Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.

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Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 5 meseci
For everyone who came within the first hour, here's a virtual cookie 🍪 To see the video all about Fake Reviews on SLus: slus.info/name/video/qap3qGCroG7YfLY.html
- oh -
- oh - Pred 11 dnevi
Jewelson Noronha
Jewelson Noronha Pred 22 dnevi
When you guys try to show screen smoothness but forget to make the video at 60fps ... It's feels like intentional bottlenecking.
Jofin ns Jeen
Jofin ns Jeen Pred mesecem
I lost my cookie 🍪
Ayman Naji
Ayman Naji Pred mesecem
@Mrwhosetheboss Why you throw your self in the chair? And why you throw the box's that's way??? Can you act more mature.
Unrex Pred mesecem
Je ne te vois volim
Vikas Deep
Vikas Deep Pred 50 minutami
Ohh my goodness. This is a amazing phone by cool company. I like its ui and camera. 😇
Betty Rose
Betty Rose Pred 7 urami
Please can you do a comparison between Samsung A52 and Xiaomi Mi 11 light pleeeeaaassseee
ⴷi_ ⵚⴹv
ⴷi_ ⵚⴹv Pred dnevom
What is the name of this Game? 3:45 😍😍 Please help me
Yatharth Pred 2 dnevi
Only pros know it was a rickroll too 😂
Joshua Light
Joshua Light Pred 2 dnevi
I need this to play genshin impact
孤独なexecutioner Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact: *You can see the Rickroll in the background*
M. qazmi's
M. qazmi's Pred 2 dnevi
So finally a company who pays you for the reviews. Because in one video he just said Redmi note 10 pro max better than A52 but rest of every other youtuber said A52 is better in many terms. And Xaomi UI sucks.
Photonic Duck
Photonic Duck Pred 2 dnevi
Wait the entire video Rick Astley is in the left tv Rick rolling
sulfiq goodway
sulfiq goodway Pred 2 dnevi
hi, can you do the video of samsung galaxy a12
Mostafa Kamel
Mostafa Kamel Pred 3 dnevi
In my country it is 750 dollars
Mostafa Kamel
Mostafa Kamel Pred 3 dnevi
The competition is like oh no here we go again
bad guy
bad guy Pred 4 dnevi
It's 300$ in Morocco
Tanmay Asian Gamer
Tanmay Asian Gamer Pred 4 dnevi
Xiaomi is really destroying Apple🤣
TheAustralianCamper Pred 4 dnevi
3:23 damn it bro
veekee75 Pred 4 dnevi
Really like your calmness while giving review. Very comfortable watching you speak. Great work. 😉👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Monty Desforges
Monty Desforges Pred 5 dnevi
I feel like the charger thing is a good idea (regardless of whether or not it happened). It means that users who need a charger get a charger, but users with a charger help to reduce waste.
Monty Desforges
Monty Desforges Pred 5 dnevi
I feel like the charger thing is a good idea (regardless of whether or not it happened). It means that users who need a charger get a charger, but users with a charger help to reduce waste.
jemila nurudeen
jemila nurudeen Pred 5 dnevi
I'm looking to buy the Xiaomi mi 11 lite 5G, what do you think?
Beaniezx Pred 6 dnevi
This need to be xiaomi's ad
Delayed Creator
Delayed Creator Pred 5 dnevi
you dvmb?
Aearian Pred 6 dnevi
I got the fastest charger awailable for it, no bloatware and preinstalled shtit, a case, and a pre installed screen protector. Also it's back got an awesome smooth matte finish. So this is like all the flaws apparent mentioned in the video corrected? xD EU / Hungary,
B4BOT Pred 6 dnevi
the thing is it's shit software
Barış SELLİ Pred 6 dnevi
Jasper Greenhill
Jasper Greenhill Pred 6 dnevi
The markup is ridiculous I'm in Australia and China and Australia's bands are compatible. Also I usually import phones from China from bangood or gearbest which work fine
It'sYoBoiGucci Pred 6 dnevi
the reason i like mrwhosetheboss aka "aaron" is he is very open minded and a genius as well. i love you aaron no homo the best youtube tech channel owner in my eyes
I milk cows for breakfast
I milk cows for breakfast Pred 7 dnevi
I noticed the rickroll...
