Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 2 meseci
Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: slus.info/name/video/gX2MoYK5o3q7eJk.html
Purple Oatmeal
Purple Oatmeal Pred 12 dnevi
Did y know that if a comment reaches five hundred mini comments u can’t copy anymore also what’s the chance of anyone seeing this comment
0scar Pred 15 dnevi
@mrwhosetheboss my main issue i found after using xiaomi phone is, when it breaks its over. in my country xiaomi service center almost nonexistent. meanwhile samsung already has service center in every city in my country so its easy to claim warranty or do repairs. no matter how good xiaomi phone for the price is, i find it difficult to recommend it to average people.
Awesome dude
Awesome dude Pred 25 dnevi
Which is better mi 11 ultra or iphone 12 pro max
zero!!!!! Pred 27 dnevi
I like your vid, 1st time when I c U, and I subscribed, based not on Ur sugestion , but on the quality!!! Don.t take it wrong: Fuck U!! That means: You r great!!
BEAST 777 Pred mesecem
Will u give me that mi phone😂❤️
Bill Joseph Ramos
Bill Joseph Ramos Pred 53 minutami
Nope. It's still a Chinese brand and that's what keeping most of the people from getting one. We couldn't and shouldn't risk our privacy.
VietCong Army
VietCong Army Pred 57 minutami
If I not live in Korea then I will definitely buy Xiaomi
Official Zuko Enoshima
Official Zuko Enoshima Pred uro
My man really just flashed into existence
TheEpicMI7YO !
TheEpicMI7YO ! Pred 2 urami
why do you have a mirror cube
tobechukwu onwuegbuzia
tobechukwu onwuegbuzia Pred 2 urami
Great video, do you talk about Infinix or Tecno phone brands?
JorgesVirtuale Pred 2 urami
I replayed the shower part like... 200 times ...
Jasper Pred 3 urami
Why you didn't talk about Sony's phones ?!!
rahul obe
rahul obe Pred 4 urami
Xiaomi is the best, only problem is that they are Chinese so out the window...
Himanshu Kulkarni
Himanshu Kulkarni Pred 4 urami
Yo sorry bruv. I cant keep you subscribed. Reason- Just because you are a fil*hy gryffindor. Being a Slytherin I cant let gryffindors win in the subs race.😂😂 JK. Keep up with your videos. Like 'em a lot! 💞
Galaxy Neptunia
Galaxy Neptunia Pred 6 urami
Samsung: makes the best displays in the world. Proceeds to let their competitors show them off and give a lesser screen on their flagship. Why Samsung???
Moroscope Niebres
Moroscope Niebres Pred 6 urami
Lamboi Ngaihte
Lamboi Ngaihte Pred 7 urami
Raiyan Pred 7 urami
But samsung have waifu :)
JSandoMusic Pred 9 urami
We all have to appreciate that “that’s what she said” joke 😂. If you missed it, keep pausing every millisecond around 0:56-0:59.
justin aung
justin aung Pred 10 urami
Samsung kill iphone with sam Xiame......kill samsung with a big camera?
ahmedalfarsi2 Pred 14 urami
The winner is mi11 but people trust Samsung.
Arjun Patil
Arjun Patil Pred 14 urami
They killed almost everyone
Mariel Pascual
Mariel Pascual Pred 15 urami
dont even blame it to my sister...
Mariel Pascual
Mariel Pascual Pred 15 urami
Posting pokpok in my youtube., excuse me, i never been work in any clubs!!! if that so you are the one doing it!!! So now you all know that binding marriage is important otherwise dont expect anything good!! So whose the schizoprenic here., you all dont want in arab countries but your staying there., you all going out of marriage.. then your looking and blaming a prostitute... take your mind .. you need to educate yourself ... whoever manipulating my internet!!!!!
