Who has the WORST Customer Service?

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Samsung vs OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, OPPO, Vivo, Apple. Let's see which tech company has the best and worst Customer Support!
To see one of the worst Tech Scams in existence: slus.info/name/video/p5uHmn-jZ6ejnpE.html
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Disclaimer: All the faces of people used in this video to represent employees are purely stock footage and picked randomly based on apparent gender.

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesecem
Has anyone had any particularly good / bad experiences with Tech Customer Service? I'd love to know! 😁 To see one of the worst Tech Scams in existence: slus.info/name/video/p5uHmn-jZ6ejnpE.html To learn all about Crypto for a complete beginner: slus.info/name/video/oomGnKmahn2mcqo.html
シ︎♫︎» Pred 3 dnevi
Try LG support.
tino Pred 3 dnevi
Huawei is ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
tino Pred 3 dnevi
Huawei is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
sara Pred 4 dnevi
Abood Badawi
Abood Badawi Pred 4 dnevi
Luca.lew Pred 22 minutami
Never had a good service with OnePlus 🥲
FMN Pred uro
Passion Fruit Has Best Customer service
Joe Swisher
Joe Swisher Pred 2 urami
Who has the worst customer service???? Everyone who has a foreigners answer and can barley speak English....the question is how in the hell do they get tht job....sheeesh!!!
Caren Christel
Caren Christel Pred 2 urami
Meanwhile him calling Samsung in an apple phone
Inquisitor master Fan
Inquisitor master Fan Pred 4 urami
YeAh ThE bAtTrY lAsTs InTiLl 3 YeArS
Dr34m_YT Pred 4 urami
New Rick Astley kid : Arun Astley
frek Pred 4 urami
Imagine someone was just having a bad day and now has been titled as "the worst customer service ever"
TeddyBear YT
TeddyBear YT Pred 9 urami
Nokia Service The Battery Nor Working ? Please Smach The Battery With A Hammer
TeddyBear YT
TeddyBear YT Pred 9 urami
And Nokia ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Stephenson Zargo
Stephenson Zargo Pred 9 urami
Y are all the companies phone looking like iPhone 11 Pro mas
BlueRocket Plays
BlueRocket Plays Pred 11 urami
Fun fact, I’m blocked by Apple support on Twitter
RedWings-44 Pred 12 urami
To be fair it is probably a problem people wouldn't even comprehend that someone wouldn't know.
Gab fortes
Gab fortes Pred 13 urami
Is it just me or the oppo waiting music sounds like 'alcohol free' by TWICE
CheeKenn TV
CheeKenn TV Pred 14 urami
Filipina csr
Monank Mishra
Monank Mishra Pred 15 urami
Sometimes people are not able to figure out even a simple problem cause they think that customers won't call for such silly questions😂😂
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas Pred 16 urami
i love it when you phone your bank and the robot asks for your account number, sort code and inside leg measurement, then when you connect the person asks you for your account number, sort code, password and inside leg measurement, and when they can't answer your query and pass you on to someone else you have to give them your account number, sort code, password, internet banking PIN and inside leg measurement. it's all very funny, unless, you are schizophrenic and autisitic like my girlfriend and you believe the devil is doing this to you deliberately, then it ends in crying, screaming and ANOTHER broken phone. there should be some policing of call centers and customer service.
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas Pred 16 urami
"i'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that"
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas Pred 16 urami
if a company has a robot that says "we are experiencing an unusal level of calls" EVERY time you call them, it's NOT an UNUSUAL level of calls. citizens advice used to be great, now you get a robot that introduces you to other robots that eventually bring you back to the robot who answered the phone. employ some people.
declan yeet
declan yeet Pred 16 urami
Apple be like oh we need you to send it in little company be like okay is it because your charges is dead
Madhavv Diwan
Madhavv Diwan Pred 17 urami
He rickrolled everyone of them!!!
Scout God
Scout God Pred 17 urami
The funniest thing is, we got rickrolled.
Dalia Oprah Royce
Dalia Oprah Royce Pred 18 urami
Haven’t watch Apple yet but Xiaomi gurl, i’m in love with you. I think everyone of us wanted to find a cs like her, at least.
Benjie Mactal
Benjie Mactal Pred 18 urami
The xiaomi is a filipino... I can tell with the accent
Debolina Nandy
Debolina Nandy Pred 19 urami
That thumbnail is way too susss
riku mustonen
riku mustonen Pred 22 urami
I bought samsung galaxy s20 plus about a year ago. They had campaign if you purchase s20 plus or ultra you would get galaxy buds for 10 euros. It had some problems and i couldn't order those buds from samsung. I reached samsung support and they said they wilö check into it and they will contact me when problem is solved. Didnt get email from them in 2 months so i asked if they had any news from it. They answered theres rush in support and they will contact me when they know something about it. 11 months from last email and still nothing.
Galexy_vip0 Pred 23 urami
"passion fruit wii" was that *AN IPAD*
Thanos Pred 23 urami
Lesson learned: Samsung has terrible customer service
Foxy-The-Pirate Pred dnevom
Its crazy of Samsung to hang up in the middle of a customer service call
PrimeSkGamer Pred dnevom
4:35 A wild Pokemon has appeared....
