STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

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The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesecem
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taylor cooper
taylor cooper Pred dnevom
@Johan Andersson I linked him the same video. LOL I hope he sees it. I mean it's definitely a safe amount of radiation that he's been exposed to if that is the case, but still, should probably avoid them.
yoger ex
yoger ex Pred 3 dnevi
Haha It's same as how a cult or religion works.. just make believe a god by establishing fear
Johan Andersson
Johan Andersson Pred 4 dnevi
+Mrwhosetheboss be careful whit those sometimes they lace it whit thorium isotopes
Dorian Vdović
Dorian Vdović Pred 5 dnevi
there is something that i know its scam but it is so widely spread in EU that is unbeliveble... its called quantum diagnostics or sth like that... so my ex wife still believe this crap. problem is that ppl are scaming ppl not knowing dangers of it. so idea is there is a tech, that you put your name in it your informations and it tells you your health isues and it can cure you... before you had to hold on some sticks etc.... but now it works o far away.... so like i can heal you all away from croatia and charge you 200$ for it... check that out if you would like
Raccoon Vill
Raccoon Vill Pred 6 dnevi
You still owe me 37¢
Seppefire11 Lol
Seppefire11 Lol Pred uro
3:37 I’m surprised that he knows that curse
Chrome Dog
Chrome Dog Pred uro
Orgone energy was also followed by the motor racing driver Peter Brock. He tried to push an "orgone energy polariser" which improved your car's fuel performance, without ever being connected into the system.
Chrome Dog
Chrome Dog Pred 2 urami
With the right cloth, you can generated a nice static charge with that acrylic rod. That's about it. Who buys this stuff? People with no idea of how science works.
ACRekz Pred 2 urami
The sentinelese are know to kill anyone who gets near and theres only bern a few instances where that didn’t happen
Snay-gang Pred 6 urami
I hate cats I like perrot and snake
hueseph Pred 9 urami
Great channel man!
Raymond Guo
Raymond Guo Pred 10 urami
This is the problem with so-called Western freedom of speech or information, a load of ballock products that are outright scams, and no one being held accountable.
Glitchtrap Pred 12 urami
1:15 anyone knows what this music is?
Dante Pred 13 urami
11:35 it's cause of the band
Maurizio Giusti
Maurizio Giusti Pred 13 urami
William Reich has been BEFORE, all the horgone deliriums, a great psychologist. Well at some point, he got fucking crazy and.... You'll better check his life... Insane...
Jeyrick Salinas
Jeyrick Salinas Pred 14 urami
Why iPhone copy android wireless charging
RaytheonGaming ☑
RaytheonGaming ☑ Pred 15 urami
People are buying it because they are stupid and mentally ill. Undisputed facts
ÜniversalKöpüş Pred 16 urami
hey buddy do you gonna rickroll yourself with rick asthley body pillow?
Jakobus Pred 17 urami
that perscription on those items is the same as my mom says when im on the phone
Hemant Sharma
Hemant Sharma Pred 19 urami
LOL 9:55 Rick Astley body pillow
TwCustoms Pred 22 urami
I love when he smacked the "bar of soap" he put a disturbed intro into it 😂
The Dogo
The Dogo Pred 23 urami
noobs you are all noobs
madblade Pred dnevom
Because people are stupid, and stupid people would rather not keep their money.
TCW someone none
TCW someone none Pred dnevom
I think this is a plisebo effect and a scam
Simon Pred dnevom
There can often be fake reviews or ratings, especially on amazon. though there are actions being made to try to stop these fakes, don’t trust reviews 100%
Zach™ • 50 years ago
Zach™ • 50 years ago Pred dnevom
Placebo effect
Adnan Sabanovic
Adnan Sabanovic Pred dnevom
3:36 as if he didnt just kill the cameraman
Denny Roman
Denny Roman Pred dnevom
The wiggly bead neurophysiologically join because wind accidentally look pace a present port. amusing, evanescent wholesaler
Markus Klyver
Markus Klyver Pred dnevom
"Is it just me...or is 'CLENSE' meant to have an 'A' in it?"
Ondra Urban
Ondra Urban Pred dnevom
I saw some anti 5g lamps that claim they radiate negative5g and can negate it. And someone joking that if your neighbor gets another one then you need to get another router so you can balance it.
PunishedFelix Pred dnevom
Ah yes William Reich's Wild Ride...
MHA fan
MHA fan Pred dnevom
Mom has a Q-link tablet lol
Glipglop C137
Glipglop C137 Pred dnevom
😂 I can't believe there's not 1000 Potter heads complaining the avada kedavra light wasn't 🟩
BlockLuke_HD Pred dnevom
We just got conconut malled
Clementsia Pacquette
Clementsia Pacquette Pred dnevom
Rick astley body pillow..