Marinko Pred 15 urami
S21 Ultra better in my opinion
Mariel Pascual
Mariel Pascual Pred 15 urami
People so much focusing on death wich they are the one doing it!!! They will going to work in a club then doing abortion, they will doing vices then they are blaming others, they will go to out of marriage and then if something happen and accident happened to them they are blaming to others! , So funny!
ahad alvin
ahad alvin Pred 15 urami
You are the best
Abdelrahman Gomaa
Abdelrahman Gomaa Pred 16 urami
0:58 That's what she said 💀💀
The Filmi Gamer
The Filmi Gamer Pred 17 urami
make s21 ultra vs mi11 ultra camera test
Piyush Bhati
Piyush Bhati Pred 17 urami
0:57 Thats what she said
MATTHEW ILES Pred 17 urami
I've got the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus which, to me, is a great phone. The only reason why I didn't get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was because the monthly costs were far too high for me. I can only just manage the monthly costs of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. There are 3 things I don't like about the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, 1) It doesn't come with a charging plug 2) It doesn't have space for a Micro SD Card. My phone comes with 256GB internal memory, but I've got photos on my Micro SD Card that I took on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus which I wanted to view on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus but I can't. 3) It Doesn't have a 3.5mm jack Apart from that, I think that it's a good phone.
Faybae Hopie
Faybae Hopie Pred 18 urami
5:01 You love rickrolling us, don't you? 😂
Borhan Uddin
Borhan Uddin Pred 18 urami
Too smart & gd review sir😊
dudedude 333
dudedude 333 Pred 19 urami
Just awesome
Diego Lerma
Diego Lerma Pred 19 urami
there’s other phone brands that are way better than iphone and samsung but nobody talks about them.
Nishi singh
Nishi singh Pred 17 urami
SKMS Pred 20 urami
Do you have to return review units or you can keep them with you?
Laxmikant Kamble
Laxmikant Kamble Pred 20 urami
Excellent brother...
정시원 Pred 20 urami
Joro Georgiev
Joro Georgiev Pred 20 urami
Hahaha YES kill with a price 😀😀 bra this is xiaomi
GPXD_GAMING Pred 21 uro
On 0:57 theres a small text at the screen that disappears fast. It actually says “thats what she said”
guillermolangle Pred dnevom
Did you just Rick rolled us?? Yes you did!
David Schlosser
David Schlosser Pred dnevom
Wtf. Somthest Rickroll ever^^
DKKK Fambam
DKKK Fambam Pred dnevom
Is it waterproof though like s21?
Павел Николов
Павел Николов Pred dnevom
This video: whitch ultra next gen phone is better Me who has a phone just to make calls and chat with friends
Will Simmons
Will Simmons Pred dnevom
Good stuff. Subbed.
Mashaireo Williamson
Mashaireo Williamson Pred dnevom
If the note was to come out it would have take back the lead .
Poop_Knight96 Pred dnevom
Xiaomi beast
octa does stuff
octa does stuff Pred dnevom
big sensor go brrrrrr4
shrikanth s.y
shrikanth s.y Pred dnevom
This is an absolutely stupid and a biased video. I have seen the phone myself, its heavy, display is not bright enough, it's bluish, the curve on the display is more and that rear display is a joke. The cameras are poor and MIUI is just not good no matter how hard they try. And from when did Xiaomi become good with updates? S21 ultra is simply better in every aspect, be it cameras, the display curve, weight, software (both usability and future updates), overall design and customer support. Sorry, unsubscribing from this channel.
Nishi singh
Nishi singh Pred 17 urami
Samsung fanboy
Mussa Nom
Mussa Nom Pred dnevom
0:57 and 12:27 yep thats what she said
Ariel Arias
Ariel Arias Pred dnevom
is these phone available for US market? if it is where to buy it?
Tommy Haage
Tommy Haage Pred dnevom
Ceramic you say? That sounds like a job for Zach.
Jojo F
Jojo F Pred dnevom
This man is a legend he Rick rolled us with a xiaomi
AngryShark Pred dnevom
Can you also review some more... affodrable phones? Not just the flagships.