Tejas Murali
Tejas Murali Pred dnevom
Lame test cuz nobody calls customer service for that kind of a problem anyway bad test
Mohammad hamayoon Totakhail
Mohammad hamayoon Totakhail Pred dnevom
I really like it this video 🤪🤪🤪😜😂😂😂
M C Pred dnevom
buy the oldest smartphone in the entire world AKA BRICK-PHONE
Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma Pred dnevom
This video is useless. The reason Why? It totally depends on person over the call. If that person is dumb.. If person is average... If person is smart... Answer and Rating of service can have a wide difference.
stuffbycake Pred 13 urami
Then don’t watch it.
Lalhmangaihsangi Sailo
Lalhmangaihsangi Sailo Pred dnevom
ohmygod did i just hear alcohol free by twice
Tahmeed Mukhtar
Tahmeed Mukhtar Pred dnevom
That was just a bad apple support person usually they’re really good
VIP Zee Pred dnevom
Imagine Apple Customer Service: You have to charge your phone. Customer: I didn't receive a charger!
Serious One
Serious One Pred 7 urami
He should try that 😂🤣 nice idea tho
CEE Pred dnevom
Apples customer support is toxic
Markus Klyver
Markus Klyver Pred dnevom
Amer*can Customer Service ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
CEE Pred dnevom
You are ew
Raunak Pandey
Raunak Pandey Pred dnevom
The oppo representative actually had a point. Theres a setting that tursns off your device at a predesignated time everyday. Plus almost everyone knows about the battery draining everyday in 2021. I feel as if thst guy deserves the most credit out of all of them
megaship3 Pred dnevom
2:44 to 2:50 lmao
Tam Pred dnevom
Im glad the Chinese companies have the best customer service lol
Mora Bargav
Mora Bargav Pred dnevom
Well if you go straight to the point about what your problem is . Apple customer care service is god
Mora Bargav
Mora Bargav Pred dnevom
@CEE bruh
CEE Pred dnevom
No they aren’t LMFAOO
Linda Riedel
Linda Riedel Pred dnevom
Rich people plays the money game to win. Poor people plays the money to not lose. The goal of the truly rich people is to have massive wealth and the poor sees a surplus as an opportunity for consumption instead of investing it. change your mindset and do what the rich does, which is investing, investing and investing. Successfull people don't become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time
FMC Pred dnevom
"what iPhone do you use?" "PASSION FRUIT WE™"
Tripp Pred dnevom
The amount of rickrolls in the video
Zerowing Pred 2 dnevi
You were def just joking around and that makes it more difficult. Most customers will blirt out the issue before anything else and since I am in CS, this is usually enough to diagnose the issue as charge related. First question on the list when someone says their screen just goes black and they have to connect the "wire" is, "Is your phone charged?"
The Nomad
The Nomad Pred 2 dnevi
2:51 helloo I'm Michael from Microsoft
elvis roose
elvis roose Pred 2 dnevi
3.7k disklikes from böaclberry / samsung / apple employees :D
Gustav MH
Gustav MH Pred 2 dnevi
sorry but apple support in mexico is not that estupid
Gurneal Singh
Gurneal Singh Pred 2 dnevi
Come to kenya you will know what bad customer service is 😂😂😂
gokul pratapaneni
gokul pratapaneni Pred 2 dnevi
Frist Explain how you gave the star criteria for those services. Not simply by saying a number. In your way , I give you 1 star.
Vluux Pred 2 dnevi
Arun’s moustache talking to the OnePlus guy 😂
Carnelian Pred 2 dnevi
He vivo a one star but they gave him about the same service as samsung who he gave a 0
Prbhat Kishor [Artist]
Prbhat Kishor [Artist] Pred 2 dnevi
Mi customer care is Filipino
YamiAlex224 Pred 2 dnevi
Apple blamed my friends phone for an iMessage issue when I switched to android
YamiAlex224 Pred 2 dnevi
Samsung usually has pretty good customer service for the most part. Unless you use an international model. I know someone who wanted a battery cover for a note 4 in pink and they had no idea what the person was talking about
patrick Pred 2 dnevi
I once called to huawei's service and they didn't answer :(
Cardinal Gaming
Cardinal Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
oppo, so you're phone is shutting down? and auto off/on is not set, then erase all your data vivo: sorry sir, we don't do that here,
Raihan Roy
Raihan Roy Pred 2 dnevi
Apple got 2.5 cause American to save face but one thing everyone can learn how good chinese product's customer service is!?
KiranTaker270 Pred 2 dnevi
the rick astley part had me dying XD
hari krishna
hari krishna Pred 2 dnevi
iam searching sumsung note 10 plus mobile ....on flipcart or amazom still after one month not in stock..???
vijith t r
vijith t r Pred 2 dnevi
That 10:40 moment 😂😂😂😂
UniQay Starrynight
UniQay Starrynight Pred 2 dnevi
No one Not even other phone makers Mrwhosetheboss: make sure to subscribe and like this video Oppo: acceptable.