Glossy Pred 7 dnevi
Commenting on Mi 11 :)
Sam K
Sam K Pred 7 dnevi
Great review! I really enjoyed it.
Darshan Patel
Darshan Patel Pred 7 dnevi
What about the security by the way..😂😂😂
Courtney Clifford
Courtney Clifford Pred 8 dnevi
The judicious apology thermodynamically heap because file nally spray in a erratic delivery. fluffy, bouncy spider
Thompson from FINLAND
Thompson from FINLAND Pred 8 dnevi
850eur in finland
Cigarvoss Pred 8 dnevi
Is the camera better than LG G7 thinQ?
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 Pred 8 dnevi
Hi god bless have a good day
Sam Shepherd
Sam Shepherd Pred 8 dnevi
I'm in Australia where xaiomi is pretty much unheard of. I've had a MI6 for about 4 years now and it is absolutely bullet proof. My next phone will definitely be xaiomi.
8bitgamerkid Pred 8 dnevi
Apple and Samsung's no charger inclusion is a scam and the excuse is to protect the environment, only 1% of people have a charger that good. but Xiaomi is the only one who actually cares because they know that the 1% who have the charger will order the non charger one, and the one's that don't have it will get the charger for FREE if they would have charged extra money for charge they would have joined the scam with apple and samsung
Cream&Coffee TM
Cream&Coffee TM Pred 10 dnevi
My face making a gross face. Damn just really gross. Especially the price. Damn
Ofeliadsj Singletonilng
Ofeliadsj Singletonilng Pred 12 dnevi
The heavenly heavy hellish wrinkle fifthly grease because session optically rot next a jumbled hell. plucky, lackadaisical afternoon
Santhosh Logan
Santhosh Logan Pred 12 dnevi
Bro can u give any phone coz u have lot in ur wardrobe
User Account
User Account Pred 13 dnevi
Really, REALLY good and informative review 👏
GayLord Pred 13 dnevi
Stop rickrolling us dammit
joshua Angeles
joshua Angeles Pred 14 dnevi
Where you can get the smooth case? :/
Justin Bickle
Justin Bickle Pred 14 dnevi
2:35 fuck
Slick DooMK2
Slick DooMK2 Pred 14 dnevi
Please do not compare an excellent phone like Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with this xiaomi's piece of garbage.
Aravind Pred 14 dnevi
Can u do iqoo review 😁
Ricky Pagayon
Ricky Pagayon Pred 14 dnevi
How to order?
- oh -
- oh - Pred 15 dnevi
vaibhav aggarwal
vaibhav aggarwal Pred 16 dnevi
Why phones are keep getting bigger and heavier .I mean companies know naa that human hands are not getting bigger in any time soon .
Bigyaan Booster
Bigyaan Booster Pred 17 dnevi
The unbiased reviewer on planets...love your content
- oh -
- oh - Pred 17 dnevi
GOD bless
D X Pred 18 dnevi
Mi 11`s origin story: Huawei: *gets shot and goes into a coma* Xiaomi: “I WILL AVENGE YOU BROTHER”
- oh -
- oh - Pred 11 dnevi
- oh -
- oh - Pred 18 dnevi
God bless...
- oh -
- oh - Pred 18 dnevi
God bless.
VD III Pred 18 dnevi
Was able to compare my p30 pro with mi11 today. Camera wise, Guess i still dont need an upgrade...
- oh -
- oh - Pred 19 dnevi
God bless...
- oh -
- oh - Pred 19 dnevi
God bless....
- oh -
- oh - Pred 19 dnevi
God bless....
RishabDevYT Pred 19 dnevi
5:37 Isaac Newton: YESS finally someone obeys my laws of physics ty so much xaomi Xaomi: ur welcome isaax
BA1T jj
BA1T jj Pred 20 dnevi
Where can i buy this phone again?
