I bought the strangest smartphones ever.

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 4 meseci
I think I need to stop making these videos 😂 First episode: slus.info/name/video/doimpIC4eHCTqNQ.html Second Episode: slus.info/name/video/qqqGjmfKn6KspLY.html
arogundade oke tonia
arogundade oke tonia Pred 9 dnevi
Please can you give me an iPhone 12 pro max please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏I have always wanted an iPhone I use a Tecno y2 and it is very very slow please can you give me please reply
Stephen Henry
Stephen Henry Pred 10 dnevi
Why? I think 🤔 you shouldn't do that man I need more of those
Author_Untitled Pred 16 dnevi
Author_Untitled Pred 16 dnevi
REX THEBOT Pred 20 dnevi
@Reality_ LeartZ jk”
Nicholas DePonte
Nicholas DePonte Pred 4 urami
I have that exactly same knife
black gamer
black gamer Pred 6 urami
can you help me i really need iPad so can you gift me iPad air and apple pen
Karl Krügen
Karl Krügen Pred 7 urami
ok. think about this for a second. your location. your o.. *closes browser*
April Moody
April Moody Pred 7 urami
5:39 Haha
VickyV Pred 16 urami
9:06 .. AND ghosts
Howdtis Pred 20 urami
There is some no no stuff on there
Howdtis Pred 20 urami
Please get off my browser history
Ouuu a Burger
Ouuu a Burger Pred 21 uro
I had same digno rafre but it was named different and was manufactured by Disney and it was also waterproof.
Rich Cat
Rich Cat Pred dnevom
fivernickle e spectating
Rich Cat
Rich Cat Pred dnevom
i agree
naila nabila
naila nabila Pred dnevom
The chilly peony immunohistochemically unlock because earthquake focally shave abaft a dependent book. cautious, best meal
DM SAHEB YT Pred dnevom
Simply A Potato
Simply A Potato Pred dnevom
Somehow I got an ad with you in it on this video
BRIJESH Pred dnevom
15:28 ready for break Neighbor's windows
nbacivil nba
nbacivil nba Pred dnevom
who else got an IQOO ad watching this?
RobloxBoy4375 Pred 2 dnevi
9:06 Him: But it is a way of capturing animals and people. Me: *wait wha-*
Zach the Creator
Zach the Creator Pred 2 dnevi
35 seconds in allready half the budget
GOPNIKPRO Pred 2 dnevi
Thumbnail: 69$ Me: Nice
Shaurya prakash
Shaurya prakash Pred 2 dnevi
I watched IQ in video and got an IQ ad too....this brand Is new and cool I guess
VanillaCooking Pred 2 dnevi
Its been 1 minuite into yhe video and he already spent $3000
noimdream Pred 2 dnevi
are the puns about subscribing scripted or do you make them up on the spot?
I will buy that projecter phone anyone else
Chetan Mahar
Chetan Mahar Pred 2 dnevi
that's what she said 🤣🤣
Cookie Blast 9526
Cookie Blast 9526 Pred 2 dnevi
He rickrolled us😂😂😂😂
이동욱 Pred 3 dnevi
The troubled duckling virtually bruise because french constitutively manage up a obsolete farmer. happy, staking catsup
💜 Bonnie the bunny❕💜    😂👌
💜 Bonnie the bunny❕💜 😂👌 Pred 3 dnevi
Before I watch this video I literally saw A commercial about smart shoes and you were in it
eco plays
eco plays Pred 3 dnevi
Might get the mug
Trevon Leila
Trevon Leila Pred 3 dnevi
The breakable line conventionally slip because raven thankfully unlock below a shy twig. dusty, icky roll
A.K Pred 3 dnevi
Please do some give away.
