Vivo X60 Pro Plus - This is getting Ridiculous! 😂

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Unboxing and my top 10 interesting things about the Vivo X60 Pro+, including cameras, performance, and more...but mostly cameras lol
Thanks to Vivo for sponsoring this video!

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 2 meseci
Once you've watched the video, what's your favourite feature / anything you'd love to see come to other phones? 😁 To check out my OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Comparison:
subodha Prabhath
subodha Prabhath Pred 3 dnevi
Plzz take me a phone
Odelola Tojumi
Odelola Tojumi Pred 6 dnevi
I like this guy !!!!
Odelola Tojumi
Odelola Tojumi Pred 6 dnevi
It just killed samsung at everything
melondell l
melondell l Pred 28 dnevi
I would love to see a beautiful phone with great camera, minimalist design for people who don't use phones except for calls, messaging, texting and internet. Maybe low graphic games like mahjong, chess etc. And, make it cost under 500US please thank you very much.
Swapnil Dhal
Swapnil Dhal Pred 28 dnevi
That's what she said 😀😂😂
Adam Valkoššák
Adam Valkoššák Pred 5 urami
How can you catch the phone like that in the intro .. i would be scared as hell 🤣
Weekend-Street Pred 8 urami
He does good phone reviews...but when he destroyed those 3 brand new Iphones it didn't sit too well with me.
MD. Oaliul Hasan
MD. Oaliul Hasan Pred 9 urami
1:19 Thats what she said :3
Fearless Pred 16 urami
Hi mrwhoestheboss... I need a little help from you... I am preparing for UPSC exam.. and I am in a utter need of an ipad for this... I know this is not a way to ask favour ...but I am completely helpless and want to study, but I am unable to since it requires a lot of investment and I belong to a middle class family and they think such things are not necessary for studies but they don't understand how much it would help me... I promise you I will repay every penny once I become an IAS... you may not even see this comment but I just wanted to try it out anyways... iPad will make me take notes and store them very easily so that I can revise it whenever I can it will make my online learning experience pretty good... If you have any ipad that you don't use please giveit away to me... I will be forever greatful and will definitely return the money back.🙏
Kanak Roy Chowdhury
Kanak Roy Chowdhury Pred 18 urami
Unboxing your channel best phone forever
XeiDaMoKa !
XeiDaMoKa ! Pred dnevom
me still awating for vivo apex 2020 with my lg wing on hands xD
edmund zed
edmund zed Pred dnevom
Can you make a video with it or are video's time limited?
Spotlight Scenes
Spotlight Scenes Pred dnevom
Simba is swahili word for a lion. I thought you should know
Richie Jesus Coelho
Richie Jesus Coelho Pred dnevom
2015: we have awesome phones on which we can use a decent camera 2021:we have awsome cameras on which we can use a decent phone
X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii Pred dnevom
it better have a headphone jack with fm radio(headphone wire is used as antenna) and sd card slot
Jeremia Oliver
Jeremia Oliver Pred dnevom
WUD?? Someday maybe all smartphone put this thing like... Vivo x70z pro plus max ultra premium fold premiere 5G+ 16GB+16GB RAM 😭
Jejak Peranti
Jejak Peranti Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly i REALLY love like impress this vivo X60pro+..But I DONT LIKE DESIGN CURVE ON THE SIDE LEFT N RIGHT😓😓😓
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker Pred 2 dnevi
The blue leather back version which you apparently have goes for $1200 USD with warning to check for compatibility with carrier before ordering. With Snapdragon chip should work in US, but check first.
unqusiuf Pred 2 dnevi
This takes "a camera with a phone" way too seriously.
mucherla vasavi
mucherla vasavi Pred 2 dnevi
Do a Q&A
King's gaming                  updating channel...
King's gaming updating channel... Pred 3 dnevi
Wow this phone is so cool
King's gaming                  updating channel...
King's gaming updating channel... Pred 3 dnevi
And my phone just broke so this will surely be my next one. Yay
Chinmay Bapat
Chinmay Bapat Pred 3 dnevi
Your thumbnails, content, style of delivery and funny gimmicks are getting boring and sometimes ridiculous. I'm really sad saying this since I've been following your channel since 2015.