Fremmy Pred 2 dnevi
Apple 2.5 stars when they didn't even help you? Rigged.
Rohan Nalawade
Rohan Nalawade Pred 2 dnevi
This was Terrible tbh. Cs agents are sloshed with genuine problem. If one is to ask each and every tiny detail to cx they'll be offended as they would feel agent thinks there aren't smart enough. Also the call time is monitered and they have to deliver soln in certain amount of time. If anyone sitting next to you would hear you say that your phone turns off periodically they would also think it's a setting that switches off phone each day at 8. The Cx isn't always right.
Harrison Peters
Harrison Peters Pred 2 dnevi
Life has the worst customer service 😓😓😓 please who knows how to commit suicide without feeling pain😭
Wally Fone
Wally Fone Pred 2 dnevi
6:22 Rick Astley dancing to Alcohol-Free 😌
勇樹 Pred 2 dnevi
4:44 Lol she sounds Filipino
Sydney Solamin
Sydney Solamin Pred 2 dnevi
I was laughing when he became ash ketchum lol
D V Pred 2 dnevi
The woman who fixed the problem has a Filipino accent.
Argo Roodla
Argo Roodla Pred 2 dnevi
i knew xiaomi was gonna e good :DD
NxpeX Pred 2 dnevi
I wouldnt give apple 2,5 since he didnt solve the problem at all, same as blackberry or samsung
Mithun RS
Mithun RS Pred 2 dnevi
These employees are one of the dumbest of all🤣🤣🤣
RealCheeseLIVE Pred 2 dnevi
Whostheboss has a really REALLY smooth voice
「 RinRiiKun 」 •
「 RinRiiKun 」 • Pred 2 dnevi
2:44 Confused-Triggering Noises... 7:03 Yes. 7:46 No Nah Nah Nah Nah...
psp4gamer Pred 2 dnevi
The email part of the apple customer service made me nervous, i never ever have been asked by an apple support guy at the phone my email, IMEI etc. (Unless it's in person and warranty related)
AddictedToKpop Pred 2 dnevi
The dislikes are the employees who answered his call
Jhon Rey Lazarra
Jhon Rey Lazarra Pred 2 dnevi
The girl in the phone the he rated 5/5 sounds a lot like a filipina to me .
Sree vinayak S!
Sree vinayak S! Pred 2 dnevi
cric & tech
cric & tech Pred 3 dnevi
shovan mondal
shovan mondal Pred 3 dnevi
Unique content
sirfer6969 Pred 3 dnevi
One of your best videos I've seen. The Rick Astley references are priceless. I used to be a skeptic until I saw you admit you'd spelled the name of your channel wrong, then I was an instant convert. Well done sir, you have my sub and all the best. But please stop putting an Asian guy on the screen when the rep is clearly from the subcontinent, that's just wrong :/
Ed Cipriani
Ed Cipriani Pred 3 dnevi
My vote is for Scamsuck for the worst company. Samsung's customer support reps are incompetent, worthless, and they could not give less of a flying flock about their customers. I learned this from dealing with their customer support a few years ago on a very simple matter, which, by the way, I was lied to multiple times by multiple Samsung Customer reps. After that incident, I do everything I can not to buy anything from Swamsunk.
Mordecai Pred 3 dnevi
Lets be fair, when is Apple every helpful? Always trying to get you to buy a new phone.
kermit Pred 3 dnevi
6:24 alcohol free by twice
Varun Jaswal
Varun Jaswal Pred 3 dnevi
5:15 Men Will be Men 😅
mustard roshi
mustard roshi Pred 3 dnevi
*But 3 out of the 8 are ONE company called BBK, i don't get it, why are thay represented as different(oppo, oneplus and vivo)*
Gizmo Pred 3 dnevi
I have Samsung oh shi
Brewergamer Pred 3 dnevi
I work in a call center and I get so many callers who have the simplest of problems. The job has caused me to lose faith in the intelligence of humanity. Never assume people have logic or common sense because so many do not. lol
Bastou_Chl Pred 3 dnevi
In my opinion, Apple has always made things very complicated with often brainless people at customer service. Last time it took me like 4 hours to find a nice and kind lady who actually reset my phone cuz i had forgot my PIN. One of the most common problems.
elf woods
elf woods Pred 3 dnevi
I think Blackberry I died After I bought blackberry X after that they gone
Yomoog Pred 3 dnevi
I know people who work for Samsung and Samsung's customer service sucks even their own employees say it
シ︎♫︎» Pred 3 dnevi
2:49 says: But the battery 🔋 will last 3 years it needs its own nature.
Coop dawg Allen
Coop dawg Allen Pred 3 dnevi
Not going to lie. Samsung has a much larger call volume then everyone. And so when someone calls and is obviously trolling you shouldn't answer
Alex Chadwick
Alex Chadwick Pred 3 dnevi
To be fair, that feels like a dumb question. It would be more fair if you got a more complex question.
Mary Degolier
Mary Degolier Pred 3 dnevi
Unedited Video (UV)
Unedited Video (UV) Pred 3 dnevi
Nobody buys blackberry phone so I wonder what do they customer service number for?
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