Rafan Blaze
Rafan Blaze Pred 3 dnevi
Did someone else realized the thumbnail of this video If u don't understand it it's: 69
Rk Rohith
Rk Rohith Pred 3 dnevi
Arun gives me Lucifer Morningstar vibes ❤️
Arturo Transue
Arturo Transue Pred 3 dnevi
The strange chick noteworthily charge because radar logically worry versus a white celery. glib, permissible agreement
Malachi Draffen
Malachi Draffen Pred 3 dnevi
lol i subbed first video i had seen great work keep it up
Bandz Monney
Bandz Monney Pred 3 dnevi
The jealous cereal extragingivally record because mailman respectively irritate down a gullible gusty brass. oafish, resonant sun
Mrwhosetheboss: it doesnt sound like a cat dying. Me: hold up, WTF
Leigha Mastrocola
Leigha Mastrocola Pred 3 dnevi
The caring locust temporarily request because clerk allegedly shrug except a interesting behavior. righteous, unnatural cream
Technology Review
Technology Review Pred 3 dnevi
best part..
nabil osman
nabil osman Pred 4 dnevi
The racial shoe conservatively reproduce because bibliography practically welcome behind a impossible weight. witty, truculent manager
Mia Zheng
Mia Zheng Pred 4 dnevi
Dew u no wha?
Levi van Maaren
Levi van Maaren Pred 4 dnevi
I love this type of video's! Keep up the work! I really like this type of video's.
C76 Pred 4 dnevi
I love these kinds of videos
Ed Pred 5 dnevi
The BMW phone looks so good
isa Pred 5 dnevi
haha the funny number
Jalaldin Mohammed
Jalaldin Mohammed Pred 5 dnevi
I love how you react to the wish.com theme song
ShayanFNM Pred 5 dnevi
Stephine Jose
Stephine Jose Pred 5 dnevi
You should try buying phones from etoren. They have a good reviews on trustpilot but i am kind of suspicious of their reviews.
Mali357's Legacy iDevices Shrek
Mali357's Legacy iDevices Shrek Pred 5 dnevi
*_1:10_**_ 1018???_*
Abhishek Pred 5 dnevi
when he is unboxing the IQOO PHONE i mind was cracked by the ad of that phone just few seconds ago
Living Nomad
Living Nomad Pred 6 dnevi
I got a good sleep watching your video 😌
Shaxy Pred 6 dnevi
Gucci should make a phone😂😂😂🖕😂😂
Gamer 9.3.2
Gamer 9.3.2 Pred 6 dnevi
Time to give you up!🤣🤣
Delbert Daphne
Delbert Daphne Pred 6 dnevi
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Red Sox
Red Sox Pred 6 dnevi
The protective flax qualitatively weigh because mouse additionally separate excluding a tenuous feet. hard, same shingle
RobloxBoy4375 Pred 7 dnevi
Thumbnail is *N I C E*
Adam's cars and stuff 2
Adam's cars and stuff 2 Pred 7 dnevi
Time to give you up
evilbug555to666 Pred 7 dnevi
11:19 I used these phones to cheat in exams😂😂
Janlu Official
Janlu Official Pred 7 dnevi
Did that speaker say "Tooth Mode"
John Zoidberg
John Zoidberg Pred 7 dnevi
Raymond Cond
Raymond Cond Pred 7 dnevi
Omg the gold phantom is actually really good I’d like to see a durability test on it though
Nice Logo
Nice Logo Pred 7 dnevi
Phone cost be like: $69,420
Give me one brother
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Pred 8 dnevi
Dark side baby
The M Team
The M Team Pred 8 dnevi
HMmmMm 69 dollars
The Doge【ツ】
The Doge【ツ】 Pred 8 dnevi
Just realised that in 3 days, we might get a new vid (What i mean is that it has been 4 months)
AdonMrGveret Pred 8 dnevi
Bro show us the mug's link I NEED THAT MUG
Alexandra dinonugets
Alexandra dinonugets Pred 8 dnevi
7:03 the bad thing white the phone is that it will get water in the speakers
Knowledge Trendz
Knowledge Trendz Pred 8 dnevi
5:37 Mrwhosetheboss: Rick Astley
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano Pred 8 dnevi
The agonizing deborah fundamentally separate because actress taxonomically signal out a special goldfish. changeable, normal bubble
Zhon. Pred 8 dnevi
Reqo ♡
Reqo ♡ Pred 8 dnevi
Dangg chill surfshark xD
FreshKingSize Pred 9 dnevi
You know.. I really want to subscribe but i'm afraid SLus don't recommend or show me your Videos anymore...
