Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?

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Why does Nobody buy LG Smartphones?
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 5 meseci
Really trying to pay attention to camerawork (and the music choice!) in my more recent videos - what do you think? 🤔 To see my top Tech Fails of the decade: slus.info/name/video/gX2MoYK5o3q7eJk.html
Ahamed Rikas
Ahamed Rikas Pred 5 dnevi
Chinese mobile come others out🤭
you are a sock games
you are a sock games Pred 11 dnevi
I love lg
Haze💜 Pred 12 dnevi
Haze💜 Pred 12 dnevi
It beautiful and smartphone
Haze💜 Pred 12 dnevi
I wanna buy them 😊
Lego Gun Reloads
Lego Gun Reloads Pred uro
LG was probably the best phone I've ever had
Daniel Lastname
Daniel Lastname Pred uro
My girlfriends stlyo 6 was super insanely glitchy and slow and became almost unusable within 5 months 🤮
Blig54 Pred 3 urami
It's because they are stupid trash and lies when they say life is good but it ain't fuck LG
Guilherme Salles
Guilherme Salles Pred 5 urami
Just bring back LG Cookie with a stylus like the galaxy note and the same colour scheme hahahaah Ok, joking but not that much.
No life
No life Pred 6 urami
0:08 lmao i have that phone and i love it!
Kennedy Chong
Kennedy Chong Pred 10 urami
Because Samsung and LG share the market(Korea&Asia).
Sassy Uniqua
Sassy Uniqua Pred 12 urami
I have A LG Phone Ard i Am Using It Right Now
kwame acheampong
kwame acheampong Pred 15 urami
I didn't even know LG made phones
Sadick Sparrow
Sadick Sparrow Pred 19 urami
In my country #Ghana they are really expensive and I earn $120 a Month but I do love LG products #Mrwhosetheboss
Brandon Paust
Brandon Paust Pred 20 urami
The LG Stylo was a pretty decent phone I bought the first three but now they're going all the way up to Stylo 6 and it's just boring now after the Stylo 4 I quit buying them because they didn't have anything new to offer really we were just getting the same phone with a different color and a little more space but the processor was the same the screen was the same the cameras were the same everything else was the same
Ecuachristians familia
Ecuachristians familia Pred 21 uro
I love LG phones, the company must keep making them, LG phones are my favorite, I have good cinematic videos with them and more.
Yoi Hoi
Yoi Hoi Pred dnevom
Thank you for putting the ad at the end! I hate watching the ads. But I love the videos of course.
Happy Harley
Happy Harley Pred dnevom
I love LG phones all the phones i get are LG
Michael Bohon
Michael Bohon Pred dnevom
I didn't realize motorola had that low of users
Master Wu
Master Wu Pred dnevom
Was it?
EggNinja Pred dnevom
wait, LG has smartphones? xD
snailophilia with Garry
snailophilia with Garry Pred dnevom
6:01 is german, and he said "Das ist nicht gut" which means, Thats not good. Just for some context ;)
sapphire_gacha Pred dnevom
I just realized Me:looks at the design of LG's phone the pink one see thesame design as my phone Me:looks at the back of my phone See's SAMSUNG
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng Pred dnevom
Wait LG still making smartphone ? I don't even know that 😂
rana al-mawrey
rana al-mawrey Pred dnevom
Actually I am one of the biggest LG fans Most of my phones were LG although I know that it os not the best but i like the adventures of trying to understand each phone and making all I can with their wondrous new gadgets.
