one of arun's problems already had a feature to fix it the touch id part basically there is this button that says set up alternate face id where u can wear a mask make that face id then it wouldnt affect u anymore
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Pred 14 urami
Tuhin mahmud
Tuhin mahmud Pred 14 urami
iPhone Sucks
Tuhin mahmud
Tuhin mahmud Pred 15 urami
I paused here 11:54 and I'm laughing my ass off.
mr.kitloin Pred 15 urami
I do agree with 8, I barely use Siri. I don’t really use any speech assistants in the first place, theres very few scenarios where it could be useful like if your hands are dirty or full and you need to know something
Terrie L duprie
Terrie L duprie Pred 15 urami
Conclusion: Apple to make mobiles like samsung but just to replace IOS
Jethro Jacobs
Jethro Jacobs Pred 15 urami
Bakbao ?
Bakbao ? Pred 16 urami
The phone is nice and have a lot of potential. But, it is to strict, you can get more features on a cheap android phone.
mosab khair
mosab khair Pred 17 urami
with all do respect, all the features you are looking for are of non importance to me at all
YeetGaming Pred 17 urami
arun you need to enable percentage to see it
Ahmed Zaabi
Ahmed Zaabi Pred 18 urami
I own an almost 5 years old lg v30 that still lasts a full day of medium to heavy usage :3 , a 2 years old iphone xs can't do that ....
ayesha ruksana
ayesha ruksana Pred 19 urami
Can u look at his email messages 14:10
MAYANK dabas
MAYANK dabas Pred 20 urami
Jakobus Pred 20 urami
Me with a iPhone 5: dont know what the most of the things u say means or tryed the most
Cool Dwiduo
Cool Dwiduo Pred 20 urami
I own S10(USD600), gear S2(USD100) and Tab S6 lite(USD300).. i got all my samsung at disc price.. gear S2 is 2nd hand item with titanium body and saphire glass.. my spending was actual around USD1000.. i want apple ecosystem.. i tested my sis apple eco, 12Pro(USD1200), Watch S6(USD400) and 8th Ipad 128g+pen(USD500)... total USD2100.. with samsung, i have customization, side keys/split screen/combination apps.. samsung pay.. DEX mode which i used all the time on tab S6 lite.. Open as many apps and split 3 screen and a pop up screen to listen to podcast.. A supreme amoled display.. integrated with windows to easily transfer file.. integrated to google apps.. and the bloody back button/ gesture.. i used the on screen fingerprint like all the time.. See how much i lose to switch... especially hard earn money.. why apple dont let people to integrate to other system.. i love apple.. i really do.. but i want all i have now..
BearElTio Pred 21 uro
Buy a samsung
Roy Tore
Roy Tore Pred 21 uro
I switched from android to iphone a couple of years ago. After toying with it for a couple of minutes I wanted to throw it against the wall for lacking T9 to find contacts
ThePointSilver Pred 21 uro
Sebbe Hjem
Sebbe Hjem Pred 21 uro
Im not useing an Iphone because of their price
Michael John
Michael John Pred 21 uro
This video is brought to you by APPLE
Diney Joyn
Diney Joyn Pred 22 urami
These 53,000 emails
20C2141Keerthan Shenoy
20C2141Keerthan Shenoy Pred 23 urami
In-display Fingerprint censor is better than on power button or elsewhere
Ninny & Emily
Ninny & Emily Pred 23 urami
Fun fact: I think only pro iPads use USBC bc my iPad 8 uses Lightning .-.
Alex SAMANO Pred dnevom
Buy Android problem fixed....
GAOLMAO Pred dnevom
no ones gonna talk about how he has 54000 emails
funny moments of life
funny moments of life Pred dnevom
apple sucks
Jason West
Jason West Pred dnevom
My biggest issue with Apple is the lack of customisation. And i get why they limit what you can do, so as to not overhaul the phone and use third party apps or software that removes the apple trademark so to speak but it just makes them bland
sshadyh Pred dnevom
i disagree with the camera critique because thats what snapchat is for haha
Megat Emir Ridwan Megat Farizat
Megat Emir Ridwan Megat Farizat Pred dnevom
wow i get samsung ads
Polrous Pred dnevom
I find that swipe up thing with Face ID weird, because the one and only modern apple device I have is the iPad Air 2020 which has Touch ID.. and they don’t make me have to swipe after scanning my finger.. so why do they make it so you have to for scanning your face? That’s just weird design.
