Unboxing the next OnePlus phone - World Exclusive!

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Full Unboxing of the new OnePlus Nord CE - including a Jet, a sports car and a couple of extra surprises! (Sponsored by OnePlus, all opinions are my own). Experience OnePlus Nord CE 5G from £299/€299 at onepl.us/EarlyAccess , & join their Core Sales offer to receive early delivery from 14th June!

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesecem
Very different to my usual videos, but hope you enjoyed this one! Couple of notes: 1. The final edit of this was done by us, but the original cut was done by a team hired by OnePlus, hence the audio sounding a bit different, and the quality being 1080p instead of our usual 4k. 2. This resolution isn’t doing the Nord’s camera too much justice, it IS good for the price. 3. The box does also come with a pretty nice clear case, but this part of the unboxing was chopped. 4. This video was sponsored, but my condition was that all opinions remain my own
NeoZ Pred 3 dnevi
5. You've got a surprisingly high-pitched voice lol
Pritesh Ruthun
Pritesh Ruthun Pred 14 dnevi
The Lambo suits you, bro. Get one in Nero.
Art Buena
Art Buena Pred 17 dnevi
I enjoy it very much together with your falsetto voice. Its really hilarious😁😁
Buzb3 Pred 18 dnevi
One of my favorite videos, I love how it stands out😁
danish dhar
danish dhar Pred 19 dnevi
Camera Comparison of sharp aquous r6 and s21 ultra
Ashwin Menon
Ashwin Menon Pred uro
This reminds me of the Key and Peele episode of the substitute air news reporter slus.info/name/video/doh5ip2paIWom8Q.html
Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber
Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber Pred dnevom
“Im not going to ask you you are driving” smart move LOL
Kashish Yuvraj Jain
Kashish Yuvraj Jain Pred dnevom
Please review one plus Nord 2
Darius Han
Darius Han Pred 2 dnevi
Totally oversold & overrated.
f e l i x
f e l i x Pred 2 dnevi
Watch the one Plus amb at the end when @Mrwhosetheboss gets up at the end of the conversation...
Tahsin Alam
Tahsin Alam Pred 2 dnevi
I love the way he says, BLOODY HELL!
Rikesh Shrestha
Rikesh Shrestha Pred 2 dnevi
Nord 2 review?
Clyd3Gam3s Pred 2 dnevi
Fldywlyavagahahahahahahah i wish everyone is rich
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
That would suck because money would lose value
MrHopps Pred 2 dnevi
His Voice Shifts to either Super Mario or an Old Granny whenever the plane Flips
Saif Abulibdeh
Saif Abulibdeh Pred 2 dnevi
Watching this with OnePlus Nord ce 5g 😉
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
Is it out in America yet? I havent seen one for usd
Burssty Pred 3 dnevi
that's not a jet, that's a prop plane
Gem Iñigo
Gem Iñigo Pred 3 dnevi
EXTREEEEME! 😁 . . . *unboxing* 😏👌
Notcliaire Pred 3 dnevi
I thought it was that boy who was going to win it🤣🤣🤣
ShinyBruda Pred 3 dnevi
He turned into a pidgeon when he went upside down
Whiskey Delta 40
Whiskey Delta 40 Pred 3 dnevi
bloody hell! -Ron Weasley
Hitmondle Pred 5 dnevi
1:39 HE is alíin
Eesh Pred 5 dnevi
this is too cute 😂
Divinia Girl
Divinia Girl Pred 6 dnevi
Arun inventing his own language when plane films getting new words🤣
Roldy Bangzz
Roldy Bangzz Pred 7 dnevi
Just imagine the amount of money Google paid this guy for this..... He literally shot this video on a plane.... Why? Made a deal with Google. Mario and I "wooohh hoo" azz dude 😂 😂
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
This isnt google, this is oneplus
Roldy Bangzz
Roldy Bangzz Pred 7 dnevi
What do you think stands out about your phone? I well its... Not good at this.... neither it's too bad at that... Just buy it... It'll be mediocre and shi., te, but you know... the day to day experience: just basic gold standard sh1.te for which I can't even find words... Only... Mid range... Standard... 😂 😂 😂 And all of you are fraking t.wats... this guy doesn't even know technology past his bedroom setup to draw young humans into his basement.
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
I mean in your other comment you said google is paying him so idk what you know. Also wtf why are you commenting while having a stroke
Pancaketheninja Pred 7 dnevi
Nice place to film and unboxing. But which place did you go? A glider park?
Arav G Upadhyay
Arav G Upadhyay Pred 7 dnevi
Never knew Arun sounds so much like Simba 😂 😂 😂
Erroras_ Pred 8 dnevi
Plot twist: the pilot is doing all these stunts, to shut Arun up
Zacky Pred 8 dnevi
May be you should add this to fail list. I mean your video.