Aquarilol Pred dnevom
Me on an LG phone watching a video about how nobody buys LG Phones with my LG Phone: o.o
Srinivas Munagala
Srinivas Munagala Pred dnevom
I'm watching this from Lg G8x Thinq
Cocky Cocky
Cocky Cocky Pred dnevom
Agam Ghai
Agam Ghai Pred dnevom
marqes brown lee ka launda Copy cat
Asphalt Boi
Asphalt Boi Pred dnevom
Das ist nicht gut
Vijay G J
Vijay G J Pred dnevom
Ahhh i need a break from those chinese manufacturers. LG can do that
Federal 2000
Federal 2000 Pred dnevom
I’d buy some older LG’s because ui looks amazing
bOotbLitz •
bOotbLitz • Pred dnevom
phone get fans when its budget friendly and has a good specs, cam and chipset.. thats why realme, xiaomi dominates the market
Jaka Noe
Jaka Noe Pred dnevom
I loved LG phones. I think they has superior built quality, the camera quality is clear and amazing. but three things that make me give up on using this brand again, the problem of the screen that has a very severe burn / shadow, the battery drains quickly, and is quite slow to operate. I think LG is good but also bad. They deserve to survive but it's also good to give up.
IcePhoenixOfTime Pred 2 dnevi
I wish lg survived but sadly it didnt
Your e-view
Your e-view Pred 2 dnevi
Lg smartphones in 2021 flagships at cheap (LG VELVET) slus.info/name/video/aaStoZ2kiq3XnJE.html
YamiAlex224 Pred 2 dnevi
The releases of the phone. You don't see many ads for LG phones. I had an LG Stylo 3 and I miss it. It was a good phone for like 250
꧁CxYsTaL KiTtIe꧂
꧁CxYsTaL KiTtIe꧂ Pred 2 dnevi
I'm on a LG phone
herry cahyanto
herry cahyanto Pred 2 dnevi
john dancel pernes
john dancel pernes Pred 2 dnevi
hey LG, pay this guy! he just discussed how to improve your marketing and product placement! you even got a free promotion.. he deserves it.. might as well make him your brand ambassador or the new face of LG
Shi_8Gates Pred 2 dnevi
Me watching this on my LG Stylo 6 😃
The Good
The Good Pred 2 dnevi
I'm buying Samsung. I don't know if i'm gonna switch.
MustafaDarkNite Pred 2 dnevi
These days everyone wants a iphone or samsung because of the brand name only
SUJAY REDDY Pred 2 dnevi
Watching the video on my LG velvet😂😂
Dragnmastralex Pred 2 dnevi
where is my comment I made? why is it gone? was it deleted? I gave my feedback on LG and why it's a disappointment as a LG phone owner and it disappeared.
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt Pred 2 dnevi
RIP LG. Your V20 was with me for almost 5 years.
Ed Cipriani
Ed Cipriani Pred 3 dnevi
I have owned 4 LG phones, including the LG G4, which, BTW that phone had the bootloop issue after 15 months and died. I thought about quitting LG after that, but yes, I do like their phones, always have preferred LG even over Samsung. I owned 2 more LG phones after the G4. My last LG phone was the G6. Switched to iPhone in mid 2020, and now that LG is gone, the only android phone I will consider buying is Pixel.
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Pred 3 dnevi
So disappointing that LG is done 😞. I have been getting LG products for awhile and now I had to get something else. Hopefully this is just a short break and they are taking time to figure it out.
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Pred 2 dnevi
They are no longer making smartphones
BearPlayzYT Pred 3 dnevi
MrWhoseTheBoss you are one of my favorite you tubers. Your videos are the best, and you are extraordinarily smart, and I just love the way you think. You inspire me.:D
shannon heraty
shannon heraty Pred 3 dnevi
I have an LG 2015 V 700 tablet
Ian Schulze
Ian Schulze Pred 3 dnevi
I had an LG V20 and reallyiked it....my best phone was a Samsung Note 9.
G-Bros Pred 3 dnevi
One day, LG should have a setting in phones that lets us use Google's emoji, or LG's past emoji set. I love how the LG emoji looked :(
Him Pred 3 dnevi
I stopped buying LG smartphones because of their poor quality. They are so boring. Some features simply didn't work, even the advertised ones.
