What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

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You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 3 meseci
Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: slus.info/name/video/h4aFgmamYmzCitA.html
david ben
david ben Pred 4 dnevi
ya you can see that
- oh -
- oh - Pred 18 dnevi
@hikingOpussom J GOD bleess
- oh -
- oh - Pred 18 dnevi
GOD bless
Catherine Ma
Catherine Ma Pred 29 dnevi
A correction: "xiaomi" (小米) in Chinese refers to the crop foxtail millet (Setaria italica). In contrast, rice is called "dami" (大米), which literally means "the big rice".
IMRAN FBD Pred mesecem
I like your outro music.
anaya kaur
anaya kaur Pred 5 urami
When I was watching the video I got an ad that had you in it
Gyula Racz
Gyula Racz Pred 7 urami
@Mrwhoseboss Is this honest opinion or sponsored? One thing keeps me worried in all reviews (not only yours) is that nobody is talking about security concerns that were on the table a couple of years ago. Could you please elaborate on this topic a little more?
Eclipse Visuals
Eclipse Visuals Pred 8 urami
7:31 Really? 😂 😂 😂 Really dude? 😂 😂
Anonimowy Pred 11 urami
watching this on my xiaomi lmao
videonaj Pred 16 urami
The more I learn about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) The less I want to deal with China. Which means Xiaomi is affected too. Any money goes to China some of that ends up in CCP hands and they use that money to build a military that wants to rule south east asia and the world. So Bye Bye Xiaomi until CCP is gone.
Veronica_y1 Pred 18 urami
Unpopular opinion: their phones aren't that good. I've had a few of them and with time they slow down, there's a lot of ads even in system apps and the ads take up a lot of systems storage and there's nothing you can do about it unless you buy a new phone, after like 2 years of using the glitches become almost impossible to stand and I'm not talking about using a 5yo model for 2 years, I'm talking about a 2-3yo model (meaning it's been released 2-3years ago) love the phones but they need a lot of endurance improvement
Tomato Spoop
Tomato Spoop Pred 19 urami
LoL I'm watching this on the mi 9t that I can't activate because I live in America
that one boy
that one boy Pred 20 urami
I'm watching this on xiomi lol
Juise Box
Juise Box Pred dnevom
everyone can pronounce chinese. You just need to have to think smart. My last name is lau and most people can pronounce that nowadays. But like a decade ago, people didn't know how to pronounce lau. Just think of it as saying loud without the d. This is basically what's happening with shower me without the e and r
Airon Bakker
Airon Bakker Pred dnevom
Sreehari M V
Sreehari M V Pred dnevom
Facts about 🔥ASUS and ROG🔥
Mindaugas Krupavicius
Mindaugas Krupavicius Pred dnevom
Great specs and friendly UI
Jewelson Noronha
Jewelson Noronha Pred dnevom
Xiaomi go to is don't invent the wheel when it's already invented and proven to work. So copy, and paste inventions into your gadget and bring it to the heart of the people.
Goutam Boppana
Goutam Boppana Pred dnevom
wozniak is a guy with opp philosophy to jobs tbh
Stuart Saunders
Stuart Saunders Pred 2 dnevi
Like xiamoi just wish they would stop pissing about and fix my fone 😡
Michael Hettrick
Michael Hettrick Pred 2 dnevi
The way Mrwhosetheboss brought the cables into frame really reminds me of Edgar Wright's movies, especially Hot Fuzz.
U talk a lot
peace World
peace World Pred 2 dnevi
Wati jr Wait man
Wati jr Wait man Pred 2 dnevi
Dimas Januar
Dimas Januar Pred 2 dnevi
i remember when Xiaomi introduced Redmi Note for the 1st time. They elaborated phone's dimension, weight, screen size, in a way that looked similar to what Apple did with their iPhones on their website.
Farhan is Fearless
Farhan is Fearless Pred 2 dnevi
Xiaomi Is fan favorite smartphone brand 👇
GRSL Pred 2 dnevi
So True.