Techy Kid
Techy Kid Pred 8 dnevi
bLoOdY hElL
Bluey Pred 8 dnevi
of course the shade changes that's how light works
dm nahid
dm nahid Pred 9 dnevi
Where is ur "Mask" 😑
Ciaran McKenzie
Ciaran McKenzie Pred 9 dnevi
The dude driving the plane was completely messing with you
Aryan Mn
Aryan Mn Pred 9 dnevi
This is his Rick rolls karma 😂
Varad Kotnala
Varad Kotnala Pred 9 dnevi
Simply put,money gets into head easily. This kind of show was entertaining but not required.
Bhavana Podala
Bhavana Podala Pred 9 dnevi
Which is u r favourite phone arun
Eric Chico
Eric Chico Pred 10 dnevi
After seeing videos like this slus.info/name/video/qXydiZK8bKyaeJU.html it really gave me anxiety seeing him hold that thing right next to an open window in the plane.
WedMoke Pred 10 dnevi
His soothing regular voice gets jacked up a few notches when the jet goes up or spins upside down
Hshdss13 Pred 10 dnevi
"while this jet gets faster and faster" Arun, sitting in a turboprop plane which is not a jet.
AmirBeer Pred 11 dnevi
Come on… you say that tech channels that take sponsored mobile videos can’t really be trusted and yet you do an entire sponsored video of this phone acting COMPLETELY different then how you usually do. Plus you don’t even mention in the video it’s sponsored. It seems extremely shady and mot at all something you would do. I’m disappointed in you man :/
AmirBeer Pred 21 uro
@Lulu Howell he said if a tech reviewer takes a sponsor of the phone he is reviewing then it can’t really be trusted because the company has full control on what he can say (which I completely agree with) and now he’s out here doing mobile sponsored reviews. Just doesn’t sit well with me
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
When did he say sponsered channels cant be trusted? That was fake reveiws. It doesnt mean all, it means more then u think.
Ramakrishnan G
Ramakrishnan G Pred 11 dnevi
@mrwhosetheboss can you please provide your review on nord 2 5G and Reno6 Pro
bigbrain 10
bigbrain 10 Pred 12 dnevi
That pilots has a nice ass car
Moritz Hüttenrauch
Moritz Hüttenrauch Pred 12 dnevi
When he entered the car i though Wrong door man! But i realised he's from uk😂
Karthikeya Karthi
Karthikeya Karthi Pred 12 dnevi
One word about OnePlus Nord ce: money-waste
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
Aaryaman Narang
Aaryaman Narang Pred 12 dnevi
Nord 2 review pls
me is cat
me is cat Pred 12 dnevi
Never heard him scream like that.
Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past Pred 12 dnevi
His voice: 📉📈📉📈📉
LeonZoc Pred 13 dnevi
why on a plane lol
Simplistic Pred 13 dnevi
We all know that lombo belongs to arun right?
M0on9 Pred 13 dnevi
Innovative, Fast, Lasting.
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
It does everything except those.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 13 dnevi
2:28 I laughed so hard when he moaned
Rizwan Pred 13 dnevi
Review btane tum plane pe chadh gye... Wahaan behind***d
Azim Shaik
Azim Shaik Pred 13 dnevi
did you buy lamborghini??
Sabbir Ahmad
Sabbir Ahmad Pred 13 dnevi
Holy bruh!
AMAZON Indialimited
AMAZON Indialimited Pred 14 dnevi
This is the craziest unboxing ever I had seen!!!!
Ria Benjamin
Ria Benjamin Pred 14 dnevi
3:31 Imagine someone just lends you their Lamborghini 😂😂
Mr. Indra Muhammad
Mr. Indra Muhammad Pred 14 dnevi
0:54 man's screaming
diatonicdissonance Pred 15 dnevi
Rochie Labradores
Rochie Labradores Pred 15 dnevi
Give aways pls
Lulu Howell
Lulu Howell Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine going to someone and asking for 350 dollars
BasicRoot Pred 15 dnevi
Man that's sad that it's earth world exclusive, guess I'll have to move away from mars...
Jacob Nunya
Jacob Nunya Pred 16 dnevi
OnePlus really wining an dining.
Cpmnk Pred 16 dnevi
Seems really forced
Kris K
Kris K Pred 16 dnevi
Jet? You may want to recheck the engine.
