How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?

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Spy cameras are only decreasing in size, and increasing in number - here's how to spot them!
To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support:
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesecem
No soft bears were harmed during the filming of this video...Did you guess right about which gadget was recording? 😅 To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support: For one of the worst tech Scams in history:
C͓̽a͓̽n͓̽d͓̽y͓̽ S͓̽n͓̽o͓̽w͓̽
C͓̽a͓̽n͓̽d͓̽y͓̽ S͓̽n͓̽o͓̽w͓̽ Pred 3 dnevi
rahul r kumar
rahul r kumar Pred 5 dnevi
U make the best video's ... 👍👍
Niranjana S Nair
Niranjana S Nair Pred 7 dnevi
The soft bear is the gadget which is recording?
imdazzy. Pred 9 dnevi
Clickbait? Where is the Limit Mr WhoseTheIndianClickbaiter
Bernard Jose Valdez
Bernard Jose Valdez Pred 10 dnevi
i have a pooh plusie.......................
Arman Shafaie
Arman Shafaie Pred 6 urami
UmSureWhatever Pred 7 urami
So, in other words, I have to do my makeup and dress to impress ALL THE TIME? I already put so much work into entertaining the NSA! Oh well, we were born for show business baby 🤩
Hexy Ko
Hexy Ko Pred 13 urami
Is the Winnie Pooh a reference to Xi Jinping and his totalitarian regime?
jimmy john
jimmy john Pred 15 urami
Anonymous Pred 16 urami
Tech wiser video was uploaded - 13 June Mrwhostheboss video was uploaded - 1 July So who is copying the video ?
ma.sheraldine bonuel
ma.sheraldine bonuel Pred dnevom
2:28 what a nice un noticable rickroll
SimpleNeeds Pred dnevom
I'm gunna buy an emp
20BBA019 ASWIN S Pred dnevom
Make a video on the different types of laptop from wish
Janet Busener
Janet Busener Pred dnevom
This is the movie TRUMAN SHOW on steroids.
Shadrach Davis
Shadrach Davis Pred dnevom
Can I get an iPhone?
zeezeebo Pred dnevom
Evil! May hell be the final abode of those behind this!
Monica Lynn
Monica Lynn Pred dnevom
Hazzaplayzz8782 Xbox
Hazzaplayzz8782 Xbox Pred dnevom
I love this channel
leader Pred 2 dnevi
5:07: arun talking about privacy issues at the same time...
Liakaros 08
Liakaros 08 Pred 2 dnevi
Pro tip: when someone spies your phone do the most weird searches on Google trust me it works
Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf Pred 2 dnevi
Hope you make more because I’m dying for a new video
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Pred 2 dnevi
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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Pred 2 dnevi
If I’m being watched I’m gonna get some people arrested
klinkston gaming
klinkston gaming Pred 3 dnevi
8:12 ha jokes on them im broke
Nate Holden
Nate Holden Pred 3 dnevi
Plot twist. This is how Anime is recorded.
kermit Pred 3 dnevi
him: hides sd card in glasses me: *intense searching*
Lilly Holcomb
Lilly Holcomb Pred 3 dnevi
This makes me scared 😨😳
• athenadraws •
• athenadraws • Pred 2 dnevi
Cordeliya Baron
Cordeliya Baron Pred 3 dnevi
The spiteful gore-tex normally pump because font covalently wander but a jobless bubble. handsomely, common sentence
Crouton Pred 3 dnevi
Ngl the glasses seem dope
duhnut Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine using that Vinnie the Pooh bear as your microphone, ngl it's pretty cool...
Antitheus Pred 3 dnevi
5:08 4 year old kid be like : look mum i found a chocolate inside
Aspirant Pred 3 dnevi
Hey Arun, it'd be really helpful to many folks if you put the details of the bug detecting device in your description as most of these detectors have a really bad rating/review on amazon, Thanks for making this video!!
The fantastic GG
The fantastic GG Pred 3 dnevi
So is no body ganna talk about 5:03? How the bear said ****....
Aqeel Beg
Aqeel Beg Pred 3 dnevi
Randall Dineros
Randall Dineros Pred 3 dnevi
At this point I can conclude that everything is made out of mini camera and microphone 😂
ferandra ginting
ferandra ginting Pred 3 dnevi
Poor Koala🤣
nicido 1414
nicido 1414 Pred 3 dnevi
And an oculus vr camra can see infa red
rainystompsh Pred 3 dnevi
Thanks now my paranoia is worse 😀 it's my fault tbh
ZoeyBayy Pred 4 dnevi
look, we are all already being recorded at our workplaces, out in traffic, in hte background constantly of retail stores and roadways, why does anyone even act surprised anymore? but yes, lets cover the computer webcam with some tape, that way we can pretend like we arent being recorded constantly.