- oh -
- oh - Pred 20 dnevi
God bless.
de-niz76 Pred 20 dnevi
Only one Xiaomi needs to address ASAP... The File Manager loading time is very2 slow. Never crossed my mind with the SD888 the loading time wld be 26 seconds. Never had this problem with my other device ie Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra & Huawei P30 Pro.
Daya Dhami
Daya Dhami Pred 21 dnevom
Did anyone notice on left tv it was never gonna give you up for while
Prince Caesar
Prince Caesar Pred 21 dnevom
Mobile good but get hot Easley
Harx Agency
Harx Agency Pred 22 dnevi
from all the things you could've photographed, you had to photograph your foot :p
- oh -
- oh - Pred 23 dnevi
God bless.
- oh -
- oh - Pred 23 dnevi
God bless.
Wayne Pred 24 dnevi
Hey there Mr.whosetheboss, love your work , channel and most importantly your almost complete review coverage. I say almost because like several of your well known counter parts, it seems to me you all are failing your viewers by not having a small yet very important segment regarding the brand new phone and to some it's the most important part of the phone ownership package and that big part is their service department. how hard or easy is it to get service for a phone, how long does basic service or product return take, how comfortable are you the customer talking with their service department. Those kind of questions. I was going to bring this up a year or so ago but decided not to basically because I've been a Samsung user for the last 5 years and the service I received when I needed it was excellent in every way. The service and the phone's quality and reliability are my personal hallmarks for staying with a company. I'm not going into depth because I get no satisfaction writing bad comments about anyone especially a large powerful company. Having said that I must tell you if I would of had a little more info regarding a review which includes the service department i certainly would of rethought my decision to purchase a new phone from a fairly new company to the USA. Like many millions of other Samsung device owners I routinely receive outstanding help from their service department, people who actually have a high degree of knowledge regarding the device in question, the needed service of whatever. Please add some info regarding how easy or hard it is for basic service and how difficult it was for you or someone you assigned to contact the specific service department to just get a feel for what the service department knows about their devices or how comfortable that can make you feel or the opposite as well. It's very important and sadly lacking in what you and others with popular channels would call a total complete new phone review. Don't grow stagnant as many of your peers have become. In this world of an abundance of information why is no one speaking about the importance of good, reliable service. To me it's the single most important part of owning a flagship phone as I use my one phone for the entire business I run with 5 employees, payroll and retirement, all being done easily with my Samsung flagship. The service I receive is instant, thoughtful and that great service after the sale is more important than anything else to me in my most humble opinion. Please think about adding more service info when you review a phone. No one no matter how intelligent they seem to be is even authorized to open the phone and those that are capable just won't even try and fix a problem because like me I just want and need a great capable phone that I can easily get fixed or replaced quickly when ever I need it. I fully understand you face repercussions if you bad mouth a company for whatever reason and I also seriously respect those that say what they feel regardless. I believe you really are concerned with what you say and the products you think we would enjoy, that stuff matters to a great deal of people and the older, established companies like Samsung, apple and LG and others place service high on their pedestal of company success and for the majority of them it only breeds continued company success. Do the same for those of us that count on your information, please review not just the phone itself but the entire ownership equation which most assuredly includes the service department as phone users deal with the service and accounting departments on a much more frequent basis than the original sale of the phone.
xmH Nab
xmH Nab Pred 24 dnevi
I had a smile in my face when you showcased the miui features.
Raihan Al Muharram
Raihan Al Muharram Pred 26 dnevi
We are being rick rolled and almost no one know
Cleezy Pred 26 dnevi
Ayrton Ralph
Ayrton Ralph Pred 26 dnevi
Great video, got yourself a new sub. Can you run android os on Xiaomi?
say Pred 26 dnevi
3:28 just....just stop
zxchy Pred 27 dnevi
He has among us on the phone.. *When Mrwhosetheboss is sus*
Srujan Shenoy
Srujan Shenoy Pred 28 dnevi
Mi11 should have had a pen edition. So the latest Samsung Galaxy S21's S pen
Siddhartha Gupta
Siddhartha Gupta Pred 28 dnevi
3:27 😭😤
Anuj Sinha
Anuj Sinha Pred 29 dnevi
But MIUI 12🤭🤭
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Pred mesecem
When are they going to release the global rom though?