Chinmay Bapat
Chinmay Bapat Pred 3 dnevi
The reason why most companies do not add that level of customisation is because it's a gimmick, unnecessary, and clutters the settings even more in these really bad UI like MIUI and Funtouch OS. It's really bad.
Orlando Chaves
Orlando Chaves Pred 3 dnevi
water proof ?
Liron Jaden Samuels
Liron Jaden Samuels Pred 12 urami
Mehnaz Akbar
Mehnaz Akbar Pred 3 dnevi
Do u have 2 cats simba and ------
Liron Jaden Samuels
Liron Jaden Samuels Pred 12 urami
Kresimir Rusak
Kresimir Rusak Pred 3 dnevi
In my country, I can't buy that phone from the provider or in the shop. So on e-bay...I don't know! :(
Петър Петров
Петър Петров Pred 3 dnevi
I am impressed
dead chris bounce
dead chris bounce Pred 3 dnevi
This won't be available in US? Think I missed that part.
Nabil Anan
Nabil Anan Pred 3 dnevi
I'm using Asus Zenfone Max 3 for 4 years now. This one looks like the one I need next. Would you like to sell the used Vivo X60 pro plus brother ? I needed one :3 I fell in love with this one :3
jordi4384 Pred 3 dnevi
Great phone!
Pictainment Pred 3 dnevi
i dont like that i cant use 4k video on the periscope lens. All other Flagships even 2020 Flagships can do this.
Om Babu
Om Babu Pred 3 dnevi
Video Title is Really funny😂😂😂
Miro Vinac
Miro Vinac Pred 4 dnevi
Chinese phone is good but still Samsung is the best. I am not Samsung's fan at all (in fact I despise them) but they currently are one of the best out there. Best displays, fast chipsets, nice lookers and very solid cameras. And please Aaron, could you be little less gay-ish?
Outta Here.
Outta Here. Pred 3 dnevi
the fuck bro gayish?
Jimmy Ibrahim
Jimmy Ibrahim Pred 4 dnevi
Vivo is future smartphone overtaken Samsung and iPhone
Innernoob1234 Pred 4 dnevi
My family is filled with vivo
Mohd Nazam Anuar
Mohd Nazam Anuar Pred 4 dnevi
Nice phone, whats happened to your eyes?
veekee75 Pred 4 dnevi
One day we will have "pro plus ultra" version.
Adrian Hosein
Adrian Hosein Pred 4 dnevi
What a PHONE!!!! that camera is the BEST camera I've ever seen on a phone :o
Mohit Attri
Mohit Attri Pred 5 dnevi
Best camera phone in the world???
Md mynul Islam
Md mynul Islam Pred 5 dnevi
Small but mighty. That's what she said
Catalaya Pred 5 dnevi
does someone know where I can buy this phone?? I live in Europe Thankss xx
Catalaya Pred 16 urami
@Elie News et Tech Thankyou so much for answering❤
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 5 dnevi
As for myself TRANDING SHENZEN the price is 735€ right now
Win Btw
Win Btw Pred 5 dnevi
ScootaKuH Pred 5 dnevi
"That's not what she said" ;)
Sayan Ghosh
Sayan Ghosh Pred 5 dnevi
After seeing this, iphone is DEFINITELY PRIMITIVE
Mike C
Mike C Pred 5 dnevi
6:53 what are you talking about? the image on the right looks much better...
mario rivas
mario rivas Pred 6 dnevi
jammychap Pred 6 dnevi
Ha ha, I love your videos, no that was not meat and I have to know when you catch the phones, how many takes did it take to actually catch them lol
kiran Pred 6 dnevi
The dust on my phone shows like stars on my phone on every video I play
Ali Shan
Ali Shan Pred 7 dnevi
Really impressed. I'd say that's the best camera feature I've seen on any phone, period.
Daniel C
Daniel C Pred 7 dnevi
Where can I buy this?