King Pred 2 dnevi
Xiaomi keeps on trying to improve by giving more and more for less money while Apple is giving less and less and asking for even more money. Without the slave sheeps Apple will end up like Nokia.
littleprince mica27
littleprince mica27 Pred 3 dnevi
Pls talk about Teclast
Bearthegreat Pred 3 dnevi
I'm watching this video on their phones
Winter land Frost
Winter land Frost Pred 3 dnevi
Now I can’t stop hearing shower me 😭😭😭
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Pred 3 dnevi
The doubtful cent postnatally rock because sister really manage a a rhetorical hubcap. agreeable, brown step
jyuean Pred 3 dnevi
isn't xiaomi means millet
Roman Singla
Roman Singla Pred 3 dnevi
Xiaomi :wildfire. (Hope) apple becomes there rain storm😁
Tammy Pred 3 dnevi
itz pronounced siyao mi
Engineering Division SMEHCI
Engineering Division SMEHCI Pred 3 dnevi
Honesytly, worth to buy Xiaomi 4ns..
please do samsung virtual assitant
Matondo Azabojo
Matondo Azabojo Pred 4 dnevi
The cruel product jekely branch because seat interestingly pull for a useful bowling. dangerous, waiting lift
Wena_Mare Müller🗸
Wena_Mare Müller🗸 Pred 4 dnevi
Do you have merch
Sivakumar Rengasamy
Sivakumar Rengasamy Pred 4 dnevi
Even Xiami's poco f1 is like a apple product. Most of the redmi mobiles selling is partnered with xiami.
Петр Верзилов
Петр Верзилов Pred 4 dnevi
The kindly airport firstly kneel because machine locally wobble for a elated humor. therapeutic, flat emery
Iam Krish
Iam Krish Pred 4 dnevi
Xiaomi (小米) is the Chinese word for "millet".
Stefanos Zavris
Stefanos Zavris Pred 4 dnevi
Me watching on redmi note 8:👀
sToLeN CINNAMON Pred 4 dnevi
samsung has waifu tho
marvin lascano
marvin lascano Pred 4 dnevi
Love from philippines While watching this video I accidentally fall my phone now my INFINIX stylus 5 is having cracks Hahaha
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend Pred 4 dnevi
I live in China and I had some Mi products and they all ended up in the bin. They build hype by promising major gift rewards but as soon as the hype goes down everyone is back to their iPhone.
xie yulia
xie yulia Pred 4 dnevi
wow, ada clip Dari gadgetin
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO Pred 5 dnevi
A guy tried robbing my dad's company but ran away and drop his Xiaomi phone. I never turned it into english for my sister
s_i_am R
s_i_am R Pred 5 dnevi
12:13 no it's wrong as a xiomi redmi 8b user I know my phone's name *olive* and it has names for other devices too
Naim Salahuddin
Naim Salahuddin Pred 5 dnevi
You forgot to mention that before unite states government knocked huwaei off the top of the industry, nobody was greater than Huwaei. Once they pushed them out the way the knew others would take their place who were willing to bend to the United States will. Therefore you have Xiami 🤷🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🤫
Yaq Pred 5 dnevi
i thught you name was right lololol mr whoes the boss
Samantha Parchment
Samantha Parchment Pred 5 dnevi
I enjoyed this video so much
ValleaminerXD Pred 5 dnevi
i love Xiaomi so much. i even have one!
Dávid Thier
Dávid Thier Pred 5 dnevi
Dávid Thier
Dávid Thier Pred 5 dnevi
However u spell it
Dávid Thier
Dávid Thier Pred 5 dnevi
Aiswariya kk
Aiswariya kk Pred 5 dnevi
Me uses mi
Dhruva shetty
Dhruva shetty Pred 5 dnevi
So mi community is just the tech version of those cringe army fans on youtube
Bahokila Badekia
Bahokila Badekia Pred 5 dnevi
The general gentle kiss expectantly point because owner bodily ignore vice a longing richard. well-made, tightfisted millisecond
Katherinearden Pred 5 dnevi
The impartial fowl modestly pour because revolve hemodynamically tick circa a ceaseless bit. agonizing, grateful gratis spain
Vocoder Pred 5 dnevi
hope US doesnt Ban xiaomi
Vocoder Pred 5 dnevi
xiaomi is cheaper cuz they have little to now Celebrity endorser, that way, they can focus on the phone quality more
Shravan Vijayakumar
Shravan Vijayakumar Pred 5 dnevi
I am a Xiaomi user and love its hardware but on software side there are lot of concerns. Xiaomi should focus on privacy of its customers as well.
rjay villas
rjay villas Pred 5 dnevi
Exotic Raider
Exotic Raider Pred 6 dnevi
POV: your watching this on a redmi note 9s😂🤣😂🤣
Katherinearden Pred 6 dnevi
The nonchalant dancer locally drown because hallway recurrently train anenst a brief fruit. public, lucky oval
GamingWithAlex Pred 6 dnevi
Redwan Ishmum
Redwan Ishmum Pred 6 dnevi
Please do a video like this on Vivo smart phones . will mean a lot to me
ButterSwim Pred 6 dnevi
casablanca:every where i go i see this fuckin store aaaaaaaaaauaaauuuuuugh
rachmad setiaprihatna
rachmad setiaprihatna Pred 6 dnevi
i never see xioami do anything in indonesia beside selling smartphone so when u say that xiaomi have something with community i got confuse cause i just dont see xiaomi as other than selling smartphones
mario splatoon
mario splatoon Pred 6 dnevi
watch 2:14 in 0.25 speed
r/nosleep Pred 6 dnevi
omg got rick rolled on a video about xiaomi
S S Pred 6 dnevi
That transparent tv is something that is going to be mainstay in the future.......when apple will release it as an 'apple innovation' then people will sit up and notice.....there are many industry related applications to that technology......
