What happened to Beats by Dre?

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Beats by Dr Dre used to be a worldwide phenomenon, but then Apple got involved...
Do I regret switching to an iPhone?: slus.info/name/video/dqN9p4aUa52sdJk.html
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 5 meseci
So this is pretty much my first non-smartphone related video in over a year! I'm trying something new, so would love some feedback if anything comes to mind! 🙏 For my last video about whether I regret moving to an iPhone: slus.info/name/video/dqN9p4aUa52sdJk.html
Hussar Pred 7 dnevi
Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon
Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon Pred 7 dnevi
never a je-fone 4 me!.
Alex B.
Alex B. Pred 15 dnevi
nothing. those were always PIECE OF POOO
fur gisson
fur gisson Pred 18 dnevi
when beats came out they promised to be studio standard headphones. when in fact they were average sounding (not bad headphones). I have always used AKG up until recent years. The idea that beats are studio standard headphones is just a marketing strategy that in the end doesn't work, when real producers simply stay away from them.
aaddvvnnttrr Pred 20 dnevi
Garbage plastic material
memeur Pred 2 urami
Me wearing beats watching this
Lee L.
Lee L. Pred 5 urami
lol this reminds me of how Beats users were laughing at me for using a Sony back around 2013 How the tides have turned
dreambug Pred 8 urami
So apple just steals everything from everyone thsi is why I hate them ong
RX7821979 Pred 22 urami
Sony is laughing their ass off 🤣
Glippidy Pred dnevom
So it's samsung with akg but they do even less because the beats headphones were already bad
Justjustin Grappige filmpjes
Justjustin Grappige filmpjes Pred dnevom
I'm watching this with a beats laptop!.!
Creeper Nation
Creeper Nation Pred 2 dnevi
I got beats
Ethan Montgomery
Ethan Montgomery Pred 2 dnevi
Hi I’m gonna record my voice can I sync in my Bluetooth
Kritish Dookhoo
Kritish Dookhoo Pred 2 dnevi
Before Beat by Dre there was JBL, and what do you know, after Beats by Dre there still is JBL. Anyone who likes good sound knew that Beats by Dre was just an accessory. The sound from it wasn't very impressive. JBL was and still is a good budget Headphone and they also have their high end headphones also. In my experience, JBL has the best quality sound.
legend 360
legend 360 Pred 2 dnevi
love the outro music
Plasma Globe
Plasma Globe Pred 3 dnevi
God I fucking hate beats, and really any product only meant for showing-off. It's annoying that people think their airpods and beats are better than sennheiser, hifiman or even V-MODA just because they're more expensive or look better. Headphones are for listening to music, NOT wearing around your neck; buy a fucking necklace if that's what you're looking for.
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Pred 3 dnevi
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Mr M
Mr M Pred 3 dnevi
What the thumbnail says: Oh dear. What I saw: Bh dear
ShadowX the vampire Official
ShadowX the vampire Official Pred 3 dnevi
Why would Dre let this happen? Beats had so much potential. It could have made popular products worth the price instead of ripping people off with hype.
Mr.technology Silva
Mr.technology Silva Pred 3 dnevi
I have an hp laptop with beats audio
Matondo Azabojo
Matondo Azabojo Pred 4 dnevi
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Infinite Pred 5 dnevi
Indeed The Boss
Ferdousi Begum
Ferdousi Begum Pred 5 dnevi
Apple is a JerK
Gus634 Pred 6 dnevi
I’m listening this on beats.
ayanda kumwenda
ayanda kumwenda Pred 6 dnevi
This is hard to watch
Sangram 17
Sangram 17 Pred 6 dnevi
And people still think of Apple as "The Good Company."
dylan carters
dylan carters Pred 6 dnevi
you also missed 1 key aspect Dre himself wasn't making music... the connection was gone why would i buy headphones from an inactive artist
how is earphones sample
Raymond Cond
Raymond Cond Pred 7 dnevi
Spotify is better
Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon
Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon Pred 7 dnevi
flat response, no mandatory pushed basses!
Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon
Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon Pred 7 dnevi
only for "blacks" =))
Sander Rodijk
Sander Rodijk Pred 8 dnevi
you just pay for the logo..go buy a sony or cbl...just that good
Jimmy Norris
Jimmy Norris Pred 8 dnevi
I love beats. Had 5 different pairs. Air pod max are way too expensive
IMRAN FBD Pred 8 dnevi
Beats fans are very sad. Cause apple stopped beats from making good headphones. And steal ideas from beats.
Lawrence Fung
Lawrence Fung Pred 8 dnevi
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Luke Schumacher
Luke Schumacher Pred 8 dnevi
I love beats, and hate apple.for killing their brand
Road Lizzard
Road Lizzard Pred 9 dnevi
Beats were never good though? all of them colored the sound weird and were overpriced for the build/ driver quality....
junaid shah
junaid shah Pred 9 dnevi
Like Adidas did with Reebok
S B Pred 9 dnevi
overpriced. we knew it then, and we know it now.
robert strickland
robert strickland Pred 9 dnevi
Beats were trash, they had so much sound bleed through that it was annoying to anyone within a 10ft vicinity.