Caden Vaz
Caden Vaz Pred 17 dnevi
Me: Phone it's ok but the plane skin though 🔥
Ronald Fajarito
Ronald Fajarito Pred 17 dnevi
You sound like mickey mouse
AFriD Pred 17 dnevi
Am I gonna get rickrolled
Michael Fedorsha
Michael Fedorsha Pred 17 dnevi
did he just refer to this as a jet?
Sakib Ishrak
Sakib Ishrak Pred 17 dnevi
The phone isn't really that great
Marygrace xbox
Marygrace xbox Pred 18 dnevi
I was just waiting for him to say "Super Mario Brothers 2"
Phîłîp Pred 18 dnevi
Watching this makes me wonder if he really is a man
L-au Atlk
L-au Atlk Pred 18 dnevi
Mid-range killer with 90hz display.
延宇畏【SUPERBRY】 Pred 18 dnevi
I think the fan was laughing nonstop because she saw Arun screaming in the plane before the phone delivery
Matej River Nazaretský, The Vegan God Of Water
Matej River Nazaretský, The Vegan God Of Water Pred 18 dnevi
UnlyDoors4U Pred 18 dnevi
lol nice review , but the pilot likes scaring u with sudden flips
Arpan D'Rozario
Arpan D'Rozario Pred 19 dnevi
0:27 As an aviation enthusiast and a huge fan of his channel, him calling this plane a *jet* kills me from inside.
Shaurya Pred dnevom
Mrtz Mdbr
Mrtz Mdbr Pred 19 dnevi
Not a jet!!
Kenji Pred 19 dnevi
Damn Arun is so scared
Yoseph woldesenbet
Yoseph woldesenbet Pred 19 dnevi
I subscribed i even liked all of your videos Please i need a phone even iPhone 6 or whatever
Amit Chari
Amit Chari Pred 19 dnevi
Are u coming to goa I'm looking forward ......😳
MJ PK Pred 21 dnevom
Clever one + team. Now that you sat on that mini n getting shit out of it. You are bound to give only +ve points 😂
Mokrani Abdlaziz
Mokrani Abdlaziz Pred 21 dnevom
Good video ☺️📸
Dead Man
Dead Man Pred 21 dnevom
Holy Bruh
Soul Breacher
Soul Breacher Pred 21 dnevom
I started loving this phone after I just wen phone hunting for something with enough ram to upgrade proof me for about 5 years....and at around 400 usd ( amazon ofcourse)....I wouldn't mind getting it
Rapid Pred 21 dnevom
Peace Peace
Peace Peace Pred 21 dnevom
One of the best and funny phone review. Keep bring it up new way of review. 👍
Evil Gaming
Evil Gaming Pred 22 dnevi
What is that Voice time 1:20
shawn-d -_-
shawn-d -_- Pred 22 dnevi
He be sounding like Mickey Mouse
Ott Kristjan
Ott Kristjan Pred 22 dnevi
The situation: casual talking The plane: turns Arun: *bbh intensifies*
Vid lol hive
Vid lol hive Pred 22 dnevi
Pilot be like now tell me Mrehosetrboss?😂😂
Nøxturn Pred 24 dnevi
"Holy bruh"
biddy bab
biddy bab Pred 24 dnevi
And number 5 is the prIIIICCCCEEE LMAO
EARNEST S Pred 24 dnevi
One plus nord ce review video plz
shafi ks
shafi ks Pred 24 dnevi
I am ordered from Amazon 🤩
Lennard Pred 24 dnevi
OnePlus Oxygen sucks these days cuz of bugs and optimization
Alice The Idiot
Alice The Idiot Pred 25 dnevi
This is next level
Torpanic Pred 25 dnevi
"You wanna know what my favourite thing is? Its the screen" *second later* "WOAHH OOOH OOAHHA"
Atronicks Pred 25 dnevi
All I needed in this was the headphone jack
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Pred 25 dnevi
Poco F3 still better deal. Pass.
Eye See You
Eye See You Pred 26 dnevi
Question : when are android folks going to make a decent 5 inch device that can fit in our pockets without looking like an extra limb? I wear suits at work and i dont like iPhone. 6.5 inch is not an option at all
King of The Domain of Fire Dragons
King of The Domain of Fire Dragons Pred 26 dnevi
Ah yes, the girlish scream, absolutely funny
Hans Bernaldo
Hans Bernaldo Pred 26 dnevi
Love this!
Jimmy Kudo
Jimmy Kudo Pred 26 dnevi
There should be a durability test. At the end of the video you should drop the One Plus Nord CE at that height before landing and see if it still working..
I. Aviatov
I. Aviatov Pred 27 dnevi
I failed to find a "JET" in the video. Airplane maybe?
BINEESH C Pred 27 dnevi
Can you please gift me a phone pleeeaaase
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