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 5 dnevi
As for myself TRANDING SHENZEN the price is 735€ right now
cthrekgoru Pred 7 dnevi
After Cat appeared, phone became second impressive thing...
Raviar Rzgar
Raviar Rzgar Pred 7 dnevi
Thank you soo much , bro i love you you are the best 😍😍
Riza Fachry Nasrullah
Riza Fachry Nasrullah Pred 7 dnevi
i've just surprisingly enjoy watch 9 mnt of advertisement
Farhat ullah Khan
Farhat ullah Khan Pred 7 dnevi
So guys what do u think which One is better S21 ultra or vivo x60+ except zoom quality
The_Solo_Karina Pred 7 dnevi
Wow camera
Manoj Rajput
Manoj Rajput Pred 7 dnevi
u only told about camera😡
Greg Moore
Greg Moore Pred 7 dnevi
Looks like a great phone. Im going to buy it.... I've been wanting something as good as, but not samsung... samsung customer service so will never buy anything samsung again... Love the animation customisation and camera 👏👏👏
Parashar Athawale
Parashar Athawale Pred 7 dnevi
Dude, can you compare this with Mi 11 ultra
Elif Elma
Elif Elma Pred 7 dnevi
How much does it cost
Yong Ji
Yong Ji Pred 8 dnevi
definitely gonna buy it 😍 miss the old y53 vivo and i jump to ios. but when i see this. make me want to use back again 🥰❤️
Pixel KING
Pixel KING Pred 8 dnevi
Wow 😳 now for me it's either Pixel 6 Pro or the Vivo x60 Pro damn they are doing a good job I'm surprised they are not in the TOP #3 for camera tech Behind Samsung
Pixel KING
Pixel KING Pred 8 dnevi
DAMN BOY Vivo I had to stop the video good Video beautiful ❤️ I hope that was not using a fisheye lens because of we know how some y'all SLusr s do add fisheye lens to the camera and then we don't get the same effect
MaximilianoP Pred 8 dnevi
Is this phone going to be released in europe?
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 5 dnevi
No, but you can find an international version
Drop the Bomb's
Drop the Bomb's Pred 8 dnevi
I bought this phone and sold it same day one of the worst phone ever way to slowwwww
Doug BM
Doug BM Pred 8 dnevi
Massive sensor! 😂
Majestic Khan
Majestic Khan Pred 9 dnevi
No the best phone is recorded is best xr beast
Ridzwan Sahaidi
Ridzwan Sahaidi Pred 9 dnevi
Take my money
Etudes Us
Etudes Us Pred 10 dnevi
This phone is shitty .
rofiqi musa
rofiqi musa Pred 10 dnevi
Petar Pavlić
Petar Pavlić Pred 10 dnevi
Fantastična prezentacija kao i sam mobitel - jedva čekam za usporedbu prezentacije naših hrvatskih mob influencera
Mukid Mehedi
Mukid Mehedi Pred 10 dnevi
5:33 .... And Thank You....🙃🙃🤣
cristian cristian
cristian cristian Pred 11 dnevi
flaghip,but no update
Alex Pred 11 dnevi
When is the release date for the UK
The Boss
The Boss Pred 11 dnevi
Are you trying to say Samsung image stabilization can withstand aggressive shaking without showing aggressive movement on the video shoots? As compared to the Vivo gimble tech? I'm waiting for Samsung to do what they usually do, rush into copying someone's idea and slapping it imperfectly on their next model and selling rich screen colour profiles and body design and clean launchers as the marketing point.. hopefully with the usual bloatware which I keep seeing new types of bloatwares from time to time..😂😂😂😂 money is well spent 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 12 dnevi
You are the best man Between this one and the mi 11 ultra Aaron ?
Hrishikesh Rayasa
Hrishikesh Rayasa Pred 12 dnevi
LMAO He Rick Rolled us while showing Autofocus!!! @Mrwhostheboss!!! Good one!
Melvin Ochinang
Melvin Ochinang Pred 12 dnevi
what about its price?