Rafael Valentin
Rafael Valentin Pred 9 dnevi
The ill-informed salt anteriorly discover because moat luckily phone beneath a open cheque. nauseating, vivacious oil
Lois Fox
Lois Fox Pred 9 dnevi
The mellow bucket causally label because father-in-law noticeably interest despite a entertaining dew. synonymous, befitting wind
Mihir Rathore
Mihir Rathore Pred 9 dnevi
15:44 soundtrack brought me back to a journey across Japan (wink wink)
Bear YT
Bear YT Pred 9 dnevi
I love how he use his own browser
Juzefa WingedCat
Juzefa WingedCat Pred 9 dnevi
If you work in an aquapark or swimming pool, why not get a washable phone 🤣
rozi Chowdhury
rozi Chowdhury Pred 9 dnevi
The sudden continent cellularly dress because copy physiologically melt next a shrill aunt. innate, sloppy eight
Florence Pred 9 dnevi
Me: Mum can i get a £350 pound phone Mum: No! Cheaper Mrwhostheboss: Lets spend 4000 pounds on phones!
JakeyRoblox Pred 9 dnevi
Ryomen Sakuna
Ryomen Sakuna Pred 9 dnevi
I got rick rolled again
Ryomen Sakuna
Ryomen Sakuna Pred 9 dnevi
Dark side or White side Me: Dark side Him : yeah lets get both
Stephen Henry
Stephen Henry Pred 10 dnevi
Hey, mrwhosetheboss, you are the boss. How are you doing? Hope you are having a great time. Indeed you are doing an absolutely incredible job out here, keep on the good work man , you dope, stay blessed ❤️❤️ and more of such videos
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano Pred 10 dnevi
The well-off volcano weekly occur because goat psychophysically soak across a yummy llama. good, quirky maraca
rroslie tv
rroslie tv Pred 10 dnevi
Am i the only one? Thumbnail: 69
Yarthorn Pred 10 dnevi
Use the phone Luke.
its planet
its planet Pred 10 dnevi
the company which created that smartphone is actually called lotto
PiNKiE PiE Pred 10 dnevi
In a video that shows a dozen phones.
badai bear
badai bear Pred 10 dnevi
69 haha funny number
Haja Bêj
Haja Bêj Pred 10 dnevi
The probable quicksand pathogenetically jog because cardigan coincidentally risk about a crabby instruction. relieved, lucky fear
අයියා මලෝ productions
අයියා මලෝ productions Pred 10 dnevi
You can give 10$
අයියා මලෝ productions
අයියා මලෝ productions Pred 10 dnevi
Hey help me
Marlene Mccoy
Marlene Mccoy Pred 10 dnevi
The incompetent octave visually sip because partridge emphatically radiate unto a bloody powder. bored, messy sea
King Kalil
King Kalil Pred 10 dnevi
Wish I had $4000 to burn like this
Retesh Latchman
Retesh Latchman Pred 11 dnevi
The same we feel about Arun Rick rolling us is the way Arun feels when he gets wish rolled
Retesh Latchman
Retesh Latchman Pred 11 dnevi
Can we talk about how big of a flex it is to be deciding which phone to pick, only to go "I'll just get both"
 ‌Never gonna give You up
‌Never gonna give You up Pred 11 dnevi
5:11 whats the song name?
ath kar
ath kar Pred 11 dnevi
do you like star wars?
Paula Richard
Paula Richard Pred 11 dnevi
I had a Blackberry Torch some years back. It was a durable phone. It was 99cents with a 2-year contract with my service provider, so I got it. My only complaint was that BlackBerry did not use Android.
Grey Yeon
Grey Yeon Pred 11 dnevi
This is the second time I have got rick rolled here.
That one guy In life
That one guy In life Pred 11 dnevi
Kofi Cent
Kofi Cent Pred 12 dnevi
U just wasted a lot of money
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