Adventurous Loner
Adventurous Loner Pred dnevom
I want to know how many takes it took to get those phone drops into his hand just right.
Miggie S
Miggie S Pred dnevom
In sorry but an iphone is not close to a PS4 In compute
Shakiba Inside A Screen
Shakiba Inside A Screen Pred dnevom
People see my pixel 4a and ask me if its an iPhone. All the time. I don't think "knowing it's an iPhone from far away" is that important... Or like... Hard to do? Since my phone looks like an iPhone apparently 🤦🏻‍♀️ Also, yes. Having all of these on an android is wonderful. Also on pixel specifically I can have "what music is playing right now?" On my always-on display lockscreen. iPhone could do SO MUCH to make things better!
Good18Man Pred dnevom
Anyone not using magnetic charging cables is really missing out. Simplifies all your ports to one cable regardless of what you have or how ever many you have. The magnet prolongs your ports too so that's an added bonus.
Eyüb Bardakci
Eyüb Bardakci Pred dnevom
T9 in dial app .. damn they dont have it?
Steven Pred dnevom
OUTSTANDING THUMBNAIL, Arun my man! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5 Just when I thought I'd seen the best of yours, you drop this!
Bad Food Blog
Bad Food Blog Pred dnevom
Removes comments if you point out technical error and most likely this comment. Unsubed from this c r a p
Ivan Awesome
Ivan Awesome Pred dnevom
Me on iPhone 8 your dream my reality
_ ZAVALA Pred dnevom
Samsung 4 life
General Noob
General Noob Pred dnevom
that was pokemon platinum diamond or pearl
Kristiyan Simov
Kristiyan Simov Pred dnevom
Apple are really greedy, even more that some other companies. Also there are so few reasons to buy iPhone 12 over iPhone X as the average user won't ever feel the difference between them. I, a guy into tech am using a $150 phone and am not planning on switching it until it breaks. My point is who needs a phone so good? Are you going to render Pixar's new animation on it?
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Pred dnevom
PDB Clan
PDB Clan Pred dnevom
You can have a number row if you use SwiftKey for anyone wondering
Wagner Lopez
Wagner Lopez Pred dnevom
Poor guy, the edges of the phone hurt his hands
Godfrey Nkhonjera
Godfrey Nkhonjera Pred dnevom
Oh and if you ever thinking of giving away any of the devices you feature on your program, consider me😉
Godfrey Nkhonjera
Godfrey Nkhonjera Pred dnevom
I really enjoy watching your vidz, keep it up👉🏽
Williams Ava
Williams Ava Pred dnevom
Progress they say shows when hard work is put into a venture. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading,and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. Until I came across Charlotte Anderson trading , turned my life around, I'm so grateful?
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez Pred dnevom
I think expandable storage is another key feature. Android phones let you insert up to 2TB of external storage via MicroSD cards. Together with the battery life, these two factors basically limit the useful life of your phone. Companies still want you to feel forced to buy a new phone every year or two; something that does not happen when you buy a computer (or a car). Despite the increasing challenges (and costs) posed by climate change, most people are changing their phones every two years, even though companies have the power to increase the lifespan of these products. Perhaps if the fancy headquarters of a company would be affected by a fire/storm/flood, the directive board would realise that generating "profit" from pollution will produce losses at the end. By the way, is it really necessary to release new phones every year?
Jaydenrblx Pred dnevom
I have iPhone X and it last me 3 hours
Ancient Pred dnevom
I just like android phones more. Not only because its better in all aspects except a few, its also much cheaper and most things are easily accessable for free while apple requires too much extra expenses and not enough value to make up for the difference in the price compared to android devices in general.