Adam Aburweis
Adam Aburweis Pred 4 dnevi
Adam Aburweis
Adam Aburweis Pred 4 dnevi
Adam Aburweis
Adam Aburweis Pred 4 dnevi
4:52 4:53
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Pred 4 dnevi
that bear really loved that
shannon heraty
shannon heraty Pred 4 dnevi
Alright guys, he's officially lost it
Mac Doodles
Mac Doodles Pred 4 dnevi
I've been living in South Korea for a year and I'm in denial about it happening to me, but I just know that it probably has (especially in hotels). Just hoping I'm too boring for it to entertain anyone
Mr. Funkin
Mr. Funkin Pred 4 dnevi
This is why i never log in to my accounts in public spaces
Mr. Funkin
Mr. Funkin Pred 4 dnevi
Crossing my fingers that my dog plushie ive had for 9 years isnt a spy camera
Yeet 51
Yeet 51 Pred 4 dnevi
Arun: There are spy cameras everywhere watching your every movement The guy spying on me: this man's life is boring asf
byndjamzei Pred 4 dnevi
Me looking at the toy stuffed tiger .............. sUS aMoG uS
fr_life Pred 4 dnevi
You are being watched rn
JuMzShOrTs Pred 4 dnevi
Him: Reaching Inside for the camera. Winnie the pooh: Ah yes, Just like that (5:08)
bruh Pred 4 dnevi
The worlds most blatant hacker and the fbi crying about how my 8 numeric password isn't revealing Me who put 8 asterisks for my password: *evil noises*
Madhuri Parekh
Madhuri Parekh Pred 4 dnevi
try hidden camera detector app
Satya Prakash
Satya Prakash Pred 4 dnevi
When he wears glasses 👓 he looks like a professor.
Niyi Pred 5 dnevi
*5:04** Winnie the Pooh being very SuS.*
Zack Mabie
Zack Mabie Pred 5 dnevi
The picture of this video has a fricking coffee cup and the title is things that are recording you?? How did this get so many likes 🤨
Zachary Byon
Zachary Byon Pred 5 dnevi
Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez Pred 5 dnevi
Two words Edward Snowden. The NSA is spying on. Americans every day. And no one talks about that. Snowden got arrested for exposing the government.
Roaring Anthem
Roaring Anthem Pred 5 dnevi
“ let me just type my super secret data “ * looks at camera because he knows it’s funny*
Jerry willams
Jerry willams Pred 5 dnevi
Guys, do install hidden camera detector app from futureapps, it has all of these techniques in built to detect spy camera. ✓ Be safe yourself. Next era is going to be much more privacy invading. 0:41
pratik parekh
pratik parekh Pred 5 dnevi
I had downloaded it before pandemic. Really helpful. This is my one of the travel pocket app.
Abdul Wasif • 15 years ago
Abdul Wasif • 15 years ago Pred 5 dnevi
"How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?" People: "Oh no what should I do?" Me: "Does this mean I am famous?"
Mandira Das
Mandira Das Pred 5 dnevi
2050: cameras in your bu*
ishan sehgal
ishan sehgal Pred 5 dnevi
Huawei P50 Review
Ruifeng Jayden Hiah
Ruifeng Jayden Hiah Pred 5 dnevi
So is the government hiding something from us that he doesn't want us to know
Ruifeng Jayden Hiah
Ruifeng Jayden Hiah Pred 5 dnevi
I knew it
jay sanghvi
jay sanghvi Pred 5 dnevi
3:06 cool pc man
JasonPlayz Pred 5 dnevi
Arc you from UK it is there on your channel
Blaze 8597
Blaze 8597 Pred 5 dnevi
C'mon really? I saw lots of john cena in the chat... But really Never underestimate the power of rick astley
Hypercentron Pred 5 dnevi
My fbi agent watching like: HE KNOWS HE KNOWS
stéfan hoïmes
stéfan hoïmes Pred 5 dnevi
Warning: don't watch this high...unless you're prepared to snort out (iced) tea whilst laughing. (From amusement and/or fear, take your pick)
Sanskar Pandey
Sanskar Pandey Pred 5 dnevi
Oh yes Just like that RIP winnie the pooh
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Pred 6 dnevi
Oh good, I'm not gonna sleep tonight!