മങ്കട⚡️ക്കാരൻ Pred dnevom
឵឵ Pred 3 urami
ak gaming 1234
ak gaming 1234 Pred dnevom
Xiaomi really said no more
Paul Joshy
Paul Joshy Pred dnevom
This looks like an among us character
Jack power
Jack power Pred dnevom
Him " why are they so big" Me " That is what she said" hehe
DazzlingPotatoes Pred dnevom
Lol he also put that caption on his video
alex pribble
alex pribble Pred dnevom
i want this phone SO bad but there isn't a us version🥲
Mausumi Ghosh
Mausumi Ghosh Pred dnevom
Xiaomi phones look so good . Its a big up for china .😍 i love xiaomi. But both phones are good in their own place.
Possum Mook
Possum Mook Pred dnevom
"God help anybody who drops this on their face..." Damn that's me.
Randy Lusby
Randy Lusby Pred dnevom
Very clear and extensive enough explanation on the comparison. I'm with waiting for the s22 ultra with the ( not the right term) layered under Camara issues resolved. They say sercond quarter 2022.
MadMaxJuggernaut Pred dnevom
Not for the North american industry. At least in Canada, you might not have full 4g speeds.
Jorge Silva
Jorge Silva Pred dnevom
Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei make better smartphone, sadly in USA is expensive to order one and they also now that Apple will go on ruins is the high gamma of that company circulate easy in the market.
Soumyadip Roy
Soumyadip Roy Pred dnevom
0:58 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jam Bread
Jam Bread Pred dnevom
omg omg oh shit shit, I hate that cameras table..... hahahaha. Won't buy it, thanks for this video!
Error 404
Error 404 Pred 2 dnevi
In my country this phone is garbage. So I don't really understand how you got this information that this phone, killed Samsung. The Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5G is no Mercy.
Glitching Fortnite And Challenge Help
Glitching Fortnite And Challenge Help Pred 2 dnevi
What is the website/app to test the screen on?
Sai Shrihan
Sai Shrihan Pred 2 dnevi
4:13 lol
Ahmed Shenawi
Ahmed Shenawi Pred 2 dnevi
I love how he just takes a shower with his T-shirt while soap on his neck 😂
Sesiones Lirikalez - Independientemente records
Sesiones Lirikalez - Independientemente records Pred 2 dnevi
Stop supporting chinese products, they are the worst tyranny in the world.
h hr
h hr Pred 2 dnevi
For me your videos would be perfect if they included a teardown/disassembly of the phones... ;)
Paul Le Mars
Paul Le Mars Pred 2 dnevi
Only problem is that it's not available in the US.I'd seriously consider it but I'm about to pull the trigger on an S21 Ultra.
Almog Geva
Almog Geva Pred 2 dnevi
You can see this man is a proffesional.
nabil osman
nabil osman Pred 2 dnevi
The witty pot endoscopically drag because crop surprisingly point along a cultured drawbridge. miscreant, salty coach
Ahmad Alnajjar
Ahmad Alnajjar Pred 2 dnevi
its so funny i waited the price phone drops but still in most sites not announced released in Dubai lol
Bob ten Berge
Bob ten Berge Pred 2 dnevi
Great voice to listen to and a very nice comparison. Subscribed!
Archons Pred 2 dnevi
samsung killed them selves with the mediocre phones and the exynos scam they pulled in europe
Utsab Adhikari
Utsab Adhikari Pred 2 dnevi
I am not going to buy these phone but I enjoyed your video very much. So entertaining . 😍
Russell Hank
Russell Hank Pred 2 dnevi
Like another comment below, I truly enjoyed your video about a phone that I don't need for my simple, $40-phone life. I look forward to finding one of your videos for my realistic budget of under $300 and capable of both CDMA an GSM.
rishika reddy
rishika reddy Pred 2 dnevi
facebook.com/watch/?v=4089752354413015 Please like the video on fb ☺️
Voidheir Pred 2 dnevi
50% subs of watchers is extremely much bro.