MyStyle- Pred mesecem
How you didn't recive a charger , when my mi 11 came i had charger in the box :))
RishabDevYT Pred mesecem
13:20 did arun just predicte the future That's impressive
Shivam Shukla
Shivam Shukla Pred mesecem
Is everyone gonna ignore how he Rick rolled us at 3:23 again 😂
Martin Oosthuizen
Martin Oosthuizen Pred mesecem
@mrwhosetheboss - Oneplus 8T or Xiaomi Mi 11??? I currently have a Oneplus 6
Yuhin Pred mesecem
Is the camera on Mi 11 better than the ones on Mi 10T Pro?
Cee Pred mesecem
10:25 Samsung won this one with good color grading compared to Xiaomi.
Epic Seal
Epic Seal Pred mesecem
Omar Hatem
Omar Hatem Pred mesecem
someone saw rickroll on the left TV?
Geo Gabr
Geo Gabr Pred mesecem
I wish i could buy a phone like that... Meanwhile i am watching from a samsung note 3...
Help I need a username Plss
Help I need a username Plss Pred mesecem
Lmao cause I’m Chinese I got it for £500
MK2626 PRO
MK2626 PRO Pred mesecem
anyone notised that we were geting rickrolled on the tv 3:23
blooskys1 Pred mesecem
Like xaiomi pocco phone it's engineers are suffering a delusion.... The more complicated it is the better it is... No! These phones are not welcome in the eu plastic phones just end up in landfill in three years or get dumped in Africa to pollute their country. If you want a good camera buy a iPhone Sony or Samsung.. The wee legislation in the eu want phones to be recyclable made of glass or metal and last 7 years.... None of this applies to this or pocco phone
ConlanHero Pred 23 dnevi
Phones probably make up such little pollution that it barely matters. Also I highly doubt people put electronics in recycling so iPhones and Samsung’s probably will just get put in a landfill anyways. Also you called Africa a country. Why would it being plastic make people use it less the thing that degrades is the battery not the plastic? Also people that buy phones new probably won’t use a phone for 7 years anyways.
Harry Drake
Harry Drake Pred 28 dnevi
But this phone is glass and metal
Bvbs Pred mesecem
Xiaomi did me dirty with the lack of update with there android one lineup. I'm going back to samsung because fuck ads
Harry Drake
Harry Drake Pred 28 dnevi
lol So, you chose another OEM with ads?
User Pred mesecem
I think in one of his videos he said you can turn off the ads, look up tutorials on how to do that on youtube.
Jimmy P.
Jimmy P. Pred mesecem
Lol I watch this from Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro
Estevan Valladares
Estevan Valladares Pred mesecem
When you buy it in a MI store, you get a ton of stuff. I got multiple adapters, a smart speaker, a mini vaccuum cleaning robot and usb earphone.
Patrick Martens
Patrick Martens Pred mesecem
From a creators perspective (not YT) your editing is stunning. I won't go in detail haha you know what makes ur vids so amazing. A Sub well earned :D ALSO: I decided on a Budged Xiaomi. If it wasnt for your vids i would have blown money for specs i dont need in my daily phone Cheers
Younan Shams
Younan Shams Pred mesecem
ordered one today can hardly wait for this amazing mobile.
how was it?
olbod1400 Pred mesecem
3:22 so no one is gonna talk about that guy in the background ....... Look at it
Harry Drake
Harry Drake Pred 28 dnevi
“No one” except the bajillions of other comments
Bruno_toxic Pred mesecem
Please camera comparison 🙏🏻with op 9 or pro
Bruno_toxic Pred mesecem
Pleaseee Xiaomi mi 11 vs oneplus 9/pro
BrineSam4598 Pred mesecem
why did i saw rick astley in the back
Walter Anora
Walter Anora Pred mesecem
3:23 rick roll at the backround
JXTH-69 Pred mesecem
These no chargers in the box thing needs to stop lol
Angxl Pred mesecem
Im a huge fan and that was a great video,but can u make a review on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite?Is it worth the price of 340 euros?(asking because thats the price in my region)
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