Doggo Pred dnevom
someone help 5g is robbing my house
Frostiez_YTz Pred 2 dnevi
this just seems like those crazy excuses that your mom gives you. you're on your cElLaR dEvICe way too much you've been on it for 2 minutes gEt oFf rN
recycle, save the  Earth
recycle, save the Earth Pred 2 dnevi
This youtubers is a boss a tech boss
Kiwii Pred 2 dnevi
Im confused on how people come up with these reviews for these products
atlock34 Pred 2 dnevi
That thing you plug into the wall I have that It's in my bathroom Except it doesn't have a plug It's called soap
Luciana Garcia
Luciana Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
Me at the beginning: this is gonna be some orgone shit isn't it Me at 8:15: OF FUCKING COURSE
o o
o o Pred 2 dnevi
I can't wait for 6G... I'm gonna make bank..
João Tavares
João Tavares Pred 2 dnevi
Just a small correction... VCA Epstein Barr Virus isn't herpes (that would be VZV, HSV or HHV) but mononuchleosis instead 😝🙄😝
SEvan3737 Pred 2 dnevi
The worst part of these "health" products is that some of these are even laced with radioactive materials thorium to be exact. I'm not sure is all do but I saw this one video on it, now its now harmful as long as you don't breath it in. Be mindful what you buy people!
SEvan3737 Pred 2 dnevi
Also these other products don't work either.
M4dAf4ka Pred 2 dnevi
since early cell phones I remember these sticker-magnet thing that you put on your phone and "cancel" all the radiation. its nothing new.
Reaper Queen
Reaper Queen Pred 2 dnevi
My mother believes in some of these, and i fucking hate it, i cant even describe it, and then thinks people who study stuff that proves its wrong are stupid, not only that but my mothe also thinks she is a witch and has „powers“, i hate her
Will Kelly
Will Kelly Pred 2 dnevi
Join Qanon now and get you're Geoclense today!!!
AddictedToKpop Pred 2 dnevi
Harry Potter Weapons
Michael vales
Michael vales Pred 2 dnevi
Bro how does internet give u a head ache
DILLIGAF Dude Pred 2 dnevi
This is proof humans need to get away from technology for a while.
Darius Serepinas
Darius Serepinas Pred 2 dnevi
those guys are like not angry internet karens
Foxy Fox gaming
Foxy Fox gaming Pred 2 dnevi
My grandmother made everyone put these on our phones and the back of our TVs 👁👄👁
T Shelby
T Shelby Pred 2 dnevi
It's all bullshit
Fun Times
Fun Times Pred 2 dnevi
This whole video explains 2020 in a nutshell and why the cervesa sickness is being used by politicians.
laserad Pred 2 dnevi
people believe this bs no wonder there are virus skeptics claiming vaccines change dna
HamsterK1977 Pred 2 dnevi
The same people that would buy these products, are the same people that would buy a Chinese made "Freedom" Phone. 😆
CloudsGirl7 Pred 2 dnevi
"Like, who do they think we are?" That's just it: These products are the modern snake oil. They're aimed at suckers - particularly the kind that would be willing to burn down cell towers. WE're clearly not the target demographic. That saying is true; "A fool and his money are soon parted" - though I'm far from happy that the degenerates who sell this garbage are making a profit. Also; you win points from me for featuring a soundclip of my favorite band (Disturbed). I don't know where you can collect those points, or where or whether you can cash them in for anything, but they're yours if you can find them. (Wait, isn't THAT a scam...?)
Dude Facts
Dude Facts Pred 2 dnevi
Basically the truth is everyone's mom made an organisation to make their child think that mobile cause radiation 😂
ahsan yunus
ahsan yunus Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact: Negative charge is power Positive is no power this what it says means that there's no radiation around us but there is radiation.
nathan shorten
nathan shorten Pred 2 dnevi
Orgone Is literally just the force
Vanger48912 Pred 3 dnevi
It sells because most people are morons.
Ivan Leterror
Ivan Leterror Pred 3 dnevi
Compare this to the health product ads in 1900s magazines. They'll give these a run for their money any day. Can you say SNAKE OIL!
CanOfToast Pred 3 dnevi
If he thinks they're a scam just wait until he finds out people base their personalities on their birth month 🤯🤯
CanOfToast Pred 15 urami
@Cade-o (astrological signs)
Cade-o Pred dnevom
Counter-Attack Technology LLC
Counter-Attack Technology LLC Pred 3 dnevi
3G was ok, 4G was better, but 5G causes Covid and other illnesses? Come on man! These people are criminals.
Counter-Attack Technology LLC
Counter-Attack Technology LLC Pred 3 dnevi
I guess the fastest way to make money today is; buy a wedge, ring, or wand made of plastic, claim that it performs miracles, advertise it everywhere online, laugh all the way to the bank. If you get caught, make specious arguments and deny everything. Why don’t these companies get in trouble with the governmental authorities?
Brewergamer Pred 3 dnevi
I've seen groups on Facebook campaigning against 5G saying it's going to radiate us etc. Honestly if that's the case then we're all screwed anyways and your little Facebook protest isn't going to save you. Might as well continue living as normal lol
James McCreery
James McCreery Pred 3 dnevi
You're doing it all wrong. These things don't work on your round globe, they work exceptionally well on my flat earth disk....