Behram Cooper
Behram Cooper Pred 12 dnevi
Does it have Google? Or is Huawei the only brand dumped by Google. Unfortunately this one is still not available in Australia.
Safia Pred 13 dnevi
Bought last week, still don't know where to put my headphone 🎧
Noth ing
Noth ing Pred 11 dnevi
Lol 😂🤣🤣🤣 It hasn't 3mm headphone jack. It's vivo x60 pro. You have to use type c headphone jack adapter..
John Co
John Co Pred 13 dnevi
Between Vivo and Oppo, which is better?
Gian Run
Gian Run Pred 12 dnevi
@Aditya Pratap Chakraborty lmao not oneplus. the most dissappointing one out of the bbk group for the past 2 years
Aditya Pratap Chakraborty
Aditya Pratap Chakraborty Pred 13 dnevi
out of the bbk group oneplus is the best
Bhanu Uday
Bhanu Uday Pred 13 dnevi
Sheesh, I hate cats. Unsubscribed
Identity Secret
Identity Secret Pred 13 dnevi
What is ridiculous man? It is amazing phone imo
This is how OnePlus could build a flagship and still be a flagship killer
Oliver Deaño
Oliver Deaño Pred 14 dnevi
Argh! You make me wanna buy it!!
Jimmy Ibrahim
Jimmy Ibrahim Pred 14 dnevi
Vivo in the future is top notch smartphone.
Henry Le Roux 3
Henry Le Roux 3 Pred 14 dnevi
Wow that is a smart phone
Annie Ing
Annie Ing Pred 14 dnevi
Haha..i just see the camera behind i want laugh ady.😂 so funny so big even i knw this is for camera phone
colin lincoln
colin lincoln Pred 15 dnevi
The #9 Customization features were already available on the Vivo V11 which I'm using. It's a three or four year old phone.
AudioPhile HIFI Music
AudioPhile HIFI Music Pred 15 dnevi
does the camera comes with manual mode? like 30s long exposure?
AudioPhile HIFI Music
AudioPhile HIFI Music Pred 13 dnevi
@Elie News et Tech thanks
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 13 dnevi
Yes it got ones and it has special modes like super moon, long exposure and more...
Flord 77
Flord 77 Pred 15 dnevi
Im not fans of vivo but i bought vivo x60 pro and its great only the batery too low
The normal Gamer
The normal Gamer Pred 15 dnevi
At 2:30 you can see the mysterious meat theif at his finest
Lawson Hellu
Lawson Hellu Pred 16 dnevi
Imagine considering 6.5 inches "small"...
missing1person Pred 16 dnevi
Saurabh Dubey
Saurabh Dubey Pred 16 dnevi
U r legend ❤️🔥😱
Kamal Kamali
Kamal Kamali Pred 16 dnevi
If it's that good why sponsor the video? why not just send it for a review!?
LIVELY Pred 17 dnevi
I want this.
Catalaya Pred 17 dnevi
does anyone know where I can online buy on a legit site this phone? I live in the netherlands, europe? Thankyou in advance for asnwering xx
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 12 dnevi
Trading Shenzhen
melvin asogu
melvin asogu Pred 17 dnevi
VIVO's been on the money with their phones lately Quality phone again
Naing Oo
Naing Oo Pred 17 dnevi
sad thing is can only watch the video of a phone that I can't never have.
RNDLDVL Pred 17 dnevi
8:30 that camera glass scratch
J B Pred 18 dnevi
Looking forward for X70 Pro Plus with 5,000 mah battery, Dual stereo speakers, 1440p res, 6.7" screen, Matte finish glass back, IP68 rating, Wireless charging, a much better front camera and upgraded back cameras, etc.
Yogesh Pandey
Yogesh Pandey Pred 18 dnevi
Kindly do a full depth review video of X60 Pro Plus.
Eyz Gaming
Eyz Gaming Pred 18 dnevi
Austin S.
Austin S. Pred 19 dnevi
Where. Do. I. Purchase. THIS!!!!!!! I'm afraid of being scammed online. Please !
Elie News et Tech
Elie News et Tech Pred 12 dnevi
Trading Shenzhen
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