EyoPlayz Pred 6 dnevi
Get out of me swamp! -Shrek69
R. K.
R. K. Pred 6 dnevi
Time to buy an EMP device
The Cookiedoughanimator
The Cookiedoughanimator Pred 6 dnevi
Too easy
Binnacle Pred 6 dnevi
9:12 I thought he was about to bring out an emp device. If it exists, just blow it up, in what, like a mile radius of electromagnetic pulse.
Meaty Pred 6 dnevi
just wear camoflauge
BoNk Pred 6 dnevi
Me covers my webcam FBI watching me through my toaster : "Hi there bitch".
David Ortega-Lucas
David Ortega-Lucas Pred 6 dnevi
5:54 That made me get into a great mode, I hope it others can relate
kirk Shotton
kirk Shotton Pred 6 dnevi
FlareonGames Pred 6 dnevi
SLus is also collecting data… after the video there was an ad with the same event as the video.
YADAV Pramod
YADAV Pramod Pred 6 dnevi
I am a general tech information finder and something related to this has happened to me also I had always ideas about technology that how things should be and I had talked about my ideas with my family member's sometimes and I observed that after some weeks or months, ideas wich I talked about are being showed and implemented in today's daily world. This might be a coincidence but in the past I always used to think that whatever idea I thought, why and how they were invented in later days but after watching this video I can probably assume that this might be the reason. I'm not pretty sure about it but who knows.. Do you guys agree?
yafet negasi
yafet negasi Pred 6 dnevi
5:54 hahahahahahahahaha
Blakeson Pred 6 dnevi
I knew that charging block was a camera !
Robin Cormier
Robin Cormier Pred 6 dnevi
should be noted that a keylogger doesn't need to even have a physical form. They can be a simple malware program and snuck onto your pc or phone in many many different ways.
Saanvi Srivastava
Saanvi Srivastava Pred 6 dnevi
My computer keeps on showing my web cam is switched on... Now I know why :/
Saanvi Srivastava
Saanvi Srivastava Pred 6 dnevi
@Super ninja thanks :)
Super ninja
Super ninja Pred 6 dnevi
Use any antivirus to scan and remove the malware. If it is still not ok then reset your PC so that you can get rid of any malware in your PC.
NeoArashi Pred 6 dnevi
Winnie: Oh yes, just like that! LMAO!
Trisha Kabob
Trisha Kabob Pred 6 dnevi
Holy cow this is terrifying
Jakub K
Jakub K Pred 6 dnevi
3:14 nice Password you have there 😂
Young Studios TM
Young Studios TM Pred 6 dnevi
In hotels i cover myself with the blanket and i sleep under it
Echo Squad
Echo Squad Pred 6 dnevi
Me sees The Thumbnail, All of them
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Pred 6 dnevi
I first thought yea there is no camera in my living room but now I wanna hide underneath a blanket 😂
Kim Morini
Kim Morini Pred 7 dnevi
.........gonna go hide in a closet now.....
Tanktastic Pred 7 dnevi
good to know that somebody could be watching ur kids in bathrooms and other places what a good world we live in
William Rogers
William Rogers Pred 7 dnevi
I guessed that they were all recording, but only spotted the camera on the glasses from afar. Crazy.😳
Njukang Farrant
Njukang Farrant Pred 7 dnevi
Wow!. That’s a lot. I thought movies over exaggerated till nw.
Valentino Setjadi
Valentino Setjadi Pred 7 dnevi
I have 300 IQ move: Place a secret camera to see who places a secret camera 🤯😳😰😱
🔥flin and walter💧
🔥flin and walter💧 Pred 7 dnevi
How to Rick roll a spy Find speakers Blast Rick roll
Laggy bro
Laggy bro Pred 7 dnevi
Bruh even we are not smart so if we installed something with a camera we would remove it
Gum _
Gum _ Pred 7 dnevi
Yeah I think its time to return to monke The unibomer was right
Loose- Hotline
Loose- Hotline Pred 7 dnevi
Honestly I’m a pretty boring kid…. I just play with knives and race my dirt bike, the rest of the day I just sleep….. so idrc lmao
Jst George
Jst George Pred 7 dnevi
Yup Rick rolling is in every video
Raghavendra Singh
Raghavendra Singh Pred 7 dnevi
EMP device is in order
Anrijs Christopher
Anrijs Christopher Pred 7 dnevi
Even if I'm being recorded then joke's on them, there's nothing to record.
Pro gamer
Pro gamer Pred 7 dnevi
can you make part 2 plz plz
DON CHETO Pred 7 dnevi
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