Bones Chames
Bones Chames Pred 2 dnevi
The foolish evening problematically present because drink noteworthily repeat abaft a tasteful romanian. elegant, ill-fated september
KEIRRrrrrr Pred 2 dnevi
Do you know where the Amoled display came from? SAMSUNG made it☝️😁 so think about it
Lol.. just realized that Xiaomi is a spec junkie with poor software stability and optimisation
@SupperDopp like samsung ONE U.I
SupperDopp Pred 2 dnevi
MIUI is absolutely crap right now, but you're not forced to just use one OS, you can always just change to another one.
مۆبایلی ئاسان Assan Mobile
مۆبایلی ئاسان Assan Mobile Pred 2 dnevi
Miskovsky Pred 2 dnevi
Hah, Huawei killed Samsung and Apple, USA Ban Huawei now wait when Xiaomi kill Samsung and Apple USA banned it tho XD
Thor Nado
Thor Nado Pred 2 dnevi
so Mi paid you more than sammy?
បណ្តុំមេរៀន Lesson for Khmer
បណ្តុំមេរៀន Lesson for Khmer Pred 2 dnevi
How about Mi 11 Lite?
Liz's Half-Ass Reviews and Stuff
Liz's Half-Ass Reviews and Stuff Pred 2 dnevi
Slickest Rickroll ever! 5:02 Touche!
Kynjai Mylliem
Kynjai Mylliem Pred 2 dnevi
Which is better legion or 11ultra?
Eqoualizer Pred 2 dnevi
Huawei`s still better but you cant find the phones :( , A unique seller that i found in my country (gr) for a white mate 40 pro preferred friends to sell it ,telling me the box was screeched and they had to return it..
AJACE Pred 2 dnevi
I disagree. The s21 ultra is of higher quality in every detail, it will also last longer, with more dev platforms and integrations to it for any user. It's not just for the price point, but also for the company backing the phone.
Godzilla Pred 2 dnevi
Me: finally makes up his mind for the s21 ultra notifications: alright bro im here Me: ok *heads to **mi.com** instead of **samsung.com*
Autumn Pred 2 dnevi
China has come a long way, consider less than 30 years ago, most Chinese didn't even have a rotary home phone.
Rawdraft2 Pred dnevom
@aaron michael Cope harder American
aaron michael
aaron michael Pred 2 dnevi
Stolen intellectual property.
Renaldo Epps, D.RelC, CITRMS
Renaldo Epps, D.RelC, CITRMS Pred 2 dnevi
I loved the wet T-shirt part
Renaldo Epps, D.RelC, CITRMS
Renaldo Epps, D.RelC, CITRMS Pred 2 dnevi
this guy is so cute
Rasean Schuler
Rasean Schuler Pred 3 dnevi
Still no enough to say it much better but okay if it makes you feel better
Colorado Planes N’ Trains
Colorado Planes N’ Trains Pred 3 dnevi
I don't quite agree with a "killed" Samsung. You can't kill a brand (not easily at least). I looked at some camera comparisons (since the camera seems the main focus), and I prefered the S21 Ultra 9/10 times.
Istiaque Mahfuzur
Istiaque Mahfuzur Pred 3 dnevi
They really need to work on their software and camera optimisation.. It's bulky, bloated, adds are everywhere.. Interface is featureful, but not simple easy and smooth. Recently shiftted to OnePlus from Samsung. Previously used xiaomi.. OnePlus's Oxygen os is just the ui people would want.. it's simple, google features are highly integrated, and featureful but light.
Propopopa Pred 3 dnevi
0:58 did anyone else see it
Roppie VDAB
Roppie VDAB Pred 3 dnevi
I put my phone a lot upside down, cause the lights of the notifications can be really annoying and bright.
Country Boy88
Country Boy88 Pred 3 dnevi
S21 ultra is👍
Jinx Itty
Jinx Itty Pred 3 dnevi
The like sphynx exemplarily disapprove because shrine problematically sail save a chivalrous mary. parsimonious, wonderful fog
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