Fanesa Alli
Fanesa Alli Pred 3 dnevi
I have an LG phone
Captain ABYZZ
Captain ABYZZ Pred 3 dnevi
I have LG v30+ ,,best performance in rain and under water ,,in summer ,in winter ,,in normal,,2nd i have LG V40 and tying this on same phone,,,and it's also performs same as LGv30+ and again i having LG Wing too ,,,hope LG will be back,,there must be a wild entry
Eric Carabetta
Eric Carabetta Pred 3 dnevi
When you see all the generic interchangeable Android phones you appreciate the consistent design language to the iPhone and how it does have such a recognizable design for a simple glass and metal slab.
Ramon Jurak
Ramon Jurak Pred 3 dnevi
This is about LG and i got a xiaomi ad.
Darryl Neil Tanyag
Darryl Neil Tanyag Pred 4 dnevi
I swore to never buy LG again after my G4 boot-looped.
David Pred 4 dnevi
"Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones" Because they've pulled out of the phone market now. Blame the G4 fiasco. After that, they stores who were burned by LG's appalling management of the situation, barely sold them and now they don't exist anymore.
AssumedTiger Pred 4 dnevi
I have that Samsung a71
200 pump kyle
200 pump kyle Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah im using an lg thank u
Alixeon Pred 4 dnevi
Me whose watching this on an lg phone: 😶
Alixeon Pred 4 dnevi
Me whose watching this on an lg phone: 😶
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Pred 4 dnevi
My man rocking a pair of q701s. Respect
Puupii Pred 5 dnevi
I always thought it was absurd to buy a $1000 phone than wait next year for the newer model. LG does make cheaper phones no one talks about. All I've ever had are cheap LG phones. I've bought all the stylos. It's just that their flagship models aren't special.
The crosseyed Texan
The crosseyed Texan Pred 5 dnevi
Honestly I would rather have a phone with a plastic back they're more durable. Making a phone with glass front and back is always seem like a goofy idea to me
mobileminer Pred 5 dnevi
Passionfruit gta v lol
Delecaus Legend
Delecaus Legend Pred 5 dnevi
MPJ MPJ Pred 5 dnevi
I am the Boss You are a fraud
Taiyo Spark
Taiyo Spark Pred 5 dnevi
And here I am, watching this video with my LG G3. 😂
Lem 56
Lem 56 Pred 5 dnevi
One of the cool things LG did that I havnt seen is how they tackled dual screen without charging a ridiculous price. LG GX8 is abit older but. Thier dual screen is a phone case..it's not charging a ridiculous price like the foldable phones and stuff we see now. They was able to have the phone case be an extension of the phone by having a screen on the case that connects to the phone
SebzeYT Pred 5 dnevi
I can speak German fluently and I think it's cool to hear your attempt😄👌
Mark Jerome Solison
Mark Jerome Solison Pred 5 dnevi
You nailed every point. LG must listen to these suggestions. I'm planning to get a V50Thinq, for I do appreciate the device.
TheRealHoltzy Pred 5 dnevi
Simple answer? The dumpster fire that was the Chocolat phone. Worst sensors ever
•milk n tea•
•milk n tea• Pred 6 dnevi
This little sentence of him saying in German is gold for me as a German.
CerealUnicorn13 Pred 6 dnevi
My only experience with LG was back when I got some sort of Windows Nokia phone from Verizon and less than a week later I didn't like it so I "downgraded" to this LG phone that was essentially "free" (locked into a 2 year contract). While my memories with that phone were not the greatest, I still fondly look at LG. Their phones always seem pretty great but literally I have never seen another person using an LG since 2010
coldsteelnatsuki Pred 6 dnevi
dy Pred 6 dnevi
My dad had an LG Q6+ before he switched to a vivo v21. The Screen is amazing for its age and price range. 1080 x 2160 amoled and still looks more colorful than my newer m20. Although the battery is quite small (still good on its time) and also it often heats up with that old SD 435.
leejames929 Pred 6 dnevi
I love my cheap LG
Matze S.