Sapper Soul
Sapper Soul Pred dnevom
14:09 my god clear your email
Nepali Guy
Nepali Guy Pred dnevom
Wb interchangeabe camera screen?
Starkiller174 Pred dnevom
My one demand, bring back the headphone jack
foivos apolon
foivos apolon Pred dnevom
Battery will never increase because it is dangerous in air planes
Mr Creator XY
Mr Creator XY Pred dnevom
Where can i get that super fancy Mars live wallpaper
IDK Pred dnevom
Pokemon on AA won't happen because Nintendo
IDK Pred dnevom
Crossy Road Castle is the same as Crossy Road visible confusion
MrMakeDo Pred dnevom
Couldn't agree more with this list.
Samuel Pred dnevom
Its all very well pointing these things out but, If you want those features why don't you just buy an Android Phone, Like millions of us do. You state the benefits of Apples iOS and, the reasons behind them.....So what are you trying to say? Do we really want Apple to take over the world? I don't. Choice is always much more interesting.
Muhammad Shafeeq
Muhammad Shafeeq Pred dnevom
2:13 i died
Purpled Pred dnevom
Dear Apple, if I search ways to download apps that are paid for free, it means I don’t have money to waste in stuff like that so stop revoking them.
Saad Muhammad
Saad Muhammad Pred dnevom
Main things we need to see in iPhone are: -Aleast 120hz refresh rate -Battery in pro models over 4000+ -USB C connection -No notch -Better night mode camera without having to hold still to balance the focus crosshair for night mode.
R A Pred dnevom
This feels illegal to watch cuz its tooo informative for apple. Great vid.
FreezeGoD Pred dnevom
The custom stuff is the excact reason why i dont want to use Iphone. I know its a good phone and good OS but i want to express myself n stuff.
SteemFlame Pred dnevom
Your points make sense,
Zoro Coding
Zoro Coding Pred dnevom
Basically, this video is about criticizing Apple to add or improve features and at the same time making excuse for apple for not doing it. Tech youtubers always do that … maybe they don't want to lose the privilege of working with Apple.
ReniYoutube Pred dnevom
"working with apple" They don't work with Apple, If they wouldn't have access to getting the Phones for free, he buys it directly for the same price as anyone else. "making excuse" How are those excuses? I'll admit the Lightning to USB-C is a excuse, but i can't find anything else. Please highlight other excuses?
rasha the legend
rasha the legend Pred dnevom
Hi, I have been following your videos for a long time now. I love the content you create and you are a powerful speaker. Keep up the good work.
potato Pred dnevom
I saw a samsung ad at the start 🤣
Harshithplayz Pred dnevom
We can use clips app for fun camera features
Fox Pred dnevom
Don't agree with the flat < rounded sides. I find the sharp edges easier to hold on to and help with handling the phone with just one hand. This goes especially for the Pro Max model, which is as wide and tall as my own hand... and quite heavy. When you pay 1000 bucks for a phone, you probably use a case that is to your liking anyway, unless you like to live on the edge unnecessarily. It's actually the reason why I chose the iPhone again. My last model was the iPhone 5 (I have my phones for a LONG time), which had the same flat sided design. Plus, the round ones just don't look as good to me. Maybe the design is labeled as "outdated" in my head, because the first iPhone was rounded. I can't really say for certain.
Snufflegrunt Pred dnevom
Aside from the customisation and lightning, I think this is pretty much nitpicking. The reason I use an iPhone is because, well, phones bore me. I’m much more excited by a big powerful PC. I just want my phone to work (and receive security updates) for as long as possible, and be as simple to operate as possible. Privacy is cool too. A lot of Androids use larger batteries because they need them with their unoptimised OS leading to silly power consumption/specs. That said, anyone should be able to replace a battery. That goes beyond right to repair.
Teslacam man
Teslacam man Pred dnevom
Fingerprint scanners were on the iPhone 6,7 or 8 or something
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