King Kalil
King Kalil Pred 9 dnevi
Tbh I always found them pretty overrated. I remember back in my freshman yr (2013) of college a friend of mine let me borrow his and ngl I was pretty disappointed
Jg Rsb
Jg Rsb Pred 9 dnevi
Beats by Dre more overhyped garbage
mark garland
mark garland Pred 10 dnevi
Everyone went deaf from too much over coloured bass
Scott Lepak
Scott Lepak Pred 10 dnevi
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Joe Pred 10 dnevi
they died because they sucked.
byee mom srslyu
byee mom srslyu Pred 10 dnevi
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Donna Lawson
Donna Lawson Pred 10 dnevi
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Raveen Bikha
Raveen Bikha Pred 10 dnevi
Now beats sounds different since Apple bought them
David Pelky
David Pelky Pred 10 dnevi
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Icy Cloudz
Icy Cloudz Pred 10 dnevi
I never had beats cause I had a pair of crow series headphones from plugged they used to cost $100 back when they came out but now u can find them for like $70 or even $50 if your lucky. They sound good for the price and they look sooo sleek it's hard to not reccomend them. Only draw back it no bluetooth.
Joe Nunez
Joe Nunez Pred 10 dnevi
never cared for Beats. Bose is my most favorable, well made, sound equipped brand that has definitely stood the test of time.
Vanna Abernathy
Vanna Abernathy Pred 11 dnevi
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Ryan Cobb
Ryan Cobb Pred 11 dnevi
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2Lip Pred 11 dnevi
I always new this was a sh!tty product.
DT Fresh
DT Fresh Pred 12 dnevi
referring to Jimmy Iovine as just "Dr. Dre's business partner" is hilarious
haingis Pred 12 dnevi
I had heard they were overpriced and only ok. I bought Grados because they were decent for the amount you payed, and they were more aesthetically pleasing to me personally. and well... apple can go suck on prunes.
Octopus 8
Octopus 8 Pred 12 dnevi
k Pred 12 dnevi
Apple basically bought them out and killed them.
Geckuno Pred 12 dnevi
I haven't seen the whole video so maybe he touches to this but, it is portrayed as Beats is some genius unique headphone that solves the low quality problem where there is of course many more products than the standard iphone earphones. edit: I stand corrected.
rambling honeybee
rambling honeybee Pred 12 dnevi
apple is thanos in irl
Joel Donnelly
Joel Donnelly Pred 12 dnevi
Cheap product materials stuck together with superglue, very defective and often broke with very little sound quality.
Holy Pred 13 dnevi
They were sold to Apple. Stop making everything into a SLus video
Woo Pred 13 dnevi
The last time apple annoyed me this much was when they bought Logic.
Chey Thompson
Chey Thompson Pred 13 dnevi
It used to be a cool brand. Now it's a Karen and business dad brand
naam Nichols
naam Nichols Pred 13 dnevi
Shitty video
will zill
will zill Pred 13 dnevi
I remember laughing at the clowns with their beats headphones. They were shit but so many people bought them
B Mellen
B Mellen Pred 13 dnevi
Apple doesn't make new products they never have, just buy out the competitor, make it less user friendly and way more expensive.
DriverandtheKid Pred 13 dnevi
They sucked in quality and price from day 1
Siffrin Pred 13 dnevi
I just know about Beats by one of the Monopoly companies you can buy.
Evelyn Birchenall
Evelyn Birchenall Pred 13 dnevi
i clicked on this video wearing beats studio 3 in rose gold
carlos martinez
carlos martinez Pred 14 dnevi
Beats were just pomp and no circumstance. Plus they made an overpriced product that had a terrible sound profile.
Potato Cheese
Potato Cheese Pred 14 dnevi
I was watching this on my beats solo 3 lol
Robin van der Wal
Robin van der Wal Pred 14 dnevi
actually learned something new with the subcription move
YiYu Chang
YiYu Chang Pred 14 dnevi
They are way too expensive and they look like plastic toys.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break Pred 14 dnevi
F Apple...
Emil Serafino
Emil Serafino Pred 14 dnevi
I turn 31 this summer, and seeing this, likely gen zers getting nostalgic over beats which were popular when I was in college just makes me realize how old I am now lol. Beats were horrible headphones BTW, pure pop culture fad.