Matze S. Pred 6 dnevi
Das ist nicht gut :D So close xD
Legowyn24 Pred 6 dnevi
And yet ive only ever had lg phones
Sōshi Miketsukami
Sōshi Miketsukami Pred 7 dnevi
Thing is the public is stupid, I work in electronics. People don't know what they are buying.
mandy pio
mandy pio Pred 7 dnevi
But i love the LG features compared to other device . Even no 60 to 120 re fresh rate the phone is faster and no lags and the speakers are awesome.
mandy pio
mandy pio Pred 7 dnevi
Bec. Of LG G4 bootloop and G5 battery heating and screen bleeding. The service center has no action for that senario
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Pred 7 dnevi
I knew a BUNCH of people that had LGs in 2013/14. One of them being a G2/3(not sure), seemed crazy at the time and it was a year old.. I think the simpler names definitely helped back then. Almost got a velvet but eventually just went Apple :P
Makarov 9x18
Makarov 9x18 Pred 7 dnevi
Ad is playing and before I watch this I'm just gonna say...I'm using an LG 😅😂 I get the name thing. I got my phone from Walmart for 100 USD and it's called the relfex but more formally known as like a K51 or something...reflex is way easier to remember. I just know this phone is a lot of bang for the buck though I'm looking to upgrade cause I've been playing phone games. That's why I've been watching Mrwhosetheboss 😉
Flying Sāndwich
Flying Sāndwich Pred 7 dnevi
I use an LG phone....
Donald Iro
Donald Iro Pred 7 dnevi
I don't think it's safer for any app or website to creat your password for you. Lovely voice. You've done a better job than LG
Aiello Torres
Aiello Torres Pred 7 dnevi
PS your presentation was phenomenal can you put any legitimacy to the article I read about LG not making smartphones anymore??
Aiello Torres
Aiello Torres Pred 7 dnevi
Did you not mention the Stylo I have been a Stylo user since the inception of the first one and the only one I actually missed was five but I have six and I'm actually anticipating getting the seven.. I do agree that LG is sort of a a la carte programming you got sometimes you feel like a stranger did for you so to speak... But I'm very committed and it's the only phone I've owned in a long time
Jet Log
Jet Log Pred 7 dnevi
I used to upgrade phones yearly and I jumped from 2 droids from motorolla to samsung then to the LG G4 but sadly the next iteration of the LG flagship just didn't sound as good as the next iteration of the galaxy note so i went back to samsung. The LG G4 was and is definitely in the top 3 of my fave phones
Roswin Josephs
Roswin Josephs Pred 7 dnevi
Can LG help a brother out with the dual screen for the velvet.i cannot find one anywhere in south africa
Некто с Огоньком
Некто с Огоньком Pred 7 dnevi
my only phone is a 2016 LG Power X in July 28 and it's still very usable like V E R Y U S A B L E So if you find one please review it
Andrews John
Andrews John Pred 7 dnevi
What LG needs --> This video
Davidoff King
Davidoff King Pred 8 dnevi
Nokia: rubbing hands "im next on the list"
Sean O'Farrell
Sean O'Farrell Pred 8 dnevi
LG has the best audio on the market, but nobody cares about audio. Reviewers spend solid 10 minutes or more waxing poetic about displays and cameras, with lots of technical details and impressive shots, but for audio it will generally be a 5 second clip of them listening to the speakers and going "yeah, that's alright", then moving on.
InxanityMineCr Pred 8 dnevi
me watching with LG phone:
ronin_user Pred 8 dnevi
Nobody cares about the name of the phone. It’s the brand.
Zubia Abid
Zubia Abid Pred 8 dnevi
I used LG mobiles for so many years. And i loved them bcz of their features, numerous features.
Starchie Halo
Starchie Halo Pred 8 dnevi
"Launched at 900, which isn't bad when other phones are 1200$" Also spit out my drink
Janlu Official
Janlu Official Pred 8 dnevi
As a German, you said "Das ist nicht gut" pretty good, you can still hear the British accent, but that's fine.
Ins Tinct
Ins Tinct Pred 8 dnevi
Tell me guys lg v40 good phone or not?
Ravi Rathod
Ravi Rathod Pred 9 dnevi
People : don't wanna LG phone lmao Also people : Why doesn't anybody buy LG phones ?
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