Montgomery Fitzpatrick
Montgomery Fitzpatrick Pred 3 dnevi
Guess I have a 690 IQ as well, good to know
destroyer806 Pred 3 dnevi
The reviews are based on placebo effect
zainecooking123450 Pred 3 dnevi
im 43 seconds in but smh my head
Jeniuz Ok
Jeniuz Ok Pred 3 dnevi
My grandparents believe in this technology, in their bedroom there are one of these in each corner, and since we are in Asia inside the bucket they use to shower had one of those.
Zack 1
Zack 1 Pred 3 dnevi
sLEEPy Pred 3 dnevi
Well I don’t know how it’s like for all the “un-upside down” people, but here, in Australia, it 100% does not work. I cannot believe that people in my country are falling for this stupidity.
_ Unknown _
_ Unknown _ Pred 3 dnevi
Could just turn my phone off if it's the cause of my headaches witch never happen.
The Kittamers
The Kittamers Pred 3 dnevi
Ah yes. Existing gave me herpes
Chanh Vo
Chanh Vo Pred 3 dnevi
10:44 apple start sweating profusely
Tanishka Priyadarshi
Tanishka Priyadarshi Pred 3 dnevi
Why are they acting like my mom less the selling their part Me : Mom I am having a headache My Mom : That because of that damn phone Me :🥲🥲
macpwn Pred 3 dnevi
As an Australian, I am so sorry.
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar Pred 3 dnevi
As a Brit, I am also so sorry for my ancestors creating Australia
TheRevX Pred 3 dnevi
Am I the only one noticing the music at 1:14 is from Mario Kart Wii?
Y337 n3ss
Y337 n3ss Pred 3 dnevi
3:35 correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the Avada Kedavra spell green when cast?
CardboardLord Pred 4 dnevi
Tell me this: does a Himalayan salt lamp actually work?
ZENON Pred 4 dnevi
J& J
J& J Pred 4 dnevi
lol he be lookin for rick ashley body pillow
Quintain Smith
Quintain Smith Pred 4 dnevi
I can't believe this guy has an IQ of 690 the test he did does not lie
ViliusLux Pred 4 dnevi
So if I just stay in my nerd hole I'm safe?
Patrik Markebro
Patrik Markebro Pred 4 dnevi
So damn good an right!
beanman102 Pred 4 dnevi
7:13 “pay attention to me hooman”
The Roblox Podcast
The Roblox Podcast Pred 4 dnevi
9:55 Hmm... Why are you ordering that?? [SHORTHAX was the first person I saw to comment this, Credit goes to them I also saw that] XDXDXXDXDXDXDXD
Edmund Wisell
Edmund Wisell Pred 4 dnevi
The wide-eyed representative increasingly consider because soda frequently disagree anenst a rigid cat. hilarious, itchy grey
General Fat seal
General Fat seal Pred 4 dnevi
Most Things that say they are not radioactive probably means it’s the same as other products or radioactive with thorium something that is really radioactive maybe close to uranium radioactive
Jason Canfield
Jason Canfield Pred 4 dnevi
9:55 oh my God lol Rick Astley body pillow
Peter Mentor
Peter Mentor Pred 4 dnevi
why would anyone give this video a thumbs down? They must be crazy or have some of these products. It's like the story of the Emperor's new clothes!
Brenda Madden
Brenda Madden Pred 4 dnevi
Always Bolt the Bird
Always Bolt the Bird Pred 4 dnevi
"don't even think about throwing that". I really wanted to see a microwave fly across the room haha
Always Bolt the Bird
Always Bolt the Bird Pred dnevom
@Harry Nicholas more like Aurun goes off the back of the chair and just mumbles curse words on the floor
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas Pred dnevom
would it go "ping" as it clipped him on the temple?
badc gsdhh
badc gsdhh Pred 4 dnevi
The stimulating makeup jelly slow because sunday timely applaud apropos a obsolete pedestrian. dapper, envious flute
n r
n r Pred 4 dnevi
This channel is the best of its kind
nickacelvn Pred 4 dnevi
3:44 Sir, you underestimate the sheer mindless stupidity of the vast majority of people. Obviously, I mean look at the sales of this crap. Good to see that they are allowed to sell it, for your safety!
proud weeb
proud weeb Pred 4 dnevi
Sound like item that karen would buy
Oliver Edwards
Oliver Edwards Pred 4 dnevi
Coconut mall let’s goooo
Rakin Absar Ratul
Rakin Absar Ratul Pred 4 dnevi
I think 90% of the buyer are SLus reveiwer
jow Pred 4 dnevi
The people who reviewed it experienced some sort of placebo effect.
CrypticAsterisk Pred 4 dnevi
Just a heads up: there is a slight possibility that these products may be radioactive. I'm dead serious. While a lot of these "ionic cleanser" type products are just plastic and simply designed with fooling antivax Facebook mom's in mind, there has been a trend with a lot of these products containing Thorium and being harmfully radioactive. The Thought Emporium has done a couple of videos showcasing this.
TaranTatsuuchi Pred 4 dnevi
At least it wasn't like the other video where the products had actual radioactive dust in them...
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