Ellia Sarah
Ellia Sarah Pred 14 dnevi
Huh. My keyboard had the beats logo on the "b". It's my dad's and i thought it was some design :/
Shreyas Bhargava
Shreyas Bhargava Pred 14 dnevi
Technical Guruji be like gas gas
Chris Faircloth
Chris Faircloth Pred 14 dnevi
If they ever do a Heroes remake, I can see this guy as Mohinder Suresh
nanDan here
nanDan here Pred 14 dnevi
I suddenly realized, the tshirt logo is like ANGELA WHITE
MrGreg242 Pred 14 dnevi
SO beats was just another causality of the monopolistic capitalistic system that is the US economy.
Dan Threepwood
Dan Threepwood Pred 14 dnevi
Apple: raping mankind in style
FlavourFulz Pred 14 dnevi
beats, like apple products are just mainstream heavily marketed garbage for a premium price, my first time hearing about beats was when i was 19, by people in my class, told them and the teacher that they crap, they didn't believe me, in that moment I had realized something about humans, most of them are pretty dumb, and have a lot ignorance. They lack any understanding, they easy to manipulate and market to and they all have a herd and sheep mentality all without realizing that they just getting abused by these giant company's, there is no helping them. and it doesn't matter how much you educated them, fact is if its popular then there is 95% chance its other garbage, poor quality or waste of time, and it speaks volumes about people and worlds population. 30 or so years of internet and least 15+ years of data collecting proves all this to be true, all that data google/youtube, facebook ect collects is valuable for a reason, its phycology and information into the masses and allows companies like apple, Samsung, anyone of them, to use that data to use highly effective tactics to sell products and create masse appeal for majority of population even if the product is garbage. in short you all being manipulated into buying over price consumer waste garbage and its working well.
Buddy Bruh
Buddy Bruh Pred 14 dnevi
What Happend to AKG
Horen zien En niet zwijgen
Horen zien En niet zwijgen Pred 14 dnevi
I know they fckd up the program for windows 10 fck ups!
Saint Lawrence
Saint Lawrence Pred 14 dnevi
garbage phones.....junk
Elvan Gulley
Elvan Gulley Pred 14 dnevi
Aw beats the iPhone of headphones never the best way to expensive at least beats had good bass though as a fan of rap that counted for aot
The Demented Man32
The Demented Man32 Pred 14 dnevi
Beats streaming service was a threat to Apple so they decided to buy them off
Hyperloop Beats
Hyperloop Beats Pred 14 dnevi
Bruh...Dre went to China and set up a shop over there.
Damidas Pred 15 dnevi
There's no E at the end of who's
LJ Joe
LJ Joe Pred 15 dnevi
I remember back when beats were a craze that I stupidly fell for to the point I had at least a couple of beats headphones nearly every year, and then one year I brought a pair that turned out to be fake…looking back the sound quality even on the real ones I had one time at Christmas it wasn’t even that good
ken guler
ken guler Pred 15 dnevi
thats exacly what happened to NOKIA
RY P Pred 15 dnevi
Long story short apple bought beats just to kill it , no more competition. Saved you a few mins 👍🏼.
J S Pred 15 dnevi
Apple sucks.. always have. Proprietary bullsh!t, just go with android. Overpriced and underwhelming apple can f off. Not to mention the slave labor they use, YES I SAID SLAVE LABOR!
Renegade Campervan
Renegade Campervan Pred 15 dnevi
I bought a knock off pair of beats zed special edition blah blah blah from mbk in Bangkok They were better than my brothers genuine ones Cost me $50
Eric Seidel
Eric Seidel Pred 15 dnevi
They never have been premium, it was s....y quality with lots of marketing and steel plates hiden in the box and ears tho make it feel premium, and they just disapeared when gogo-consumers finally realised that it was an hawfull lot of money for such a product with no concern about sound quality and durability.
C.J. Friel
C.J. Friel Pred 15 dnevi
"When I was growing up Beats were everywhere", they came out like 5 mins ago son!
R Metal
R Metal Pred 15 dnevi
I was never a victim of Beats but nice to know the history. I have always known they are overrated.
Faith Pred 15 dnevi
They were good when they were *actually* by Dre
mutedmutiny Pred 15 dnevi
7:15 it’s not that Apple was wrong about it, they were absolutely right that people wanted to own their music, up until the point that instant on demand streaming technology was widely available. At that point (not sure when exactly that happened but let’s say like 2015 or there about) was when it became clear that owning music was no longer that important to people. So they were right, until the technology changed the digital landscape.
John Pred 15 dnevi
Watching this with an Audio Technica headphones.
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Pred 16 dnevi
Antitrust: adjective Relating to legislation preventing or controlling trusts or other monopolies, with the intention of promoting competition in business.
Dank Buds
Dank Buds Pred 16 dnevi
people relized they were just headphones with a Hyped name on them and laughed when they relized how dumb they were for wasting $$$ ... not that hard to explain Def not a 10 min video
Lil Pomp
Lil Pomp Pred 16 dnevi
Its trasg
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