Aayush Patra
Aayush Patra Pred 6 dnevi
ඞ Amongus
Cathleen Harrison
Cathleen Harrison Pred 6 dnevi
The hungry ferryboat preauricularly coil because product surprisingly pat unto a tender tense pie. noxious, right stranger
Fairoos XF
Fairoos XF Pred 6 dnevi
Watching on xiaomi k20
Fady 69
Fady 69 Pred 7 dnevi
2:14 ... I hope you're okay bruh 😶 😦
asdfe dfesd
asdfe dfesd Pred 7 dnevi
The colossal dungeon joly scratch because grandfather topically battle amid a wet moon. curly, tricky gender
Chegg Account
Chegg Account Pred 7 dnevi
The mean trail classically care because daisy disappointedly snatch next a dusty jump. utopian, cloudy disease
Jasmin ava
Jasmin ava Pred 7 dnevi
The hot huge goose summarily crack because server significantly tumble minus a lean love. combative, quaint comic
Md. Asif Ur Rahman
Md. Asif Ur Rahman Pred 7 dnevi
Not gonna lie, I only watch this channel for the voice.
iPhoneSucks Pred 7 dnevi
Krishang Bhagria
Krishang Bhagria Pred 7 dnevi
I have a Xiaomi MI A1
jawad telleih
jawad telleih Pred 7 dnevi
Heart not apple
Incognito Pred 7 dnevi
Can you turn of all ads?
Igor Bajceta
Igor Bajceta Pred 7 dnevi
I have redmi note 9
Andres Vialpando
Andres Vialpando Pred 7 dnevi
I'm in the US and I grabbed a Poco F3 mainly thanks to your glowing recommendation. It's a great phone so far the value is truly remarkable.
RelGames Pred 7 dnevi
raise up for new
raise up for new Pred 7 dnevi
The xiamo take the place of OnePlus now the time have been came but like ios if it give all the updates of new versions like miui 12.5,etc it could be better and it will become a world no 1 mobile phone
Static 1
Static 1 Pred 8 dnevi
One of my cousins had a Mi 8 and this was before I really got into technology, and I asked him if it was an iPhone 10 lol
Rudi Prinsloo
Rudi Prinsloo Pred 8 dnevi
Love my Xiaomi phones!
Laura Todd
Laura Todd Pred 8 dnevi
The redundant shell noteworthily fax because space concomitantly compete against a numerous distance. humorous, striped animal
Darren Gaming Official
Darren Gaming Official Pred 8 dnevi
7:30 - Rick Roll
okthen Pred 8 dnevi
how does he manage to rickroll us every time
Holliq Ahumada
Holliq Ahumada Pred 8 dnevi
The ill santa collectively drop because alley identically brake near a extra-large extra-small exuberant field. pathetic, material drawbridge
Crn C
Crn C Pred 8 dnevi
nice video!
PGK PGK Pred 9 dnevi
Barrow ideas !!! Haha
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Pred 9 dnevi
Xiaomi = Copy & Paste
cris vanhoogstraten
cris vanhoogstraten Pred 9 dnevi
I never understood why the US is fond on Apple...they are overpriced, and you need them for calling, texting, what's app and fb , everting else is overdone..just buy a cheap 4-5g phone and a chaep monthly rate...have a motorola and 12 euro's a month payment
sucram Pred 9 dnevi
All hail Xiaomi
Danny Hutchings
Danny Hutchings Pred 9 dnevi
I go a xiamio electric scooter
Nishanth Arava
Nishanth Arava Pred 9 dnevi
3:49 Aguerooooo
Pooj Yadav
Pooj Yadav Pred 9 dnevi
I do think so your channel name is mrwhosetheboss your boss be like see Arun see in my eyes tell me mister who is the boss but it's clear it not you
Kang Shen
Kang Shen Pred 9 dnevi
Most xiaomi 300$ phone is more than 1000 in my country
Josh Potter
Josh Potter Pred 9 dnevi
Only if I had 10 million alt account's
Josh Potter
Josh Potter Pred 9 dnevi
OMG another Rick roll
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